Best Budget Vacuum Cleaner UK

Best Budget Vacuum Cleaner UK

Without an iota of doubt, vacuum cleaners make cleaning a hassle free and convenient. Not only are they efficient, but also make sure you don’t go through any kind of hassle. This is why it’s important to have a reliable vacuum cleaner in your cleaning kit. Seriously, it will make cleaning way easier than ever before. This is why vacuum cleaners have gained so much popularity over the past few years.

Now more and more homeowners have started using these amazing cleaning tools for their home. If you don’t have one already, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider buying one to keep your home in a tip top shape.

Are you in a hurry? Don’t want to read our full review? Check Out our recommended best budget vacuum cleaner UK market is offering:

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But the general misconception about these cleaning tools is that they cost an arm and a leg. This somehow makes some people skeptical about buying one, particularly those with thin wallets. However, it’s far from the truth in reality. We did some market research, and as it turned out, there is an extensive range of budget-friendly vacuum cleaners that you can buy. This means that you can have a reliable vacuum cleaner that is good in major departments and is not heavy on the wallet either.

So, if you are low on budget and looking to buy a vacuum cleaner for your home, you’d be overwhelmed to find out that there are a plethora of options to choose from. While this is a good thing that you get so many options, the elephant in the room is that comparing them with each other would consume a lot of your time. For your convenience, we have shortlisted some of the most widely used models and sent them to our lab for the purpose of testing. In the light of our experts’ recommendations, here is our pick for the best budget vacuum cleaner UK.

Belaco vacuum cleaner1.82 kgPlastic
VYTRONIX powerful vacuum cleaner4.3 kgPlastic
VYTRONIX RBC02 Bagged vacuum cleaner4.5 kgPlastic
PrettyCare cordless vacuum cleaner1.45 kgPlastic

Best Budget Vacuum Cleaner UK

Belaco All in 1 Corded Upright Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Belaco All in 1 corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner Red 700W handheld stick bagless vacuum cleaner, High...
  • Model: VS-121BEL,700W Vacuum Cleaner,Collection Capacity: 0.8L
  • 2-layers washable HEPA filter,Suction power 130w, Volume of dust container: 1.2L
  • Easy to clean the dust container,Modern & Unique Style, Easy to Clean & maintain
  • Power cord length is 4 meters,Power supply 220-240v, 50Hz,CE, RoHS, Erp2 approved
  • Dust brush for furniture,Crevice attachment,Universal attachment for floor and carpet surfaces

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Belaco all in 1 corded upright handheld vacuum cleaner is our experts’ recommendation for the best budget vacuum cleaner UK. It is manufactured by Belaco, which is a well known company. Based in the UK, Belaco is a company that specializes in manufacturing a wide range of kitchen and home appliances. The company is especially famous for offering top quality vacuum cleaners at competitive prices. It has been around for a while now and has happy customers all over the world.

Now coming to the Belaco all in 1 corded upright handheld vacuum cleaner, it’s one of the cheapest vacuum cleaners available in the market. It delivers full value for your money and is available at a price which dramatically undercuts every other model on the market. To your surprise, it’s actually good in all major areas. Let’s find more about this product!

Design and Construction

As always, let’s discuss its design first. Well, its design is quite stunning and you’d actually love it at first sight. It is colored red, which is the favorite color for many of us. Cool thing about it is that it looks good in pretty much every room setting. So, 10/10 for its design.

Well, looks don’t really matter when looking for a vacuum cleaner for your home. For most homeowners, performance and durability are the key concerns rather than design. However, design plays an important role in the overall user experience as a cool design adds some fun to cleaning.


Let’s talk about its construction now. The Belaco all in 1 corded upright handheld vacuum cleaner is constructed amazingly well, unlike other vacuum cleaners of this price category. Generally speaking, most cheap vacuum cleaners are made of poor materials and their construction is so poor that some components are either missing or not complementing each other. Well, that’s not the case here. Every component is useful and no important component is missing. Furthermore, tough materials have been used to manufacture it. As a result, this vacuum cleaner is far more durable than other models of the same price bracket.


When it comes to performance, no other model of this price range can beat the Belaco all in 1 corded upright handheld vacuum cleaner. Its suction power is excellent and will deal with even those stubborn messes efficiently. However, it sometimes performs a bit inconsistently, which is understandable considering the price you’re paying. Our experts used it to clean a wide range of different areas and were quite satisfied with the results. It’s not that it’s the best in the market, but it’s very much capable of tackling the messes.

Ease of Use

For a vacuum cleaner to be successful, it has to tick this major box. Well, you’d be glad to know that the Belaco all in 1 corded upright handheld vacuum cleaner is very easy to use. Firstly, its dust container is large and can hold more content. Its volume is 1.2 litre, which is more than enough for many homeowners. It goes without saying that small dust containers can be a serious pain in the neck as you need to empty it often. Not only is that a hassle on its own but also consumes a lot of your precious time.

The Belaco all in 1 corded upright handheld vacuum cleaner is basically an upright vacuum cleaner. These models come in a vertical design and are ideal for people with back problems as they no longer need to bend while cleaning. Furthermore, the HEPA filter represents the best quality and is also washable. To top it all off, the dust container is easy to clean.

One thing that may bug you is that it comes with a relatively shorter power cord. We would’ve loved it if we could get more than a 4 meter power cord, but we have what we have!

Extra Accessories

It’s no secret that you get a few extra accessories to meet your cleaning needs with every expensive model. The best thing about the Belaco all in 1 corded upright handheld vacuum cleaner is that Belaco has not cut corners when it comes to providing their customers with something extra. With this very model, you get a dust brush for dusting the furniture, a crevice tool, and a universal attachment for hard floor and carpets. These are all useful tools and you can use them to ensure thorough cleaning.


Another reason to love the Belaco all in 1 corded upright handheld vacuum cleaner is its portable nature. It only weighs 1.82 kg and could be carried by anyone. You can easily maneuver it and hold it while cleaning.

Why You Should Buy It?

  • It has an elegant design.
  • Its build quality is great.
  • Its performance is far better than most cheap models.
  • It’s super easy to use.
  • Useful accessories ensure proper cleaning.
  • It’s not bulky.

Compared With the Others

Vytronix CYL01 Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner | Powerful Bagless Cylinder Vacuum with HEPA Filtration...
  • GET THE JOB DONE: Some people live for cleaning. We don’t. That’s why we created the CYL01 vacuum cleaner - to make your housework (and life) easier. It’s lightweight yet powerful - ideal for picking up even the most invisible dust and dirt particles. 2-in-1 crevice tool/dusting brush & upholstery tool included
  • EFFECTIVE CLEANING: Under sofas and tables or at the top of curtains and blinds, no area is hard to reach thanks to the 5m power cord and 1.5m hose. The easy-to-use on/off foot pedal, bagless technology and 2 litre dust container with an easy clip-on system makes cleaning hassle-free
  • FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY: The HEPA filter separates unwanted particles from the airflow and the 4 stage filtration technology traps micro-sized particles and allergens leaving the air in your home much cleaner. Perfect for alleviating asthma, hayfever and pet allergies
  • COMPACT & AGILE: This Vytronix vacuum cleaner is as efficient as it is mobile. At just 4.3kg and equipped with an 80cm telescopic tube, you can easily carry it wherever you clean, whether it’s room to room or up and down the stairs. Product dimensions are 33cm x 25cm x 29cm
  • POWERFULLY SIMPLE: We like to keep it simple. How? By creating home appliances that get the job done, brilliantly. No frills, no gimmicks and no features you’ll never use. We can’t do your housework for you, but we can certainly make it easier

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Our experts compared the Belaco all in 1 vacuum cleaner with some other popular brands to find out how they stack up in general. A product they liked is the VYTRONIX powerful cyclonic bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner. Both are good choices and are also cheap dirt. However, the key glaring issue with it is that its way too small to be used as a cleaning tool. It will give you backaches and is not recommended for elderly people and people with bad backs. Apart from that, its suction power is also not that good.


Here are some benefits to owning the Belaco all in 1 corded upright handheld vacuum cleaner.

Dirt Cheap

The best selling point of this model is its price tag. It is available at surprisingly cheap rates and you can buy it even if you’re low on budget.

Full Value for Money

Considering its performance, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting the most for your money. It’s powerful enough to cope with a variety of messes, be it pet hair, dust, or debris. It eliminates them in no time and leaves behind a clean surface.

Easy to Use

With large and easy to clean dust containers and washable filter, the Belaco all in 1 corded upright handheld vacuum cleaner is easy to use. And when not in use, it’s easy to store as well as it won’t take much space either.

Best Budget Vacuum Cleaner UK

Things to Consider

One thing that you’d want to consider before buying it is that its power cord is quite short. It may frustrate you a bit as your movement would be limited. If you don’t have many power sources in your home, you may need to look for another model.


The Belaco all in 1 corded upright handheld vacuum cleaner is a great buy as you get a powerful vacuum cleaner with plenty of features for a cheap price. Get it now to get rid of messes at your home.

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