Best Large Portable Generators

Best Large Portable Generators

Are you tired of your food going bad when the power goes out for days during the monsoon season? Or perhaps you need a backup to make sure you’ve got air conditioning in summers and heating in winters 24/7? Whatever the reason may be, best large portable generators are the answer to powering all your devices such at home, in an RV, at the office, etc.

Mentioned below are some of the best available large portable generators in the market.

Product NameCapacityPower SourceRunning Power
Durostar DS10000EH Portable Generator8.3 gallonGasoline /Propane10000 Watt
Champion 76533 Portable Power Generator3.4 gallonGasoline /Propane3800 Watt
Westinghouse WGen7500 Generator6.6 gallonGasoline7500 Watt
DuroStar DS4000S Power Generator3.96 gallonGasoline4000 Watt

Best Large Portable Generators

Durostar DS10000EH Portable Generator

This powerful generator can power all the devices in your home for hours without a break with minimum usage of fuel. This makes it perfect for people who live in areas with lots of power outages.


  • It has an 8.3-gallon capacity which is more than what most portable generators can hold.
  • It produces less noise (72 dB) as compared to other generators of the same strength.
  • Its running power is 10000 watts which means that it can easily supply your whole house’s appliances. In fact, its huge running power also allows it to be used in offices and other workplaces. 
  • You can run the generator at 120 or 240 Volts based on the number of volts that your appliances run on. Additionally, you can even split the voltage and allow the 120V and 240V outlets to work simultaneously.
  • By using dual-fuel technology, this generator is highly flexible. It can run on either propane or gasoline based on what is easily available for you.
  • The Durostar DS10000EH Portable Generator also has the ability to charge external batteries using its 12V DC charging ports.
  • It comes with an oil funnel, tool kit, spark plug wrench, wheel and handle kit, charging cables and a user manual. 
  • It also has an oil alert system that shuts it down as soon as the oil in your tank falls below a preset value. This increases the lifespan of your generator by keeping it safe from damage caused by running on less oil.
  • The generator is also quite heavy standing at 239 pounds.
  • It can run up to 8 hours at 50% load on gasoline. On 40 lbs of propane, it can run as long as 9 hours for the same load. 
  • Because of its large size, changing the container’s oil and cleaning it is very easy. 
Best Large Portable Generators

Champion 76533 Portable Power Generator 

Another great product in this category is the Champion 76533 Portable Power Generator which has tonnes of amazing features. 


  • It has a fuel tank of 3.4 gallons which can store enough fuel to keep the generator running for long periods of time. 
  • It can run on either gasoline or propane due to its dual fuel feature. 
  • Its 3800 watt running power is sufficient to power most home appliances.
  • It has a noise level of 68 dB that isn’t very loud unlike most large generators which are sure to give you quite a bad headache. 
  • It is equipped with a push-button electric start which means you only need to push a button to start up the generator. 
  • It has a built-in Volt Guard that protects your appliances from sudden voltage changes. 
  • The Champion 76533 Portable Power Generator has a bunch of 120V AC outlets including a special 120V 30A RV outlet. This makes it the perfect companion for your next road trip as you can easily power your oven, AC or anything else while travelling in an RV. 
  • It has strong outer steel covering which makes it highly durable. 
  • It comes with protection again low oil which makes it long-lasting. 
  • It weighs 122 pounds and comes with a wheel kit which makes it easy to move around. 
  • It can run up to 10 and a half hours on 20 lbs of propane at 50% load. On a full gasoline tank, it can run up to 9 hours at 50% load. 
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty so you can always count on the company for replacing any faulty products (although it is highly unlikely for the generator to malfunction) 

Westinghouse WGen7500 Generator

The Westinghouse WGen7500 Generator is an excellent power generator that provides sufficient power to keep everything from your refrigerator to your heaters and mobile phones powered even during long power outbreaks. 


  • It has a 6.6-gallon fuel tank that comes with a fuel gauge. 
  • It has a low noise level of only 72 dB.
  • It provides a running power of 7500W which can power all home appliances along with being ideal for usage in offices. 
  • The simple one-touch push-button electric start-up makes it highly user friendly.
  • It also has an easy to read digital displace which allows you to know the voltage, runtime and frequency at any given time. 
  • It comes with an automatic low oil shutoff feature to make sure your generator is protected and lasts for a long period of time. 
  • The outer hardened steel frame makes the generator highly durable. 
  • • It has a different variety of outlets on its power panel including 120V AC panels, 240V AC panels and a 12V battery charger. 
  • The tool kit and user’s manual ensures that you can easily start up your generator. 
  • It comes with a key fob (using RFID tech) to allow you to remotely control your generator. 
  • The two-pole circuit breaker makes sure that the generator is protected from overloading. 
  • It can run for 11 hours at 50% load on a full tank.
  • It weighs 192 pounds but comes with wheels and handles to make moving it around super easy and convenient. 
  • The three-year warranty that comes with this generator means you can easily swap out your damaged one for a new one. 

DuroStar DS4000S Power Generator

For those of you looking for a budget friendly portable generator, the DuroStar DS4000S is ideal. Even though it costs less, it is still one of the top generators available in the market that will keep your appliances powered for hours.


  • Its fuel tank has a capacity of storing 3.96 gallons along with a gauge that is super easy to read.
  • It produces a low noise level of 69 dB when it runs. 
  • This generator provides 4000 Watt running power to power almost all the devices at your home. 
  • Its 120V AC outlets allow you to power most of your home appliances. 
  • The automatic low oil shutoff prevents the generator from getting damaged.
  • The generator is also equipped with a voltmeter to make sure your sensitive devices don’t get damaged by excessive voltage. 
  • The built-in circuit breaker prevents damage due to overloads. 
  • It can run for 8 hours at 50% load on a full tank. 
  • It weighs 94 pounds which isn’t too heavy so you can move it around in your backyard, on the terrace, etc.
  • This generator comes with a 3-year warranty to ensure that you get a perfectly running generator for your money. 


It was quite hard to choose between these amazing large portable generators. However, the Westinghouse WGen7500 Generator won by a narrow margin. Its long-running time, protective features and low noise were enough to make us fall in love with it immediately.

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