Best Value Vacuum Cleaner UK

Best Value Vacuum Cleaner UK

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We love vacuum cleaners for plenty of reasons. All those reasons would make a long and detailed list, but convenience, efficiency, and affordability are the most obvious ones. So, it’s no surprise that most homeowners in the UK own a vacuum cleaner to do all the cleaning. They make cleaning an absolute breeze and if your model is cheap as well, that would be a cherry on the cake. 

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However, one misconception about vacuum cleaners is that they cost an arm and a leg. Some homeowners think that they would have to shell out their hard-earned money to buy a reliable vacuum cleaner. However, this is far from the truth as you can buy a reliable vacuum cleaner having all the features that most homeowners need. You’d be actually pleasantly surprised to see their performance and you’d wonder why some homeowners pay through their nose to buy the flagship models. 

So if you want to buy a vacuum cleaner for your home, we tested some popular models to help you with your search. In this article, we have reviewed the ones that our experts liked the most. However, as with all the budget-friendly models out there, you’d have to make a few trade-offs. These are excellent models in most of the departments, but you’d have to compromise on something. Here’s the model that our experts recommend for the best value vacuum cleaner UK.

Best Value Vacuum Cleaner UK

Hoover Breeze Evo TH31BO01 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Breeze Evo TH31BO01 bagless upright vacuum cleaner is our experts’ top pick for the best value vacuum cleaner UK. It is manufactured by Hoover, which is one of the major players in the cleaning tools industry. The company is no short of introduction and most homeowners out there would know how reliable its products are. The company has always offered reliable products and win-by-quality has been its agenda ever since its inception. 

As far as the Hoover Breeze Evo TH31BO01 bagless upright vacuum cleaner is concerned, it is Hoover’s one of the most successful vacuum cleaners. It comes with tons of features that deliver tons of value for your money, which is why it is our experts’ choice for the best value vacuum cleaner. Now let’s discuss it in detail without any further ado. 

Design and Construction

Starting from its design first, it has an adorable design. Our experts mentioned that they loved its design more than any other model they ever tested. The black colour has always been most homeowners’ choice. So, black is the main colour and most of the body is coloured black. However, some parts have been coloured blue, which makes it look even more charming. 

Well, you can argue that design is not a key concern for a vacuum cleaner. That’s true! As a matter of fact, performance and durability are the reasons why you choose any particular model. However, the design also plays some part in the overall cleaning experience. It goes without saying that cleaning is a boring chore. So, you’d want one that looks cool to make cleaning a bit more enjoyable. 


Without an iota of doubt, construction is an important factor to consider before purchasing a vacuum cleaner. For a vacuum cleaner to be reliable, its build quality has to be up to the mark. In terms of construction, the Hoover Breeze Evo TH31BO01 bagless upright vacuum cleaner is up there as one of the most remarkably constructed vacuum cleaners in the market. 

It sets new standards of engineering and you won’t experience any “Eureka moment” while using it. Every component serves some purpose and every part is well placed. As a cherry on the cake, it’s exceptionally durable too. Hoover has always used top quality materials to manufacture their products, and the Hoover Breeze Evo TH31BO01 bagless upright vacuum cleaner is no exception. 


Now let’s talk about the most important aspect of any vacuum cleaner i.e. its performance. Well, the Hoover Breeze Evo TH31BO01 bagless upright vacuum cleaner comes with all the bells and whistles to float your boat. Use it once and you’d appreciate its powerful performance. Our experts used it on various surfaces and vacuumed almost every kind of mess that a vacuum cleaner can clean. And as it turned out, they were quite happy with the results. 

Its suction power is ideal for regular clean-ups and heavy-duty tasks alike. Whether it is a tiny pet hair, invisible dust particle, or bread crumbs, the Hoover Breeze Evo TH31BO01 bagless upright vacuum cleaner will clean it efficiently in a flash.

Ease of Use

It’s no secret that companies nowadays introduce new features to fill the specs sheet. As a result of this marketing gimmick, these useless features end up making the product complicated. Well, from a company of Hoover’s calibre, you expect something better. You’d be glad to know that using the Hoover Breeze Evo TH31BO01 bagless upright vacuum cleaner is a cinch, thanks to its user-friendly design. 

Since this is a bagless model, it uses a dust container to store dust instead of bags. This has made a whole lot of difference as now you don’t have to buy bags now and then. Our experts liked its dust container’s capacity and it’s more than enough for even heavy-duty cleanings. A 3-litre dust container means you won’t have to empty it often. Another neat thing about this container is that it’s easy to empty.

The Hoover Breeze Evo TH31BO01 bagless upright vacuum cleaner comes with a long 4.5-meter stretch hose which gives you long access. Using it, you can clean a 13 step staircase standing at the bottom. This gives you peace of mind as now you won’t need to worry about balancing the vacuum cleaner. 

Another cool thing about the Hoover Breeze Evo TH31BO01 bagless upright vacuum cleaner is that it features an adjustable rotating brush bar. You can adjust it easily according to the surface you want to clean. This vacuum cleaner will leave no place for dust to hide whether it is carpet or hard floor. 


The Hoover Breeze Evo TH31BO01 bagless upright vacuum cleaner weighs 6.4 kg, which is acceptable because it’s not a handheld model. And yes, the hose and hose can be stored easily, thanks to its onboard storage.

Extra Accessories

With the Hoover Breeze Evo TH31BO01 bagless upright vacuum cleaner, you get a comprehensive range of useful accessories. You get a crevice tool, an extension tube, and an upholstery tool, which enable you to meet your cleaning needs.

Why You Should Buy It?

  • It looks aesthetically pleasing. 
  • It’s made of sturdy materials, which means it is durable.
  • Its suction power is up to the mark.
  • Using it is a doddle, everyone can use it easily.
  • You get easy access to hard-to-reach places, thanks to its long hose.
  • Extra tools ensure proper cleaning.
  • It comes with a one year warranty from Hoover.
Best Value Vacuum Cleaner UK

Compared With the Others

Our experts didn’t test just one vacuum cleaner. We sent many other popular models to our test lab and this is the one they particularly liked. Another model that impressed them is the VYTRONIX CXU600 Lightweight corded 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner. Our experts particularly liked its user-friendly features and lightweight nature. But the problem with it is that its filter gets blocked up easily. The length of the cord is 5 meters, which is clearly not enough.


Here are some benefits of using the Hoover Breeze Evo TH31BO01 bagless upright vacuum cleaner.

  • Excellent Performance

The biggest benefit of using it is that its suction power is great. Combining that with useful accessories that it comes with, you can easily tackle even stubborn messes and clean a variety of surfaces. From pet hair to dust particles, you can clean everything.

  • Easy to Use

This vacuum cleaner is super easy to use. Its long hose makes sure you reach all those nooks and crannies and the large dust container ensures seamless cleaning. 

  • Wallet-friendly 

The best thing about this model is that it’s not heavy on the wallet. You can buy it even if you have a tight budget as it’s dirt cheap.

Things to Consider

One thing that may offend you is its relatively short power cord. If you don’t have many power sources in your house, you may need to use an extension lead. Aside from that, everything is fine.


The Hoover Breeze Evo TH31BO01 bagless upright vacuum cleaner is our experts’ choice for the best value vacuum cleaner UK. It costs next to nothing, yet it ticks most of the major boxes, be it performance, construction, or ease to use. Buy it and say goodbye to those messes in your home.

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