Shark Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Shark Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

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Vacuum cleaners have quickly become an important part of every cleaning kit. People from all over the world use these incredible cleaning tools to clean their homes, offices, and other workplaces. Vacuum cleaners are particularly popular in the UK and there would be hardly a family in the UK which doesn’t use it. So, in this post, we decided to present our Shark Vacuum Cleaner Reviews so that if you want to buy one, you should make an informed decision.

If you don’t own one, all the reasons why you should consider investing in a vacuum cleaner would make a long list. They make cleaning a walk in the park and take all the hard work out of it. To top it all off, they save an awful lot of your time. It’s needless to say that cleaning your home manually would consume a lot of your time.

And if you’re an eager beaver, you’d be up to your eyeballs in cleaning.

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So, if these reasons have sparked an interest in your mind and you want to buy a vacuum cleaner for your home, you’d be overwhelmed by the options available in the market. With companies launching models every now and then, you may find yourself in trouble comparing their features.

This vicious cycle may never end for you, which is why our experts have already tested dozens of popular models for you. Today, we’d tell you about the shark vacuum cleaners that are recommended by our experts. In the light of their recommendations, we have compiled the ones that impressed them the most.

Here is the list of best shark vacuum cleaners that money can buy.

Shark Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Shark upright vacuum cleanerPlastic6.5 kg
Shark cordless stick vacuum cleanerPlastic4.1 kg
Shark cordless upright vacuum cleanerPlastic5.5 kg
Shark duoclean cordless vacuum cleanerPlastic7.24 kg

Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner [NZ801UKT] Powered Lift-Away with Anti-Hair Wrap Technology, Pet Hair,...
  • Includes 3 attachments, LED headlights and Shark offers a 5-year guarantee for your peace of mind (upon registration with Shark) & has a dedicated customer care team.
  • DuoClean floor head glides from carpets to hard floors
  • Anti Hair Wrap actively removes hair from the bristle brush-roll
  • Transform into a portable vacuum to easily clean stairs, surfaces and under furniture
  • Suitable for pet owners, easily remove embedded pet hair from sofas and stairs

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Shark upright vacuum cleaner is our experts’ choice for the best shark vacuum cleaner. It is manufactured by Sharkclean, which is a reliable name in the vacuum cleaners industry. The company has manufactured many top of the line products and most homeowners would be aware of it.

The company is so reliable that most of its vacuum cleaners, even those models which were manufactured decades ago, are still functional. That tells you a lot about the company’s character.

Predictably then, the Shark upright vacuum cleaner is another brilliant vacuum cleaner. It retains that win-by-quality recipe of Sharkclean. It’s one of the most successful models of Sharkclean and is highly popular among allergy sufferers, cleaning enthusiasts, homeowners, and pet owners in the UK. Let’s discuss this amazing product in detail.

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Design and Construction

Let’s start with its design first. The Shark upright vacuum cleaner has got a sleek design which you’d appreciate at first sight. You see a navy and orange color combination, which is a quite unique one. You don’t usually see vacuum cleaners of these colors.

As a matter of fact, design is not the key factor for most homeowners. And rightly so, considering the fact that the only reason for buying a vacuum cleaner is that you want to keep your home neat and clean and design has nothing to do with the performance of a vacuum cleaner.

However, design still plays a big role in the overall working experience. It’s no secret that cleaning is a boring chore. A cool looking vacuum cleaner can do wonders as it would make cleaning a bit of an enjoyable experience for you. Whatever you think, the Shark upright vacuum cleaner is the right choice for you.

Construction wise, the Shark upright vacuum cleaner is one of the most well built vacuum cleaners by Sharkclean. It looks how a good vacuum cleaner should look. The engineers have done a great job here and our experts particularly appreciated them. Every part is where it is supposed to be. The best thing is that it’s made of top quality plastic. So as you expect, it will last longer than most vacuum cleaners.

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For a vacuum cleaner to be called reliable, its performance should be up to the mark. Well, that’s exactly the case here. The Shark upright vacuum cleaner deals with different kinds of messes efficiently, thanks to its excellent suction power. This suction power is ideal for every cleaning project, whether it is a quick clean up or heavy duty cleaning.

Our experts used it for a few weeks and vacuumed a wide range of messes, including those stubborn ones. And there was nothing to criticise its performance.

The best thing about its performance is that it’s highly versatile. You can clean many surfaces with it. Be it a carpet in your room or a hard floor in your TV lounge, thanks to its duo clean function. There are actually two brush rolls packed together in a single floorhead.

Aside from that, you can clean many different messes with it. From bread crumbs to coffee beans, and from dust particles to tough pet hair, you can vacuum everything with the Shark upright vacuum cleaner. However, it particularly comes into its own when dealing with pet hair.

Let’s find out why.

The Shark upright vacuum cleaner boasts the highly advanced anti hair wrap technology. This technology helps the vacuum cleaner deal with the pet hair in a much better way as it removes the pet hair from the brush roll. This is a great feature as the hair won’t get tangled anymore on the brush roll, no matter how long or short those hair are.

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Ease of Use

A reliable vacuum cleaner is the one which is easy to use. If a vacuum cleaner is too complicated, you’d end up scratching your head. Well, using the Shark upright vacuum cleaner is easy peasy and anyone can do it. First of all, it’s an upright model, which gives you more access, thanks to its vertical design. They are also recommended to people with back problems.

Furthermore, this vacuum cleaner features the powered lift away technology. This feature enables you to transform it to a compact model in no time. All you have to do is lift the main unit from the wand, and that’s it! You got yourself a compact model. This function comes in handy when it comes to stairs, furnishings, sofas, under furnitures, and other similar surfaces where using an upright model won’t make sense.

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If you have elderly people at your home, portability could be the only reason to worry. The Shark upright vacuum cleaner weighs 6.5 kg, which is easily manageable for a normal person. But elderly people may struggle while carrying it. However, good news for you is that it’s not a handheld model and you won’t have to carry it the whole time. But it’s a drawback nevertheless.

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Extra Accessories

Sharkclean loves providing their customers with something extra, and the customers are all for it. With the Shark upright vacuum cleaner, you get three attachments to suit every cleaning project. And yes, the LED headlight is also there to illuminate dark areas that need cleaning. Use these accessories to clean your home thoroughly.

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Why You Should Buy It?

  • Its design will make cleaning less tedious.
  • Its construction is upto the mark.
  • Its excellent suction power enables it to tackle different messes efficiently.
  • Using it is an absolute breeze, thanks to the duoclean feature and anti hair wrap technology.
  • Powered lift away technology enables you to transform it into a compact model quickly.
  • It comes with enough extra tools.
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Compared With the Others

Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner [IZ201UK] Anti Hair Wrap, 40 Minute Run Time*, Orange and White
  • Cordless vacuum with Anti Hair Wrap Technology – actively removes hair from the brush-roll as you clean
  • Up to 40 minutes run-time* – Removable battery can be charged anywhere
  • Carpets and hard floors – DuoClean glides across all floors, no need to change floorhead
  • Flexology bends to clean under furniture and folds for freestanding storage
  • 5-year guarantee (2-year guarantee on battery) upon registration with Shark

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Our experts tested many Shark models. Another model that they liked is the Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. It’s another popular model and a brilliant contender for the best Shark vacuum cleaner. However, the key glaring issue with this model is that its bulky head doesn’t fit everywhere. Apart from that, it’s an excellent choice and its suction power is also great.

Shark Vacuum Cleaner Reviews


Now let’s discuss some advantages of using the Shark upright vacuum cleaner.

Amazing Performance

If you’re sick and tired of those cheap models with awful suction, this model can hit the nail on the head for you. Its suction is powerful and will get things done quickly.

Easy to Use

It comes with many amazing features to ensure your convenience, such as powered lift away technology, duoclean function, and anti hair wrap technology. Cleaning can’t get any easier.

Things to Consider

The Shark upright vacuum cleaner is an outstanding vacuum cleaner, but the only snag is that it’s a bit overweight. Especially, if you have elderly people at your home, you may need to look for some other model with less weight.


Based on our testing, the Shark upright vacuum cleaner is our recommendation for the best Shark vacuum cleaner. It’s good in most departments and you won’t have to compromise on its performance either. Buy it now to get your home in a tip top shape.

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