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A friend recently changed his caravan and wanted to replace the old disc-driven sat nav. He wanted to have a more updated and modern best caravan sat nav. So started our research for finding a caravan sat nav which can solve his problem and provide accurate navigation.

Whether you own a static caravan or a touring caravan, having the best caravan sat nav is an absolute must. You simply cannot have the best experience, if you are not able to reach your destination on time.

A sat nav helps you reach your destination on time and without much fuss. A caravan trip without best caravan sat nav is like wandering in the wilderness with no plan to reach your destination.

We have done some research to find out the best caravan sat nav for you so that you can save your time and energy and better plan the best caravan trip of your life.

Based on our extensive research, we suggest Gramin Camper 770LMT as the best sat-nav you can buy for your caravan.

If you want to have a quick look at some of the best sat nav, here is a quick summary of them:

Sat NavPriceConnectivityPattern
Garmin Camper 770LMT-D Check PriceBluetoothSingle
TomTom Campervan & Caravan Check PriceWiFiSingle
SLIMLINE SAT NAVCheck PriceBluetoothSingle
Aguri Motorhome & CaravanCheck PriceWirelessSingle

One of the first thing you must check before buying sat nav for your caravan is the custom routing. Given the fact that the UK has many caravan parks and specialised spots to park your caravans, therefore, sat navs specially made for caravans can help you get there.

Ordinary sat navs or GPS used in cars may not provide you with the same level of accuracy which a sat nav made for caravans can. Custom routing is, therefore, an essential feature you must look for.

Free updating and connectivity is another crucial feature to check. Though most of the top class models on the market provide either SIM-free or with SIM navigation without any extra charges, some sat navs connect through Bluetooth also.

Check if the model offers free lifetime updating through wifi without any additional data charges. If after a certain number of updates, you have to pay for the data, it is better to ignore such models as hidden costs of such sat nav providers will ultimately be a burden on your wallet.

Best Caravan Sat Nav

Caravan Sat Nav

I remember a friend who owned a caravan and always relied on apps and google maps to navigate. While there is nothing wrong with using any app for navigation but caravan sat nav has become indepensible now. If you truly wants to enjoy your caravan or motorhome, a caravan sat nav is something which you must have.

A caravan sat nav is another gadget you can have- it is a GPS based system which can help you plan your routes, find the right point of interests and caravan parks for caravan owners.

While searching to find the right caravan sat nav, we come across a lot of different models with various specifications. Some models had bigger screen size, some offered wifi updates while some offered updates through SIM. Not only this, but caravan sat navs like car navigators had the option of externa storage through SD Cards also.

The choice was simply enormous and it can become extremely difficult for caravan owners to find and choose the right caravan sat nav. This review is being done exactly for the purpose of saving your time and money and help you find the right caravan sat nav.

Best Caravan Sat Nav

Let’s discuss each of the model here:

Garmin Camper 770LMT-D 6.95 Inch Sat Nav 

This is one of the best sat nav available on the market with the custom routing, elevation profile and road warnings, specially made for the caravans. It comes in two styles, i.e. with backup camera and without a backup camera. Both have different price tags, but we suggest buying only the basic version (one without the basic camera).

It comes with a large display and is of 6.95 sizes, offering caravan owners the required show to view every route on a bigger screen and have better navigation through a crisp and clear picture quality.

Using Bluetooth as the connectivity technology, this sat nav provides maps for just one continent, so if you are looking for a worldwide map, you may be disappointed as this sat nav only have European plans.

Since it offers Bluetooth connectivity, therefore, you can enjoy hands-free calls, on-screen notifications and get voice-activated navigation. All these features in this sat nav makes it one of the best models for caravans in the market.

Feedback by the people suggests that this navigator is exceptionally accurate and provides routing for caravan specific roads. People also seem to like the smart linked feature of this navigator as it easily integrates with your smartphone and improves the overall experience.

TomTom Campervan and Caravan Sat Nav 

This TomTom Caravan provides world maps and is updated through the wifi. This navigator also provides custom routing for the caravans with additional indications of Caravan specific points of interest. This additional POI feature distinguishes this navigator from most of the other navigators available on the market.

Navigation through the postcode in the UK and entire Europe is quite easy. This navigator offers a smooth and easy search through the postcodes and presents clear and best routes for caravans to reach their destinations.

What I like most about this navigator is that it offers recommendations for the road trips and you can also easily connect it with your smartphone for route planning and checking live traffic.

TomTom offers lifetime access to world maps and updates via Wifi whereas other TomTom services are delivered through a built-in Sim in the navigator.

In rural areas, you may face the signal drop issues and live traffic navigation may be a little bit off in such areas. But since TomTom continues to upgrade its software, such cases are resolved through quick software updates.

Most of the consumers who are using this navigator are of the view that though the software is excellent, but hardware quality may not be up to the mark. People also like the feature that this navigator comes with the preloaded caravan club sites and offers some great ways to find the desired destination easily.


Slimline sat is purely a British brand. With 24/7 phone line support, this proudly claims to understand the needs of its customers better.

Slimline sat nav is another top-class gadget caravan owners like most. Hundreds of satisfied customers are proof that this is one of the budget sat navs which comes with the latest UK and global maps with no additional cost.

There are no hidden fees, and no SIMs are required for maps updates. With upgraded battery with this new model, this navigator now runs 3 hours more as compared to other models on a full charge.

Like most of the other models, this navigator also supports post code level support and offers other warnings also. You can get turn by turn guidance, speed camera warnings and lane guidance also. It also provides a point of interest capability especially embedded for campers with intelligent route calculation.

People who have been using this navigator are of the view that it offers obvious navigation. You can easily fit it with just a double-sided tape on the dashboard of a caravan. The display is rated clear and navigation offered is also termed as most accurate.

Consumers even prefer it over TomTom so given the price and features available; you can make up your mind to buy the one which suits your needs and budget.

Aguri Motorhome & Caravan RV

Aguri Motorhome and Caravan navigator comes with preloaded specialist street-level data for caravans in the UK. What is best about this navigator is that all you need to do is to enter the attributes of your caravan and you are good to go.

To operate this unit, you do not need any registration, and all the updates are over wifi and are free for lifetime. Since this sat nav is specially used for caravans so you can find the most accurate lanes while still avoiding any weight, height and width restrictions.

This navigator will provide you with all the customised route planes, points of interest and almost 300,000 UK caravan sites.

This navigator has a built-in dash cam with 1080 display. This added feature can help you in reducing your insurance expenses also.

People who have been using this navigator are pleased about the functionality provided by this unit. If you want to explore unfamiliar places and routes, this is a great sat nav for you to explore and view unseen spots.

Another feature which is most liked is that of the voice quality of navigation and crisp display. People are really happy with the fact that navigation directions are not only audible but the display is quite great too.

Generally, when people plan to buy the best caravan sat nav, they look for the quality of the maps and how effectively navigator can guide them to avoid busy roads, streets and lanes. Sound and picture quality are two other essential feature people would like to consider before buying the sat nav for their caravan.

So, what are you waiting for? Do check out our recommended Gramin Camper 770LMT as your next sat nav for your caravan and enjoy trouble-free rides.

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