The Best Garden Furniture Sun Loungers

Best Garden Furniture Sun Loungers

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Introducing hotel-style luxury to the backyard, by investing in best garden furniture sun loungers, is a summer treat all of us can make space for.

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Given the fact that there’s a wide range of loungers available in the market, especially online – selecting one that fits your home’s aesthetic and your personal comfort levels is very important.

You will also need to think about placing the lounger in such a way that it catches those sun rays that can be so hard to get hold of.

Measure up accurately to guarantee your lounger fits perfectly into your afternoon schedule.

Here are the key things you need to keep in mind when investing in garden furniture sun loungers:

  • Go for collapsible sun loungers if you have a small space and need easy storage in the garden shed.
  • Sun loungers with attached wheels are best if you plan to move them around.
  • There are a lot of materials you can choose from. Sun loungers primarily come in these materials :
    • PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) – The benefits of PVC sun loungers include their sturdiness, ease of maintenance and cost.  PVC sun loungers are the perfect budget buys.
    • Resin – Woven resin is a more common choice than PVC because garden furniture sun loungers made with PVC are easier to make more attractive and modern in appearance. Budget loungers with plainer designs are made with moulded resin.
    • Aluminium – Aluminium loungers basically have a strong and light frame and are easy to transport. They are rust-resistant. They can be combined with PVC and Resin materials to create sleek designs.
    • Wood – Wooden lounges are usually a bit expensive, especially for models made of exotic woods, teak in particular.
  • Make sure to know the maintenance requirements of your lounger before purchasing. Also, keep a note of its resistance, weathering factors and total weight capacity.
  • Pick a lounger that suits the design of your garden lounge set.
  • Buy extra cushions and pail lasses if you desire more comfort.

Feeling undecided?

From budget fold-out models to categorically extravagant double-bed loungers, there are in fact a range of products from top brands.

They all have different shapes, sizes, and materials, but they all offer quality design, functionality and most importantly, comfort.

Best Garden Furniture Sun Loungers Available in the Market

Lie back, relax and check out the 10 best deals on garden furniture sun loungers

Scancom UK Limited’s Chichester FSC Eucalyptus Wood Outdoor Sun Lounger with Weather-proof Cushions

Scancom UK Limited’s Chichester Outdoor Steamer offers a relaxing experience for users.

With a multi-positional reclining back structure and front-wheels for easy transportation, choosing the sweet sunny spot in your garden and relaxing in the most comfortable position is easy.

Here are some key features of this lounger set :

  • A rigorously tested product, this eucalyptus wood-made outdoor sun lounger is a classy product.
  • Made in Scancom UK Limited’s notable manufacturing facility in Vietnam, the product follows all of EU’s testing standards and offers superb shock resistance. It is also water-resistant.
  • The materials used in this furniture’s construction are stable and durable. The exterior eucalyptus plates are pre-treated with ScanCom UK Limited’s own hardwood sealer oil. This brings out the lounger’s classy natural eucalyptus wood colour and texture. The sealer oil also makes the lounger weatherproof.
  • It comes with Weathertex® cushions that are water-friendly. They can be easily washed and dried.
  • The steamer framework is built with strong, handpicked FSC authorised eucalyptus hardwood. This wood fixed with galvanised steel gives the lounger a strong and durable structure.
  • Dimensions:
    • Width 70cm x Height 82cm x Length 190cm.

Assembling the set is easy, even for a single user.

Re-treating the sun lounger every year with Hardwood Sealer Oil is also recommended to ensure the eucalyptus wood stays in good shape.

The lounger is not fit for use in public arenas – using it domestically is advised.

With proper maintenance, this set can be a classy and long-term addition to your garden furniture set.

3-piece Sun Lounger Recliner Bed Chair Set With Side Table Patio And Adjustable Head Height Features

The fire-resistant sponge grey-coloured Rattan Lounger Set from Outsunny comes with 2 spacious loungers and 1table set with cushions.

The seats have 5 modifiable positions to give full relaxation and cosiness.

The side table comes with a glass top which makes keeping your drinks in reach very easy. This set can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Let’s look at some of the features of this product :

  • Made from durable PE Rattan. PE rattan is a synthetic material that is weatherproof.
  • Designed with top-quality polyester fabric.
  • Comfortable cushions with 5cm dense cotton (all the add-ons meet the British BS5852 consumer fire safety standards). Cushion covers are made from waterproof polyester material.
  • The set has rust-resistant Aluminium-oxide feet.
  • The loungers have 5 separate positions. The recliner angles are extremely adjustable. Depending on the user’s needs, they can be adjusted to a perfect degree.
  • It comes with a side table with a tough 5mm thick tempered glass to place objects.

Dimensions of the Lounger : 200cm Length x 73cm Width x 103cm, height.

Added Side-Table – 40cm width x 40cm Depth x 40cm Height.

Users will have to assemble the two sets. The set is detachable and very convenient to assemble.

What are some stand-out advantages buyers can expect by getting Outsunny’s 3-piece sun lounger recliner bed chair set with side table patio? Some of them include –

  • Perfect for a family outing in a garden, a public park, poolside or indoors.
  • PE Rattan is easy to maintain. Its compact PE rattan construction makes it weatherproof.
  • Come with 2 wheels for easy transportation.

Heavy Duty Set of Textoline Zero Gravity Garden Patio Sun Lounger

This set of foldable and reclining lounger deck chairs come in black and in a set of 2.

It is a good buy for users looking to relax in style and comfort. The textoline structure makes these reclining chairs very easy to maintain.

Add a couple of detachable head pillows and you have your perfect comfort ready afternoon.

Let’s look at some of the features of this product –

  • This is Made with tightly-weaved textoline fabric. Textoline is very strong and easy to clean and maintain. The set comes in classic grey and black and its texture makes it easy to synchronize with other garden furnishings.
  • It comes with a weighted shift design. This makes reclining the chairs from vertical to reclining positions very easy. Having foldable and reclining garden furniture sun loungers like this product is perfect for users looking to have outdoor picnics, poolside get-togethers, and so on.
  • Both are reclining with a maximum mass-capacity of 110kg. Both can be folded away for compact storage. What are the stand-out advantages of getting KEPLIN’s heavy-duty set of textoline zero gravity garden patio sun loungers?
  • Some of them include –
    • Adjustable – This Keplin lounger set is the ultimate relaxing tool. They can be adjusted into an infinite number of positions as desired.
    • Padded cushions – The set comes with removable padded pillows. Adjust these headrests up and down to fit any height.
    • Fashionable and Compact Storage – This fashionable set complements any modern outdoor furniture designs. They can be easily folded away for compact storage.
  • The two chairs measure
    • 112cm Height x 91 cm Depth x 67.5cm Width
    • 77cm Height x 165cm Depth x 67.5cm Width

With free delivery on Amazon and a four-star rating, this product is the perfect bargain buy.

Garden Mile’s Twin Pack of 7-Position foldaway sun lounger

This black and grey set of foldaway loungers is ideal for sitting or lying down. It has seven backrest positions for stress-free outings in the garden.

They are built with flexible aluminium frames which make the loungers sturdy and easy to fold.

Let’s look at some of the key features –

  • Made with Permeable PVC Polyester. This makes it weatherproof, extremely light and stable.
  • Easily transportable. Its collapsible aluminium frame is very light and the sun loungers weigh 8kg in total.
  • It has a 7-step adjustable backrest and can be adjusted to any angle. Collapsible for space-saving and compact storage.
  • The loungers are covered with strong polyester mesh fabric which is fast-drying and extremely durable.
  • All metal/aluminium parts are rust-free and powder-coated.
  • The loungers are covered with pleasant and soft seats that make the backrest extremely comfortable.
  • The two loungers measure –
    • Upright – Length 132 cm x Width 62cm x Height 57cm
    • Laid flat – Length 177cm x Width 62cm x Height 96.5cm

Overall, this set is small, light and extremely durable. They can be the perfect choice for summer enthusiasts who wish to use them as tanning or resting beds. So why should someone looking to invest in garden furniture sun loungers, choose this product?

Well here are the main standout features of Garden Mile’s Twin Pack of 7-Position foldaway sun lounger:

  • Folding and easy storing –Fold these two into flat pancake shapes. Transport them from your backyard to the park and store them away for little or no space when summertime ends.
  • The 7-positions- The backrest adjusting options are amazing. Find the right adjustment that suits your back and enjoy this longer for long periods of time.

With free delivery, this set of loungers is a decent option for customers looking to get a reliable and long-lasting product for seasonal use.  

Club Rattan Soak Sun Loungers with Side Table

This is a stunning contemporary styled Sun Lounger Set. Classy and posh in style, this lounger and side table set will light up any backyard.

Its premium brown colour makes it ideal for luxury gardens.

This set comes with two sun loungers with added cushions and head/backrest pail lasses.

The side table has a hard glass-top for placing essentials. Let’s look at some of the key features –

  • The set is entirely assembled, so there’s no need for complicated installations.
  • It is made of durable PE Rattan, a synthetic and easy to maintain material that is extremely durable and weatherproof. The set is also showerproof, so perfect for poolside use.
  • Cushions are comfortable and thick (10cm thick cushions). They come with UV radiation resistant cushion covers. The covers are easily washable – just open the zip and wash it frequently.
  • Dimensions
    • Sun Loungers – Length 196cm x Width 60cm x Height 40cm
    • Side Table: Length 50cm x Width 50cm x Height 35cm

Overall, this set is classy and extremely durable.

They can be the perfect choice for summer enthusiasts who wish to make a one-time investment in garden furniture sun loungers.

So why should homeowners choose this product? Some main standout features of Club Rattan Soak Sun Loungers include its versatility.

From cream-coloured cushions to a side table with a fully weaved underside, this set exuberates luxury and class.

They can be an amazing aesthetic boost to a backyard.

The set gets it “soak up” title because they are ideal for resting in the summer.

The backrest has five adjustable positions which make this set very comfortable.

That with the soft pillow headrests make this lounger priced is a good one-time investment.

Homecall’s X-X-L sized Aluminium Sun Lounger with Sun Roof

Homecall’s three-legged sun lounger is a highly-rated product, designed specifically for outdoor use; its unique adjustable sunroof makes it a useful resting place.

The layers are full of comfy QDF foam which makes it really soft.

Let’s look at some of its key features –

  • The chair offers 5 adjustable positions. It has a strong rust-free powder-coated aluminium frame that supports a big sunroof.
  • It can take up to 150 kg load. Its strong structure makes adjusting the chair very easy.
  • Made with Textilene and QDF foam which is soft, smooth and comfortable. Textilene padded with quick-dry foam.
  • The sunroof is entirely covered with UV-resistant fabric. It can be easily adjusted with a rotating button.
  • The foam material is quick to dry. Its open-pore structure allows water to discharge instead of hoarding. It is durable and won’t lose its shape.
  • Dimensions :
    • 200cm Length X Width 70cm x Depth 35.5 cm (open)
    • 83cm x 72cm x 17cm (folded)

The set comes with pillows, hand straps and of course the adjustable sunroof making it a decent comfort-space for homeowners looking to enjoy the summer skies.

For homeowners who want to invest in low-cost garden furniture sun loungers, this seems a good deal.

Final Verdict – Easy to set up, strong and foldable, this sun lounger will have no trouble fitting the tallest of people.

Users especially love the sunroof feature as they can relax on it for hours and get a tan without having to burn their faces.

Allibert by Keter’s – Daytona Sun Lounger

The Daytona sun lounger set is the perfect product for sunbathers. This sun lounger comes with 4 adjustable back positions.

Its smooth rattan-wicker fabric is comfortable and durable.

This sun lounger set comes with cushions and some basic assembly instructions.

Let’s look at some of the key features of the Daytona Sun Lounger-

  • Versatile. The sun lounger can be used as a garden chair. Its graphite grey colour makes it a perfect aesthetic-match for luxury gardens and patio areas.
  • Made with elegant rattan styled flat-weave. Most sophisticated garden furniture sets are made with rattan. Rattan not only adds a classy look, but it is also durable, fade-free weather-resistant and easy to maintain. You can enjoy it seasonally for many years.
  • Easily foldable design makes compact storing in winters easily.
  • Dimensions
    • Length 195cm x Width 65cm x Height 22cm

The four adjustable positions of the Daytona Sunlounger make laying on it a relaxing experience.

Just find your personal angle and use the cushions for extra comfort.

For homeowners looking to invest in long-term garden furniture sun loungers, the Daytona Sunlounger can be a good option.

What does this offer as compared to other products?

  • Its sleek and lightweight design in addition to its graphite grey rattan skin makes it visually stunning.
  • It is ideal for alternate sunbathing on summer days
  • The ideal feature of top quality garden furniture is durability. The Daytona Sunlounger comes with a 3-year guarantee (not including the cushions)

Users will need some basic household tools to assemble the set.

It is a good one-time investment that will definitely pay off in the form of comfortable summer afternoons throughout the years.

Deuba’s Poly-Rattan Sun Lounger

This modern poly-rattan sun lounger by Deuba is a classy product that will definitely lighten your indoor and outdoor area.

Lightweight and easy to transport, its poly rattan structure makes fade-proof and durable.

Let’s look at some of its key features –

  • The head and the body of the sun lounger come with four adjustable settings. Users can lie completely flat or upright to read or sunbathe. The base is supported with additional solid plastic protectors. The backrest is adaptable to 5 positions.
  • It is made with elegant rattan styled flat-weave; a common choice in most sophisticated garden furniture sets. This makes the sun lounger extremely durable, fade-free and dirt resistant.
  • Comes with comfortable cushions that are 7cm thick (cushion covers are 100% Polyester). It also has practical strap bands that can be attached to the seat cushions. Its lace design makes it look very aesthetically pleasing. Also, there is a removable pillow connected with Velcro straps.
  • This sun lounger has a robust metal/aluminium frame which gives it sturdiness.
  • Dimensions – Length 195cm x Width 65cm. Height 38cm (with cushions).

The product does need assembling. With some basic tools, users will have to assemble each sun lounger’s base, metal struts and add the cushions. Users are advised to follow the assembly instructions clearly!

In terms of investing in garden furniture sun loungers, this set is rightly priced and definitely does justice.

It is adjustable, easy to clean, transportable and durable. So, it’s a decent and classy long-term furniture investment.

Plus, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Westwood’s Reclining Sun Bed Lounger

What makes this garden furniture sun loungers set from WestWood so unique is the fact that it is fully hand-made by skilled English craftsmen.

Its rattan effect finish makes it an ideal piece of furniture to have in a modern backyard or garden.

Some of the key features of this useful lounger set include –

  • The lounger has a multi-adjustable structure with 4 angles of comfort.
  • It has wheels at the head which makes it easy to transport.
  • The body of the lounger is made with water-resistant and anti-UV poly-rattan weave, making it durable for years without any fading or discolouring. The brown design is modern and simple.
  • The lounger set can be easily moulded into your backyard aesthetic with other wooden furniture pieces. 
  • The lounger is filled with a soft material called ‘25D Sponge’ – a multi-pore fabric that is water-flexible. It is easy to clean and both the fabric and foam conform to UK fire-proofing standards.
  • The set comes with 6cm thick cushions filled with 25D fire-resistant sponge.
  • Its steel frame structure gives the product stability. It has a capacity of up to 150kg. The steel tubes and adjustable wheels make this sun lounger set extremely practical for use both indoors and outdoors.
  • Dimensions – Length 210cm x Width 66cm x Height 33cm (when laid out).

Overall, this lounger set offers a lot of features.

Sturdy and durable, this can be a good long-term investment for families, especially parents looking to have some relaxation sessions out in the sun.

SONGMICS’ Sun Lounger with removable mattresses

Over the years, SONGMICS has created a wide range of outdoor loungers. What makes this set so unique is its modernistic rattan frame which gives it a sleek appearance.

However, appearances can be deceiving in this case as it has a whopping 150 kg load capacity and can fit people of all shapes and sizes.

Here are some key features of this sun lounger set –

  • A tall sun lounger set (40 cm height) with a thick and soft 6.5cm wide sponge mattress that makes it very comfortable.
  • It also has a soft headrest with protective straps that prevent it from slipping along with a cover that keeps it attached to the backrest.
  • The fabric is PE rattan, the premium choice for sun lounger manufacturers for its durable structure and classy external smoky grey finish
  • The structure of the lounger is very sturdy. Made of top quality stainless steel and PE rattan, this set is very stable.
  • Easy to assemble and store. Just follow the clear and simple instructions to assemble and disassemble it in a few steps.
  • Dimensions
    • Length 195cm x Width 65cm x Height 40 cm (suitable for tall users)
    • Product Weight: 16.2 kg
    • Maximum Load Capacity: 150 kg

If users plan to keep the sun lounger out in the open all day, they are advised to buy separate furniture covers for repelling rain.

SONGMICS has a good professional customer service that helps users in case there’s an issue with assembling or quality, etc.

The 6.5 cm thick mattress is what stands out. The soft headrest is perfect for relaxing and idle reading.

With a sleek design and comfortable features, this highly-rated sun lounger is definitely worth its cost of.

A good long-term investment for a product from a good company with a good history of producing top quality garden furniture sun loungers