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best garden trugs

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Garden trugs are in trend these days and used both as a gardening necessity and an ornamental art piece. Not only that but people are buying them as birthday gifts for garden lovers. 

The obsession of gardeners with garden trugs in the UK is as old as our history but Queen Victoria was truly fascinated by the Sussex trugs in an exhibition in 1851 and ordered them for the royal family.

Interesting, right?

We brought 5 best garden trugs for you and by the end of this buying guide, we are sure you will be able to choose the one that suits your needs well. 

Best Garden Trugs

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Here is a Quick review table of the 5 best trugs before you buy:

ProductMaterialSize in inchesweightVolumePrice
Sussex trug 7wood/handmade20,½ L12’’ W12’’ H1.5 kg3 litresCheck price
R&H garden trugPlastic/Manuf21’’ L11’’ W12’’ H1kg5 litresCheck price
GP184 Colander TrugPlastic/Manuf22’’ L12’’ w4.75 H499 g5 litresCheck price
Draper Expert 78643 caddyPlastic/Wheel equipped 16-18 w36’’ H2.1 kg65 litresCheck price
Sussex trug 6Wood/ Handmade17’’ L11’’ W11’’ H1 Kg2 litresCheck price

So let’s start best garden trugs one by one

Handmade Sussex TRUG No 7

This is one of the highly-rated garden trugs we came across, the beauty part is being handmade. Perfect gift for garden lovers and personal use as well. The maker of this trough is a Sussex man who has a vast experience in this field. 

Main Features:

  • Length 20,½ inches, wide 12 inch, Height 12 inch
  • Weight 2KG
  • Hand made
  • Not imported
  • Model 7
  • Solid copper track used in the binding

This is a traditional Sussex trug which has wide application. It has 3-gallon volume. These trugs are signed and dated by the craftsman who built it which is an indication of its quality. It has a long life span. 

If you have doubts about size and volume, you have no idea which model to buy, NO 7 model Sussex trug is made for you. You don’t have to worry about its suitability to your needs. It fits everywhere. 

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R&H Large Garden Trug/Planter

This is a plastic made beautiful trug for those who may not like hand made wooden trug. The base is very strong with a detachable handle. It has a huge lumen to carry gardening stuff or plants for bedding. It has integrated feet which keeps the base above the ground while the base has a hole for drainage. Black colour of it makes a great contrast look in the garden.

Main features/Specification:

  • 21-inch length, 11 inch  wide, 12-inch tall
  • Approx 1Kg weight.
  • 5-litre volume
  • Detachable hand with drainage hole in the base

It is lighter in weight and has deep lumen which can carry more stuff than the wooden trug. Ideal for people who are advised by the doctor to not pick heavyweight in daily life activity. It is Water-resistant so you don’t have to keep it in shade every time. 

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GP184 Colander Trug

It is a plastic made colander trug with strong handles which drop down sidewise and are pre-fitted. It is lighter in weight approx .5lb. Ideally designed for domestic use. 

The base is deep with multi holes which helps in drainage while washing your veg and fruits or bedding plants. Integrated small feet keep the base above the ground. 

Main Features/Description:

  • Weight .5lb
  • 22 Length, 12 wide, 4.75 Height (inches)
  • Bed of holes for drainage
  • High-Quality Plastic
  • Low cost
  • Approx 5 litres volume

It is not as pretty as you would expect but quite strong and practical. Design is simple and smooth, drainage is ideal. Handles are pre-fitted and weight friendly. 

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Draper Expert 78643 Garden Caddy

Are you Looking for something with huge capacity? But hate lifting weight? Well this is for you then. It is equipped with two wheels and a nice handle to drive around the garden. Design is made by draper engineers and the rating is very satisfying.

It is ideal for committed gardeners who look for quality. It has many things such as power tools, joints, spanner, saws and woodworking tools. The quality of manufacturing is the best by draper experts. 

Main Features:

  • High-quality Plastic
  • 65L Volume
  • 2.1 kg weight 
  • Wheelbase: 16 inches wide, Top 18 inches wide approx
  • 3ft high up to the handle which is above the carry

Think about carrying stuff and you need one hand free to open a gate or pick something from the ground. This one is designed in a way that you pull wait with one hand and can use another hand.

If you are an arthritis patient or have a low back pain or your doctor advised you to avoid weight lifting, this is tailor-made for you. 

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Sussex Trug No.6

Love handicrafts? Are you environmentalist and care too much for aesthetics? Go for this hand made Model 6 Trug. Entirely made of great quality wood with solid copper track in binding.

Same design as that of Model 7 Sussex trug, the difference lies in dimensions only. The base has two-litre volume.


  • Hand made
  • 17’’ length, 11’’ wide, 11 high’’
  • 998g in weight 
  • Shipping weight 1.5 kg 
  • 2 litres volume
  • Wooden fixed handle

Green vegetables and fruits in a wooden trug look so eye-soothing and refreshing. Majority of women buyers preferred Sussex wooden trug over plastic made other trugs. Perfect gift for gardening lovers. 

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best graden trugs

Buyer’s guide / Things to consider Before Buying Best Garden Trugs

  •  Scale of your gardening

If you are a professional gardener who carries many things like tools and plants, The wheelbase trug suits you and you shouldn’t fall for the beauty of handicrafts and small trugs as you will feel difficulty in carrying stuff all along. 

For small scale and domestic use, you should choose either colander trug or Sussex handmade rugs.  If you want to know how to store it properly, read our best garden storage box recommendation.

  •  Drainage and base:

Every Garden trug has drainage but the one with multi holes makes it easy for you. You can wash your veg and fruits in the trug in a better way. 

  •  Weight of the trug:

Weight is another important trait to look for when buying a trug. If you want a bigger volume and less weight, a Drap expert would suit you. Otherwise, weight doesn’t matter quality-wise. 

What we recommend?

In our entire research, the 5 best trugs were filtered for our readers, so you can choose any of them considering quality. However, What suits you better can be determined by the comparison and detailed description which we presented in the best possible way. 

I have a garden in the backyard of my home and I chose a wooden Sussex trug Model 7.

Reason? Well, I love handicrafts, the smell of wood is my first love and supporting craftsmen is saving the art of our ancestors.

My friends think I am an environmentalist as well

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