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Garden Secateurs are essential tools in any gardener’s arsenal. Whether you are doing gardening as a hobby at your home or a professional gardener, it is always prudent to have a good set of best secateurs.

Before we describe in detail some of the best features of a useful secateurs and what to look for when buying, read our review of the best secateurs UK market is offering right now.

Finding the best secateurs is not complicated, but it requires some focus on details and technical aspects to make sure you are buying the right set of pairs which suits your needs.

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Buyer’s guide for best secateurs

Secateurs are indispensable tools for better plant growth and shape them accordingly. These are not very complicated tools, but still, you need to consider a few things before buying a feature that is best for you. 

Types of secateurs and the difference

Well, there are a few but mostly used are three types of secateurs;

  • Bypass secateurs
  • Anvil secateurs
  • Powered blade cordless

Bypass secateurs are more like scissors with two blades running through one another. They are specifically for clean and delicate pruning, unlike Anvil secateurs. 

Anvil secateurs are based on Crush and cut principal with a sharp knife upper blade meeting down with a block base crushing blade. It is used for woody and sturdy stems/branches. It leaves rough remains and is not as delicate a cutter as a bypass. 

Those with both anvil and bypass features serve the purpose very well but totally depends on what you are going to cut or prune.

Powered blade cordless secateurs are also out there for those having weak hands e.g people with arthritis. 

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Cutting diameter

If you are going to prune thick and strong stems and twigs, the one with less cutting diameter capacity will disappoint you. So you need to consider cutting diameter in the first place. 

Handle design and Left/Right user

Some secateurs are ideally made for small hands while others for large hands. Some secateurs on extension are wide enough that they may not fit in small hands while those with small handles will hurt large hands. 

On the other hand, some secateurs are only for right-handers, and some may fit for both left and right-hand users. So make it sure before you buy the wrong one. 


The central nut combining both blades should be of good quality, rust-proof and adjustable easily so you can fit them whenever you want. 

Gear feature

Secateurs with ratchets or gear systems are equipped with more powerful cutting which can be helpful in two ways either you have weak grip or hands or you want to prune harder or dead stems. 

Manufacturing Material

No matter what but make it sure that blades are rustproof and are coated for nonstick and smooth pruning. Anything rust-catchy will fail in a few months. 

Hands/Fingers protection

It will be a plus point and very comfortable to have thumb lock and finger protection on handles. Also, the material covering handles should be soft to decrease chances of hand blisters and fatigue. 


In order to get the perfect pair of secateurs, you need to match features of the product with your need or the nature of pruning/cutting you are going to execute. We have brought top secateurs of both bypass and anvil types.

We hope this detailed article and buyer’s guide would make you able to choose the best secateurs that fit your needs. 

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Happy gardening!

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