Best Shoes For 10 Month Old Learning To Walk

Best Shoes For 10 Month Old Learning To Walk

In this review, I wil be sharing my opinion on best shoes for 10 month old learning to walk.

There’s something special and irrationally cute about those tiny feet learning to walk, and this cute feeling motivates us every time. However, despite the overloaded cuteness, it can be a bit of a trial that which pair of shoes you should get for those little and delicate feet and at what stage of their development.

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The shoes mentioned below are suitable for ten months old babies learning to walk. In this read, you will find a detailed review of the products with other handy info, and by the end, you will exactly know why these are the best shoes for ten months old learning to walk.

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So, without any delay, let’s begin.

Best Shoes For 10 Month Old Learning To Walk

ProductsUpper MaterialSole MaterialLatest Price
BMCiTYBM Baby Shoes Girl Boy Breathable Mesh SneakersMesh upperRubberCheck here
JOINFREE Infant Baby Girl Boy Canvas Shoes Soft Sole SlippersCanvasCottonCheck here
Meckior Infant Baby Girls Boys Canvas ShoesCanvasCottonCheck here
BEBARFER Toddler Baby Boys Girls ShoesLeatherRubberCheck here
BMCiTYBM Infant Baby ShoesMeshRubberCheck here

BMCiTYBM Baby Shoes Girl Boy Breathable Mesh Sneakers

These walker shoes encourage new walkers to walk and promote natural movement in those tiny feet. These BMCiTYBM Baby Shoes are designed to be the healthiest shoes for ten-month-old babies. Plus, the shoes are suitable for girls and boys. The shoes feature a soft footbed to deliver enhanced comfort, rubber soles, and thick cushioning for long-lasting, all-day play.

These adorable baby sneakers look absolutely precious and feature a unique design. The baby shoes come with mesh sides that allow those little feet to breathe. The inner side is spacious; hence these are ideal for all types of baby feet.

Design and Construction

The design and construction of these toddler shoes are amazing and extremely soft. Those little feet will love and enjoy the intuitive design of these baby shoes. Similarly, the shoe length and size fit almost any baby’s feet, and you can also use them for babies with wide feet.

Mesh sides and Flexible Bottom

The shoes also feature a mesh side panel that maintains superior airflow to keep tiny feet free of sweat and prevents overheating inside the shoes. Plus, the side panels are stretchy to give little feet a comfortable fit.

Furthermore, the shoe bottom is highly flexible and encourages babies to walk with confidence. The bottom also keeps those beautiful feet solidly flat and improves traction while walking.

Secure Closure

The sturdy straps give a perfect fit along with extra wiggle room for your baby. Plus, you can adjust the fitment to get a secure and snug fitment as per the baby’s feet. This also comes in handy for chubby-footed babies.

Overall, these BMCiTYBM Baby Shoes are absolutely glowing. The comfort is high, and we didn’t notice any major flaws in the shoes.

Apart from the features mentioned above, the shoes are pretty much affordable, designed flawlessly, and perfect for your little one. You will love the shoe’s trendy design. Plus, no fitment issues whatsoever, and these shoes are perfect for wide and flat feet as well.

Lastly, these are without any doubt the Best shoes for 10-month-old learning to walk, and we are sure that your little one will love them!

Why you should buy it:

  • Comes with a durable and robust rubber sole.
  • Features soft upper for optimal breathability and to keep little feet stay cool and dry.
  • The outsoles feature soft rubber spikes and sensory pods to prevent tipping and accidental falls.
  • Includes a protective toe cap that provides additional protection to the baby’s feet from various injuries.
  • The shoes come with a soft and cushioned footbed to deliver enhanced comfort.
  • The shoes feature a hook-and-loop design and sturdy straps for quick removal and snug fitment.

Compared with the others:

While comparing these babies with the other premium shoe brand, HLMBB Baby Shoes for Toddler Girl Boys, these were more breathable. Especially when we tested these for ten-month-old with wide, sweaty feet learning to walk. HLMBB baby shoes were great, but the sole was slightly stiffer than the others, and the mesh material was a bit rough. Hence we decided not to include them in the list.

Best Shoes For 10 Month Old Learning To Walk


Super breathability

The soft shoe upper allows for high breathability and prevents irritation and itching issues. Furthermore, there will be no sweat issues to the shoe’s breathable design.


The inner shoe materials are extremely soft and won’t rub against the delicate skin of a toddler. At the same time, its soft rubber spikes and sensory pods prevent accidental falls by providing smooth traction.


Sturdy straps and secure hook-and-loop closure allow easy wearing and quick removal while providing a snug and adequate fitment.

Things to consider

Things were going great till we noticed that the shoe straps were getting loose or the stitches in the straps start to break. This is not good and can be a problem for those babies who have wide or chubby feet.


All of the baby shoes mentioned in this list are reliable, practical, and work really well for delicate baby feet. However, rechecking is recommended as it is a matter of your little one. Other than that, we have tried our best and, after detailed analysis, mentioned these shoes for you.

Furthermore, many babies have fat or wide feet that require a bit more wiggle room in their shoes. And these shoes are also great for those wide and chubby feet.  

So, time to make those little feet happy and joyful!

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