Buyer’s Guide for Soaker Hose

Soaker Hose Pipe

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This is now very evident that with conventional hoses i.e with sprinkling and high-pressure spraying nozzle hoses, water spreads in the air and parts of the garden where it is not needed at all which leads to wastage of water.

With the soaker hose system, water reaches the roots with maximum water conservation and minimum run-off & evaporation.

Soaker Hose

The following are the things to consider before buying the best soaker hose for shrubs.  


This can be determined by your requirement or the area you want to soak or spray. Usually, 5o feet of length is ideal for an average garden and offers smooth soaking.

However, a length of more than 100 ft will lower the normal pressure. To maintain a healthy pressure it is recommended to keep length less than 100. In the case of a customized system, you can adopt a specific pattern of pressure and soaking pathway design. 

Material of the soaker hose

High durability and strength are required for a soaker as they are exposed to the outer environment. Most of these highly durable soaker hoses are made up of recycled rubber.

A patented UV protection is always a plus to have in a good soaker hose. In our top recommended products for a soaking hose system, we kept all three qualities in mind while selecting them i.e 

  • High quality Recycled rubber
  • Patented UV protection
  • Lead-free certified

The small diameter and high tensile strength will be always a helping feature in easy fitting and operation. 

Range of water pressure in a soaker hose?

A flexible soaker hose will withstand higher pressure but an optimal water pressure for soaking/irrigation dripping is 8-12 psi.

A pressure reducer is highly recommended and you can install your soaking system easily.

A pressure reducer will efficiently regulate water dripping and its required pressure at a certain level. 


A good soaker hose with high flexibility will have advantages such as easy manoeuvrability, No kinks, No twists and easy customization.

A flexible hose can be shaped in the desired design of a soaking system in an irregular space/garden.

Having said that, You can’t overlook easy storage and undo process in the soaking hose system with flexible hoses. 

Recycled rubber-made hoses have high flexibility and can withstand moving, bending and twisting without any break or crack. 

Summer or Winter- Hot or Cold?

It is important to consider the extreme temperature that you may face in your area.

If you are concerned about the hot summer then don’t miss the feature of patent UV protection which doesn’t get brittle on exposure to sun heat. 

If you are concerned about a cold or freezing temperature then we always recommend you to store the hose in the shed.

However, some hoses can withstand freezing temperatures e.g., the soaking hose by Taisia in our recommended best soaker hose for shrubs

Nature of gardening

If you are going to irrigate the edible plants or vegetables that make sure your hose is BPA-free as well as lead-free.

However, some hoses may be lead-free but not necessarily BPA free. Lookout before you buy. 

In the case of flowering beds or other ornamental plants, you can choose any recycled rubber-made hose.

However, lead-free and UV protection still should be a concern before buying one.

Installation features

Lastly, you should consider the confirmation of technical specifications for your installation of the soaking hose system.

This includes hose pins, connectors, tee connectors, a pressure regulator. 

If you are a perfectionist, we recommend you to add a programmable timer for better experience and water conservation.

The timer will do the job in your absence while you are doing other indoor or outdoor tasks. 


This is Not a kind of buying guide where we recommend a universal product that may suit all conditions. Identify your needs and choose the one that can answer your questions. We hope our guide was helpful for you in understanding the best soaker hose. 

Good luck with your gardening. 

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