Can You Rent A Lawn Mower?

Can You Rent a lawn mower

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In this post, I will answer your question of whether can you rent a lawn mower or not?

What’s better than having a green lawn in your house? Seriously, green lawns are a treat to look at. There are nature lovers all over the world who are passionate about lawns. They don’t see lawns as just another piece of land and are obsessed with it. Taking time out of busy lives and spending some quality time on the lawn gives them peace of mind. There are many health and environmental benefits of lawns that may not seem obvious. For example, a survey suggests that lawns can increase your house’s worth by 10-15%.

To put things briefly, grassy lawns are as good as anything.

With that out of the way, lawnmowers are essential equipment if you have a lawn in your home. People who mow their lawns regularly would know the importance of lawnmowers, but for people who are skeptical about using them, let’s talk about the goodness it brings to your lawn. Firstly, they are good for grass as the grass gets stronger than ever before. When you mow your lawn in the right way, healthy grass flourishes, grassroots get stronger, and ultimately, you will get healthier and stronger grass in your lawn. 

Furthermore, the grass looks even when you mow it regularly. Uneven grass looks very annoying and rough. It also leads to uneven absorption and distribution of nutrients from water and the sun. You can avoid this situation by mowing your lawn regularly. 

Besides this, an overgrown lawn is easy prey to many pests. We all know how pests can harm a lawn. Overgrown grass is the favourite habitat of pests. That is another reason why lawn mowing holds paramount importance. All in all, your lawn is healthy and looks organised when you mow it regularly.

The fly in the ointment is that some people have lawns, but they cannot afford a lawn mower because of their thin wallet. It is also possible that you had a lawnmower at your home, which is out of order and would take a week or two to get repaired. In such situations, renting a lawnmower seems to be a viable solution.

Now you might be wondering if you can rent a lawnmower. And if you can, then how much will it cost. Don’t worry, keep reading till the end as we will discuss everything from now on. 

Can You Rent a Lawn Mower?

The good news for you is that yes, you can rent a lawn mower. In most of the USA states, you can easily get a lawn mower from shops and companies. You can also get a lawn mower on rent online as companies have made websites. Talking about rates, well, you can get a lawn mower on rent even if you have a tight budget.

Renting a lawn mower now and then will cost you some money, but it’s a lot cheaper than buying one. 

Most of the departmental stores offer rental lawn mowers. The cool thing here is that you get a plethora of lawn mowers to choose from as the market is saturated with them. So you can go and get a lawn mower according to what you need and your budget.

Rental price is something that confuses many people. Now total rent is determined by several factors—for example, the duration of the rental. Of course, the longer you want to keep a lawn mower, the more you’ll have to pay. But you don’t need to keep it for weeks. You can rent it for a day as you only mow your lawn occasionally. So renting it for multiple days would make a complete no-brainer.

One thing to bear in mind is that all stores have set different rental durations. Usually, they give you lawn mowers and charge you according to the days you keep them. But a day doesn’t necessarily mean 24 hours.

Some stores consider 12 hours or even 8 hours a day, and they may ask you to return the tool before sunset if you are to rent it for one day. For one store, a day means 24 hours, and it means 12 hours for another store. However, a day would be 24 hours if you take it for multiple days.

Another thing that determines the overall rent is the type of lawnmower. Like all other things, more specs will cost you extra money. If you have a small lawn, a push lawn mower could be the right option for you as it will cost less. But if you have a large lawn where a lot of grass needs to be trimmed, you will need a more efficient and specked-out lawn mower.

You can rent a riding lawn mower in such a case, but it will cost you a bit. Roughly, renting a lawnmower for one day will cost you 20-30$.

When renting a lawn mower, you might be asked to submit a deposit. Many companies have these rental policies where they ask you to pay a deposit before renting a product. This deposit ensures both parties work honestly and is returned to the customer upon returning the rental product.

Now that we have discussed the factors on which the overall rent depends, another thing to bear in mind is the store’s damage policy. We know that you take care of rental products; however, lapses may happen. So ask the store about their damage policy and how much will they charge you in case of any damage. 


How much does it cost to rent a lawnmower?

Renting a lawn mower doesn’t cost much, and you can rent one even if you have a tight budget. The overall rent depends on a few factors, such as the duration of rentals and the kind of lawn mowers, but it costs around 20-30$ to rent a lawn mower for one day.

Can you rent a lawnmower at Lowes?

Yes, you can rent a lawnmower at Lowes. Lowes has all the tools, equipment, and other knick-knacks that you need. You can rent a lawnmower from a departmental shop near your house, or if you want to rent it online, you can rent it from Lowes. 

Is it worth buying a used lawnmower?

You can buy a used lawn mower if you are not willing to spend money on buying a new one.  Of course, new products are more efficient and advanced, but used lawn mowers could also be a good option.

Is it worth repairing a lawnmower?

Repairing is a good option if your lawn mower is new and it’s not much damage. Generally, a lawn mower should not be repaired if it’s more than three years old. 

What are the best months to buy a lawn mower?

The best time to buy a lawn mower is right when the mowing season ends. Many stores and companies offer discounts on lawn mowers in November and December. 


Lawnmowers are an important piece of equipment if you have a lawn in your home. If you cannot afford to buy a new lawnmower, you can get one on rent. There are a few factors on which the rent depends, but renting a lawnmower for one day roughly costs 20-30$. Hopefully, this post has answered your question of can you rent a lawnmower?

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