How do You Aerate Your Lawn?

How do You Aerate Your Lawn

The purpose of this post is to help you know the answer of : How do you aerate your lawn?”

Lawns give a whole new look to your home. There are nature lovers who love their lawns and spend hours sitting there. However, lawns need proper care and maintenance. So they take care of their lawns and make sure the lawns stay in good shape and health. They know how to keep things smooth and take every step to make their lawn look attractive. Their landscaping is more than just watering and mowing.

As a result, their lawns look aesthetically pleasing and healthier than those who don’t take care of their lawns. Their flowers and trees look beautiful and have a longer life. They withstand harsh weather conditions and other threats. Their flowers, trees, and grass resist diseases better than other lawns. Furthermore, the lawns are more affluent in nutrition when you take care of them properly.

Now that we have discussed how critical lawn care is, let’s talk about some practices you need to maintain your lawn’s aesthetics. These practices include regular watering, mowing your lawn now and then, and proper aeration. Today, we will discuss aeration in particular. Well, every landscaper knows the importance of aeration.

Aeration means digging holes in soil so that air and other nutrients reach the grassroots. In other words, aeration lets your grass breathe properly. 

Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

Many people don’t know if they should aerate their lawn or not. Aeration is one of the best things you can do to make your lawn look attractive. Aeration is beneficial as it ensures the proper growth of grass. Proper aeration avoids soil compaction, which can squeeze the breath off your grass. 

Those people who don’t know about soil compaction happen when you put pressure on the soil. That may occur if a lot of people walk or play on the lawn, or also due to usage of a lawnmower or other lawn care equipment. When soil gets compacted, its particles get pressed together.

The proper flow of water and other nutrients gets blocked. When there are so many solid particles of soil, it hinders the appropriate circulation of air, water, and other nutrients, which harms grass’s proper growth.

Tools for Aeration

Now that we have discussed the importance of aeration. Let’s talk about some tools that you will need for this purpose. There are two main kinds of aerators, i.e. manual aerators and plug aerators. Manual tools that are most widely used are hollow tine forks. These are budget-friendly tools for aerations, but if you want more efficient equipment which will do all the work by itself, you can also go for a plug aerator or spikes.

But they tend to be more expensive as they are more efficient and they have heavy machinery. 

When you use manual tools for aeration, you put the aerator inside the soil and then put some weight on it to go deep inside the soil. Then you pull it out after a few seconds. The deeper it goes, the better soil you get. So make sure the tool that you’re using has a long and pointy tip. It is better to use tools that have a strong body.

They tend to perform better, and they also have a longer life than those made of dull materials. Aerators made of steel could be the best option. Also, make sure you put enough weight on it so that the aerator takes out more plugs of soil.

Now talking about spikes aerators, they involve a drum-shaped pointy structure pulled behind a machine that goes ahead. The drum-shaped structure pokes holes in the ground. Plug aerators also include machines. You can sit on a seat and drive that machine. It is a relatively easy way of aeration and takes next to no effort.

Many people are sceptical about spike and plug aeration. The reason is apparent when using manual aerators; you put them in soil and take them out a few seconds later. It also brings out a plug of soil with it. But this is not the case with the spike aerators.

All they do is poke a hole, and that’s it. It’s not that poking holes is not beneficial at all, it allows an easy flow of water and nutrients, but unlike manual aerators, they don’t take out a soil plug. If you do it for a more extended period, you are pushing the soil and causing more compaction. So it’s safe to say that this cake is not worth a candle.

How do You Aerate Your Lawn

How do You Aerate Your Lawn?

Follow these steps to aerate your lawn correctly.

  • Prepare your lawn for aeration. Make sure the soil has enough moisture. If your soil is not moist enough, you’d have a really tough time aerating it. Of course, you’d have to put a lot more effort if you’re using a manual aerator. That is why it is recommended to aerate your lawn one day after rain. You can also water it a day prior to aerating.
  • Then start doing aeration. If you’re using manual aerators, make sure you apply enough force. And make sure you don’t skip the place from where the soil is compacted. You can save your energy by skipping the unaffected areas.
  • Leave the cores on your lawn. They will decompose over time. Furthermore, you can also put grass seeds and other fertilizers. 
  • Don’t stop watering or mowing your lawn after aerating it. Aerating alone cannot do wonders, and you should water and mow the lawn regularly.


What is the best way to aerate your lawn?

There are multiple ways of aerating your lawn. Using manual tools for aerating is the best way of doing it, as spikes tend to make the soil even more compacted over time. It takes the plug out of the soil and ensures the smooth flow of water and other nutrients.

What is the best tool to aerate your lawn?

Manual tools are considered best for aerating. That is because they take the soil cores out of the lawn. That prevents soil compaction. The thing with spike aerators is that they don’t take soil cores, so they cause more compaction. They make aeration easy as you’d put less effort but don’t bring much goodness to the soil.

Do you need to aerate your lawn?

Aeration is one of the best things that you can do to make your lawn healthy. It is like you help your lawn breathe. Proper aeration ensures the smooth flow of water and removes soil compaction. 

What is the average price for lawn aeration?

If you ask a lawn care company for aeration, it will cost you around 150$. The cost for aerating per thousand square feet is roughly 15$. If the size of your lawn is 10000 square feet, it will cost you around 150$.


Aeration is vital to every lawn. It keeps your lawn in good health. There are multiple ways of aerating your lawn. You can aerate your lawn manually or using machines or a spike aerator. Spike aeration is not beneficial to your lawn in the long run as it causes more soil compaction. We have mentioned the steps that you can follow to aerate your lawn properly.

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