How To Set Up A Smart Home On A Budget?

How To Set Up A Smart Home On A Budget

If you want to convert your regular home to a smart one, you don’t have to spend loads of money. A small budget is enough for you to do the setup. With as much as $150, you can create automated tasks and add surveillance to your home from anywhere in the world. 

How to set up a smart home on a budget 

Whenever homeowners start smartening up their homes, they come up with a load of budget. That is because they don’t know what they need or want. They don’t know the basic guidelines. 

Budgets smart home products

The smart products, including a voice assistant, smart plugs, security camera and smart lamps, can have a total cost of almost $150 if a smart budget is made. 

Voice assistant

For any reasonable price, you can get things done using voice commands. Choose the voice assistant that fits your needs the best. You have options of Alexa, Google Home and Apple Home Kit. In the market, the smart speaker with Alexa has a price as much as $40. 

Smart plugs

People who don’t want to replace their regular plugs can get a pack of WiFi smart plugs. The process is simple. You have to plug the WiFi smart socket into your regular plug, and it will instantly become smart. For controlling them, you can create schedules like when to turn them on and off. You can set timers and much more. 

These plugs don’t require a hub for their action. They can be controlled through the app. They are also compatible if integrated with Alexa or Google Home. The smart plugs of costs like $40 and $32 are available in the market.

Smart bulbs

Smart bulbs can be controlled through smartphones as they are compatible with Android. You can control them through voice commands because they are also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. There is this SONOFF Slampher which gets you all the functionalities of a smart light for reasonable prices. The dimmable effect is not assured, but the rest of them are promised to be controlled. The SONOFF Slampher can be controlled by 433 MHz. 

Smart security system

There is no smart home without a surveillance system. Whether you are at work or on vacation, you can always check on your pets and home. If you are sleeping, you can check on who is entering the house. There are two kinds of home security cameras, indoor and outdoor. The indoor cameras are useful for keeping a check on pets and children whenever you are not home. The outdoor cameras are weatherproof, and they fulfil security purposes. The security cameras having the price of $26 are available. Your phone can receive the alerts for you. Whenever any motion is detected, you can receive a short video clip along with the alert.

The camera systems offer subscription services. These services include the unlocking of extra features like face recognition and video storage. 

Outdoor security cameras are weatherproof, and a battery powers them. The footage that is recorded as a result of any motion is viewed online. 

Security door locks

You can budget the door locks as well. They are available at affordable prices. The door locks come with a sensor that detects any motion approached towards the door and notifies you, no matter where you are in the world. You can unlock your door whether you are using a smartphone or virtual assistant. 

You don’t need a lot of money to convert your home to a smart home. The Echo Dot can cost $50. The WiFi smart plug of almost $33, and the smart lamp can be as much as $55. The IP camera of almost $30. All of this adds up to be almost $170, which seems quite reasonable and affordable. 

You don’t have to buy all the smart products necessarily. You can have a couple of smart plugs, and it can hugely affect your lifestyle. If you are late for the job, you can leave the house without worrying about your appliances staying on. You can wake up, and your coffee will be ready because of a smart coffee machine. 

Divide technology systems into chunks 

A technology budget has many different systems engrossed in it. That is why the costs add up quickly. You need to think of some technology systems as separate budgets. Those systems include lighting control, burglar alarms, WiFi network systems, home music systems, security cameras and home automation. 

Do not skimp on the network

The computer network runs your life technically. Whether it is about your phones or TV, security systems or doorbells, any device plugged into the wall and works on a battery needs a proper functional connection. Most of your activities are done based on your home network. It is highly recommended that you must invest in an enterprise-grade network for your home. The devices usually present in the office supply store are not valid anymore. Business-grade products have a high security, speed, and reliability level, so you must rely on them.

Don’t make assumptions about being oversold

A mere assumption on the technology needs is what gets us into trouble. Most homeowners settle for cheap systems and then regret it later on. Whenever your technology professional is giving you suggestions, please keep an open mind about it. You should keep a system that is compatible with your needs, and its performance is also satisfactory. 

Most of the technology installers are excited to give you the maximum information about the system to have a great experience. Trust them but do verify. 

Don’t underestimate the role of technology

The role of technology in our lives can be estimated because Americans will rather choose their electricity and water to be gone than the internet connection, as per the survey. You get to use technology daily. Almost every member of your family gets benefited from its miracles. 

How To Set Up A Smart Home On A Budget


Are smart homes a good idea? 

The safety level of people is enhanced with the use of smart devices. The doors you forgot to lock can be locked with you sitting anywhere in the world. Monitoring your home when you are away is what every homeowner needs. Security cameras with smart sensors installed in them can keep burglars away. 

Where do I start my smart home? 

The first thing you need is to buy a lot of components like sensors, security cameras, speakers, smart bulbs, and many other appliances for starting a smart home. The hub can connect them and also with you through the smartphone. 

Does a smart home save money? 

Smart products increase energy efficiency and relatively reduce your bills. Your life can get a lot easier and much more comfortable with the use of smart devices. The automation of these devices can save you not only th effort but also money. 

Why is a smart home needed? 

Believe it or not, the people who have turned their homes into smart homes have become mindful of ecological factors, and they are more energy-efficient now. Some areas of your home use energy more than needed. Smart homes point to those areas and save money for you. 


Home automation comes with a variety of ranges in cost. On a national level, the average range is between $2000 and $7000. But the cost can be reduced by getting cheap smart devices. The price varies from brand to brand. Buy the one you can afford and the one that is also long-lasting. 

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