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Keter Storage boxes are probably the best garden storage box models that are known for their style, durability, and the quality of material used. It is because of this reason that a lot of consumers like to buy them as their preferred garden storage box model.

Though keter storage is a good option to buy but is it good enough really? I have some experience of using the keter storage boxes and have also done some extra research on Keter storage and here is what I have found out about this company and its storage boxes.

Keter storage has far superior quality as compared to other cheaper brands and even better than some of the high priced garden storage box models. Though there are some issues with the assembling of keter storage boxes overall they are well worth their price.

It is normal that people find it frustrating sometimes to assemble it initially but following the instructions and learning by doing, I was able to assemble the keter boxes without any help and with relative ease.

PS: This review is actually a sum of most of the keter storage models and is not about a particular model. My research on this is also more general in nature regarding different keter storage models.

The Best Things about Keter Storage Models

Let’s start with a truth- all keter storage models are not perfect. Many people complain about different aspects of keter storage models but overall, they are good, sturdy and better value for money as compared to most of the models.

The Size

One of my favourite thing about the keter storage is that you can get almost any size of the garden storage box with keter.

Models like Store-it out max, midi, garden sheds, extra-large, premium XL, manors are just a few of the sizes you can easily get in your garden. Not just the garden but you can even keep some keter storage models indoor.

Getting a garden storage box of the required size and garden storage box dimensions can be really a money saver. I have seen many people who over-pay for the models which are of no use to them. They either get garden storage boxes which are bigger than what they need or buy smaller dimensions models.

What is good about keter storage is the fact that with a little bit of research and product hunting, you can easily find out the exact size you need.

One thing I must warn you right now is that you need to clearly assess your needs. If you fail to clearly identify what equipment, cushions, toys, BBQ grills etc, you are going to store, you might end up with buying a wrong garden storage box.

I know you can find the exact sizes of other models also but I personally find it that keter has more variety in terms of sizes available in the market. You can easily get what you what and you often get it within your budget.

The size of the keter storage boxes is such that you can even easily place your bins, bikes, BBQ items and even cushions. Some models also have extra built-in shelf support to place some smaller items.

Weather Resistance

Garden storage boxes are supposed to last longer and one thing which can easily damage them is the weather.

Harsh cold weather, rain and storms can easily damage any garden storage box. I have witnessed many people complaining about the rain soaking their cushions stored in storage boxes just because their garden storage is not weather resistant.

One thing you would probably appreciate most about keter models is that they are weather resistant.

Whether it is rain, snowfall or even storms, most of the keter models can easily endure such weather. Due to better design and curved top, rainwater can hardly stay at the top.

I have also found out that the top lid is made in such a manner that rainwater cannot seep inside. The in-built ventilation also keeps the stored stuff fresh and dry.

Wood-like Affects

It is always a great idea to have wooden garden storage but wooden storage boxes are not only expensive but they are not as mobile as other models are.

One of the best aspects of keter storage is that most of its models are built in a way that they give wood-like effects.

You simply cannot distinguish from a certain distance as to whether the box is made of wood or it is plastic made.

Certainly, not everyone would like to have plastic garden storage box but keter models are made from sturdy and environment-friendly plastic.

What I also found in most of the keter storage models is that the plastic is maintenance-free. That means if you buy it once, it can easily last for many years without requiring serious maintenance.

Off course, it is always a wise idea to properly maintain your garden storage box but even if you do not have time for maintenance, keter models can easily endure harsh weather and remain intact.

What I can store in it?

Although, I have briefly mentioned what could be stored in the keter storage models but let me explain it in more detail here.

Obviously, what you can store in any garden storage box largely depends on the size of that box but in an average keter storage box, you can store a lot of stuff.

To start with, you can easily place two children bikes or one adult bike in a mid-sized keter box. Since the base of keter models is quite sturdy and tough, most boxes can easily carry heavy items.

I was also able to fit in two green bins in keter midi with ease and since it has the automatic piston assisted lid and front doors can easily be opened therefore it was easy to place two wheelies inside the midi.

Side tables and foldable tables are other items which can easily fit into the mid-size keter box. BBQ tables can also fit in properly.

Large and extra-large garden storage boxes can easily be used to fit in other heavy-duty items such as standing vacuums, adult bikes etc. It largely depends on your needs and how much space you actually for storage purposes.

Keter Storage

Keter Storage as Storage Benches

Since Keter storage models are made with sturdy plastic, they are often good to seat two persons.

Though there are some specific models which are specifically made as garden storage benches by Keter other models can be used for seating too.

The lid over the top of many models is sturdy enough to sustain the weight of two persons. However, tall garden storage boxes may not be ideal for seating naturally but models with horizontal lids are ideal for seating also.

Personally, I have seen people using it as a garden table also. During good sunny weather, one easily enjoy a cup of tea outside in the backyard using keter storage models as the make-shift table also.


Probably the last thing I would like to mention about the keter storage models is the ease with which you can assemble them.

I must say that many people find it difficult to assemble keter boxes but on average, it takes around 15 to 30 minutes to assemble a garden storage box. You can do it either alone or with the help of another person.

You should also know that to properly assemble these units, you will need a drill machine and a couple of screws to fix different panels properly.

I have found that mostly one person is sufficient to assemble these units but to be on the safer side and not to miss anything, it is better if two persons assemble it.

With a little bit of effort, it is quite easy to assemble these boxes and put them in use quickly.

The Worst Things about Keter Storage

Though I really enjoy using keter models it is not that there are not some issues with them. There are certain issues which every buyer must know before making a purchase.

Pricey and expensive

Most of the keter storage models are plastic made. Though plastic is really heavy duty and resin style still people consider keter models are pricey and expensive.

The main complaint is that these models are more expensive despite the fact that they are plastic made.

But considering the durability and weather resistance of these plastic made models, pricing should not be such a big issue. Besides, these boxes come in different sizes with different price tags.

Many people actually buy storage boxes which are more than sufficient for their actual storage needs. In such cases, definitely you are paying more for something which you do not need so ultimately such models seem pricey and expensive.

If one can carefully assess the needs, find out the actual storage requirements, they can easily find the right keter storage model at the right price.

Warranty Issues

A big problem with keter models is the warranty. Many people find it difficult to register the warranty with keter and often could not find reliable information on how to register their warranties and claim them.

You may be thinking that if warranties are difficult to claim, than keter may not be the best models to use. But experience suggests that due to durability and quality of material, hardly anyone actually claims warranties. My research also suggests that people get their replacements easily as during transition, boxes can break or some parts become damaged.

I would personally believe that by making the warranty process more streamlined and easy, keter can definitely be the choice model for many.

Cracks and Broken Lids

Though this is more to do with how the garden storage boxes are handled during the delivery people face problems because of poor handling during the transit.

During the delivery process, lids or panels often crack open or become difficult to assemble due to poor carriage and handling. Cracking of panels makes it extremely difficult to assemble various parts while at the same time panels can distort also.

Many buyers find it frustrating to receive a product which is difficult to assemble due to different manufacturing faults or faults developed due to mishandling during the transit.

Besides damaged parts, missing parts is another common problem faced during the delivery. Some of the parts which should be part of the package are not included in the courier delivery package.

Not so good customer services

Poor customer services are one of the biggest concerns of most of the buyers. The overall return process is bit complicated and customer services do not respond in a timely manner.

Sometimes, you may have to wait for days to hook up with a customer representative to forward your complaint.

The returns procedure is difficult too as people find it cumbersome to return such huge boxes, arrange couriers and repack them and resend for replacement. This hassle for some can be quite difficult to handle so people naturally get awry of buying such huge items.

Customer services is a genuine area where keter is severely lacking and its customers suffer.

Other Information

Keter storage models are not perfect but still, I believe they are better than most of the models in the market. If you want to settle for some cheaper storage box model, you may need to reconsider your options and give some thought to finding the right keter model for you.

What I really like about keter is that I can get any sized model I want. I can easily store my two wheelies, cushions, BBQ grills and almost everything I want to store. Since most of the models also come with the wheels and double locks, it is easier for me to actually move them and place them anywhere I want.

My biggest complaint is that keter has really poor customer services. Its return process is complicated and handling during the shipment is quite poor. Keter really needs to improve on its customer services and offer good support for its customers.

But given the fact that there are very little complaints, one can tolerate poor customer services.

When all is said and done, I believe keter storage models are good to buy and think they are well worth the money.

This post contains affiliate links.

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