Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation

This is guided chakra meditation exercise to gradually awaken your inner kundalini and put you in pure bliss and happiness. This is designed to aid in activation, cleansing, and balancing of all your 7 chakras. 

This recorded meditation is based upon Chakra healing technique and will open your chakras to improve your energy, stamina and will assist you in healing also.

This chakra opening and balancing program should help you to improve your body and mind energy flow and improve your feeling and thinking process improved Prana energy flow through the chakra.

“With chakra meditation, you are actively participating with your whole body, exploring its layers on a healing level and witnessing the effects of thoughts and feelings,” explains Knowles.

“It’s a very personal practice, but I would say you should expect a sense of contentment, peace and heightened charges of energy. You should sleep better and have a greater connection to your sense of self.

“Think of your chakras like a tool kit. You have to keep your tools sharp and on point to use them to their best ability. In life, when bad or negative events occur, working on these points regularly will allow you to draw quickly on the tool that’s most appropriate.”

Chakra Meditation

You will get the following benefits from this meditation :

  • Improved Energy
  • Getting Rid of stress and depression
  • Physical Healing
  • Better Sleep
  • Less Stress
  • Increased power to manifest
  • Live a peaceful life
  • Having eternal bliss and happiness

Chakras are the main energy source of aura- our energy field. There are 7 chakras in our body called energy centres that are connected to our being on several levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each chakra acts as a gatekeeper for its respective area, as the energy travels through us.

When they are working smoothly, our vitality and energy can flow easily to where it’s needed the most.

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