Best Men’s Shoes For Heel Pain

Best Men's Shoes For Heel Pain

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One of the best and most effective to stay fit and in shape is walking. This is a low-impact aerobic exercise that many users opt to stay active and healthy. Furthermore, daily walking also burns fat, and evidence suggests that if performed consistently, you can avail yourself of magical health benefits from walking.

Are you in a hurry? don’t want to read our detailed review? Check Out our recommended best men’s shoes for heel pain:

However, many users suffer chronic heel pain or plantar fasciitis. Hence you should stay away from this severe and painful condition due to obvious reasons. Remedies are many, but the immediate solution is to get the right walking shoes for heel pain.

Wearing comfortable walking shoes with the right fit can prevent heel pain, blisters, and calluses. Plus, walking shoes for heel pain should be light and offer great shock absorption to keep you relaxed.

But not all shoes have these features. Finding the best men’s shoes for heel pain can be daunting but not if you read this guide till the end.

Read on…

Best Men’s Shoes For Heel Pain

ProductsUpper MaterialShoe WeightSole MaterialLatest Price
Orthopedic Athletic Shoes Diabetic Men’s Sneakers Pacific PalisadesLeather4 PoundsRubber and SyntheticCheck here
Rockport Men’s Chanson Walking ShoeLeather13 OuncesSyntheticCheck here
Xelero Men Matrix Leather Tennis ShoesLeather3 PoundsRubberCheck here
UUBARIS Men Breathable Walking ShoesWoven Mesh2 PoundsRubberCheck here
Salomon Men’s Speedcross 5 Trail Running ShoeLeather3 PoundsRubberCheck here

Orthopedic Athletic Shoes Diabetic Men’s Sneakers Pacific Palisades

If you spend your day standing on your feet or you often go for long-distance walks and want a reliable pair of shoes that prevents foot fatigue and heel pain. Then you must consider these Orthofeet Orthotic Men’s Sneakers Pacific Palisades, and in our opinion, these are the best choice for all sensitive feet. Let’s see what more they have stored for your feet:

Construction and Design

Overall, the shoe quality is great. The shoe looks simple but elegant and well-designed to protect your feet from various issues. The shoe comes from a brand that is well-known for manufacturing supportive shoes for all types of users. And these Pacific Palisades are not different. The leather upper is cool, breathable and nicely hugs your feet. Plus, it is highly flexible and not stiff at all like others.

Soft Insoles

Furthermore, the shoes also come with soft interior cushions that make you feel like you are cursing on clouds. Plus, there are sinking effects while walking in these shoes.

Lightweight sole

Besides, the shoe features a synthetic outsole that is lightweight but sturdy. The sole is thoughtfully designed and offers excellent support and traction even on challenging terrains. Moreover, the shoe also features soft, cushioned which protects all those who suffer from plantar fasciitis, heel and foot pain, diabetes and arthritis.

High Arch support

The shoe is designed to offer high arch support and also offers relief from foot, leg, back and heel pain. Apart from it, the toe area is spacious and offers extra room. Hence your toes will not pinch or squash in these shoes, and you can easily move them without any restrictions. The extra room also allows you to use your own inserts with the shoes.

Overall, these men’s walking shoes by Orthofeet are perfect for all those who spend hours on their feet. Similarly, users with achy feet or chronic heel pain will find these shoes supportive and perfect. With these Orthofeet Orthotic Men’s Sneakers, you will not feel any pain after long hours of walking.

Unlike other cheap walking shoes that slide on polished and smooth floors, these men’s shoes will keep you stable on all surfaces, and you can also use them on slippery floors. Without a shadow of a doubt, these are the best men’s walking shoes for heel pain suffers and other foot complications.

Why you should buy it:

  • Shoe upper features 100% Leather materials.
  • Rubber and the synthetic outsole is solid and durable.
  • Makers offer a 60-day warranty and wear test, so buy them with confidence.
  • The shoes are lightweight and feature an ergonomic design with thick cushioning. Plus, they come with soft and premium orthotic insoles for high arch support.
  • Instantly provides relief from various foot issues.
  • The shoes are also perfect for wide and flat feet and if you are suffering from overpronation or arthritis.
  • The shoe upper is flexible, and these come in multiple width options.
Best Men's Shoes For Heel Pain

Comparison with others:

These Orthotic Men’s Sneakers Pacific Palisades Sneakers look like Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe in terms of looks and design but not in performance. The quality and construction of these Orthofeet men’s sneakers is much higher than the Reebok leather walking shoes. 

We tested both these shoes for about two weeks, and we feel more comfortable in Orthofeet sneakers. Plus, Orthofeet is designed for people with sensitive feet. Thus, my heel pain was lessening with every step.


Elegant Design

These men’s walking shoes don’t look bulky like other orthopedic shoes. They are low-profile, modern-looking yet roomy and highly comfortable!

Lightweight but sturdy

These walking shoes for heel pain suffers are extremely lightweight and made up of real leather, which is always a plus. The leather materials flawlessly conform to the foot and deliver unmatched comfort.

Foot Support

These comfortable men’s walking shoes give great support even for those who have large, long and wide feet and to the users who pronate badly. These walking shoes fit all the bills for sensitive feet.

Things to consider:

About the downside, the insoles that come with these shoes are not that durable. So, be ready to replace them after every three months.


Many people suffer from heel pain and other similar conditions. Many remedies and treatments are available for heel pain, ranging from anti-inflammatories and even surgery for severe cases. However, one thing that you can do to get immediate relief is to wear the right types of walking shoes.

The shoes made for heel pain and plantar fasciitis offer relief from the pain after some days. But be careful as only the right type of footwear will do this.

You can review our recommendations and rely on these as they are the best men’s walking shoes for heel pain.

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