The Best Nordic Walking Poles

Best Nordic Walking Poles

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Nordic walking is the fastest trend recorded in the last few years, and the medical advantages of it are now no mystery at all. You want better gears and complete knowledge of any adventure that you are fond of. So, we took upon us to search the best nordic walking poles in the UK market and came up with this article. This comprehensive and detailed search was based on features, durability and users’ feedback. 

You can quickly view the following table for the 5 best nordic walking poles:

ProductMaterial lengthweightCheck Price on Amazon
Black Diamond PoleAluminium 64-140 cm490 gCheck Price
Carbon nordic poleMetal/Allu77-127 cm540 gCheck Price
TrailBuddy Nordic Pole7075aluminium (Aircraft Grade)24- 54 inches590 gCheck Price
CovaCure Collapsible pole7075 Allu/Grade43″ (109 cm) all the way to 51″ (130 cm) 799 gCheck Price
TREKOLOGY trek-z Pole7075 Aluminum100-135 cm798 gCheck Price

Nordic walking poles are the first line of gears that you need for a better experience of nordic walking. Second-line may involve shoes and gloves, but a durable and robust nordic pole with a firm grip on hands and lands is what can make your venture more safe and enjoyable. There are two kinds of nordic poles in the market, i.e. collapsible or telescopic and non-collapsible. Irrespective of these construction designs, you can still hunt for a durable and strong pole if you analyze thoroughly. 

The main advantage of collapsible poles is its lightweight material and secure storage and maintenance. They can be compacted down to the size of your hand but that being said you can’t overlook the material is made of. In short, we took care of each aspect while researching and came up with this list. Now let’s review the five best nordic walking poles one by one. 

Best Nordic Walking Poles
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Best Nordic Walking Poles

Black Diamond Nordic Walking Pole

If you are looking for a better balance and enhanced level of comfort in the pair of your walking poles, then this is the product that you can not overlook too easily. 

Made up of high-quality aluminium while the robust construction design is what makes it a durable product to use throughout the year. You can easily adjust the length of the pole according to your height.

It is equipped with the innovative patented flick-lock technology that makes the use more convenient by adjusting three collapsible parts quickly—worrying for better grip? You are provided with a dual-density grip which means you can grip it according to the nature of the track, e.g. going uphill or downhill.  The interchangeable carbide tech tips, trekking baskets and powder baskets make it a useful pair of poles for a wide range of nordic activities. 

The updated soft foam grip makes the steep terrains trekking more comfortable. Overall, an excellent product to grab this year. 

Key Features

  • Double flick locks
  • Material: Aluminium 
  • Useable length: 64-140 cm
  • Collapsed length: 64 cm
  • 38mm trekking basket
  • Updated soft foamed grip
  • Weight: 490 g


  • Quickly adjustable (all three parts)
  • A better balance and ideal level of comfort
  • Easy to use- adjustable according to the user’s height 
  • No rust or deterioration- Long durability


  • A bit expensive, we reckon. 

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Carbon Nordic walking Pole

This is probably one of the best we came across, as for a wide range of features and added accessories are concerned.

First, It is a telescopic pole, so the question of adjustable length got its null. Secondly, you are getting a guarantee for the shock-resistant carbon construction that will provide the best stability possible to support and keep a balance of your weight and height. Unlike the fixed poles, it can be used by different members of the family or squad by adjusting the telescopic length with one push. 

The round metal tip which is made up of steel will help the beginners to provide support for the pushing off, i.e. to support arm movement and the overall sequence. However, you can order additional accessories from the seller, such as plates and attachments that can be used in different weather and on different terrains. 

The manufacturer well addresses the ergonomics, e.g. the unique construction of the handles will avoid overstraining of the wrist. Moisture regulation and non-slip design while the wrist straps can be individually tailored. Last but not least, a robust bag for secure storage and an ebook to help you in better posture and effective use of the nordic poles. 

Key Features

  • Shock-resistant carbon construction 
  • Resistant to weather’s hazards
  • Telescopic length (easy to adjust)
  • Length: 77 cm – 127 cm 
  • Accessories included 
  • Product Dimensions: 78.2 x 13 x 8 cm
  • Weight: 540 gm


  • Ideal to correct your posture 
  • Assists the lower muscles and upper body movement 
  • Attachments and plates are included for better manual use 
  • High ergonomics and optimal stability 


  • Hand straps can be improved. 

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TrailBuddy Nordic Trekking Pole

This trekking pole is made up of aircraft-grade aluminium which is tough enough to withstand pressure and work better than carbon fibre. So, walking over tough rocky terrains with heavyweight can be best supported by this pair of a trekking pole. Despite the high-quality aluminium, it weighs just 4 ounces so easy to carry and use on remote terrains for trekking and camping. 

No twist lock, in fact, easier to adjust quickly, thanks to the lever-lock which provides you with adjustable telescopic length in the range of 25 t0 54 inches. A perfect feature to help you in tough wet conditions.

Handles are made up of cork and EVA, tailor-made stuff for user’s comfort irrespective of the weather conditions. It will regulate the moisture and dampness and at the same time, your skin is saved from chafing, credit to padded straps. Unlike the conventional poles, you are provided with the full set of the accessories. One year warranty from the manufacturer is promised against any kind manufacturing defect. 

Key Features

  • Material: 7075 aluminium (Aircraft Grade)
  • Length: 24.5 inches (collapsed), 54 inches (fully extended)
  • Lever-lock system 
  • High ergonomics of handles 
  • High threshold of pressure 
  • Weight: 590 g 


  • Good stability 
  • High-grade Aluminium – no risk of deterioration 
  • Soft and comfortable grip 
  • Easy use and robust bag for safe storage


  • The tip is sharp which is good for mountains but you may need an attachment for rocky terrains

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COVACURE Collapsible Aluminium Pole

Looking for a folding pole? This is your chance to grab the best folding pole for your nordic walking activity. The folding system is different from what we see in conventional trekking poles and is easy to use. This collapsible pole can be extended from 109 cm to 130 cm with just on push swiftly. In a complete folded state, it comes down to less than 35 cm, so easy to store and carry in the bag. 

Material? It is made up of 7075 Aircraft grade Aluminium which has a high threshold of pressure absorbing on rough terrains to help heavyweights. Way better than carbon fibres, when it comes to pressure impact and no chance for corrosion or other weather’s hazards at all. 

It has a three-section telescopic design of flip locks and shafts that allows you to fast track an open-close system. The EVA foam handle adds a high level of comfort and the overall ergonomics. Other features such as skid resistance, adjustable wrist straps and moisture-absorbent set the bar further higher. 

You get multiple trekking pole tips such as muddy tips, snow tips, boot tips, rubber tips etc to facilitate you during your ventures on different kinds of terrains and tracks. This additional support helps you to walk more freely and with better stability and endurance. 

Key Features

  • Material: 7075 aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Length: from 43″ (109 cm) all the way to 51″ (130 cm) 
  • Three-section telescopic shafts and swift flip locks
  • Multi-terrain (multiple tips)
  • EVA Foam handle 
  • Adjustable length to support both uphill and downhill movement 
  • Weight: 789 g


  • Strong material yet very lightweight 
  • Collapsible and easy to store and carry
  • 5 years of security 


  • Feet are on the lower side

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This pole is manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminium with a three-section collapsible design. The joints are added with extra strength in the form of metal caps. It can withstand a high threshold of pressure and can beat carbon fibre poles in this regard which ultimately makes your adventure more secure and safe. 

You can fold it down to just 15 inches, that’s what collapsible poles offer as a convenient way to store and secure. Its tri-folded design is very innovative and user- friendly. A perfect choice for senior citizens and women campers as well. 

You can trust the durability of metal flip locks that are engineered for all kinds of terrains. On the other hand, coloured Cork EVA makes the grip better by sweat regulation and added mud stop feature which allows you to walk with a strong grip on all kinds of tough tracks. Furthermore, it helps you to build and strengthen the muscles. 

Length of the pole is just one click away with easy adjustment. Customize it according to your need within the range of 100-125 cm or 115-135 cm of poles pair. Lastly, it is a lightweight material (lighter than an average umbrella) so easy to use and carry. 

Key Features

  • Material: 7075 Aluminium (Aircraft grade)
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Cork EVA (for better grip)
  • Easy adjustment of height (Flip-lock mechanism)
  • Accessories included 
  • Weight: 798 g


  • Very compact yet lightweight material 
  • Mud-stops and better tips
  • Long-lasting stuff 
  • Easy to use and maintain 


  • You can’t replace the carbide tips which can be modified 

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Buyer’s Guide for Best Nordic Walking Poles 

These are the things that you can’t overlook while ordering a nordic walking pole. 

Manufacturing or core material 

There are sticks made with aluminium and carbon fibre. Aluminium is said and tested to be more robust and long-lasting and could take a beating. It is a bit heavier than the carbon fibre ones but what difference some grams make, right? So choose more robust stuff for longer durability. 


Arms of the trekking shafts play a significant role in this venture. Advanced hiking poles come with cushioned hand grips to help enhance your grasp. There are many elements used by companies including planted plastic, rubber foam, EVA foam and cork. EVA foam is considered to be the best grip available for hiking and trekking. 

Length of the pole

The best way to use the trekking poles is that your elbow should be bent at 90 degrees when the tip of the poles touch the ground. It is quite difficult to measure the exact length for the pole so we recommend going for the adjustable poles so you can adjust according to your desire. 

Adjustable poles can also be used by more than one person, unlike the fixed-length poles. 

Shock absorbing design

Anti-shock trekking poles provide additional assistance to joints. They are equipped with a spring mechanism within the pole that can absorb impact when comes into contact with a hard surface. 

Some of the poles offer extra control by allowing to turn off and on the anti-shock feature.

Tip of the pole 

Tips of the poles matter most in different terrains. Variety of tips come with the poles to provide a fascinating experience on concrete, asphalt, gravel, off-road track and muddy surface. 

These poles come with all these accessories or interchangeable tips so you will be able to use them more often and for a longer period of time. 


The final extraction of the whole debate is that an ideal nordic pole should offer better grip on the land, comfortable grip for the hands and adjustable length of the shaft. If your nordic pole covers all these features, the rest won’t matter that much but if any of these features are missing, you might find yourself in trouble in the middle of a walk. 

If your budget is 50 quid plus, then we recommend Black Diamond pole and if you are looking in the range of less than 40 quid, grab the TREKOLOGY trek-z Pole for its absolute robust design and complete package of features. Nonetheless, you should hunt the product based on the terrains and weather of your area as well. So, Good luck with buying it.

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