Best Shoe Inserts For Walking On Concrete All Day

Best Shoe Inserts For Walking On Concrete All Day

A good pair of supportive inserts will surely provide additional comfort, especially when you stand or walking on a concrete floor all day. Concrete and other hard surfaces are unforgiving for your feet. Besides, such floors also affect your body posture.

In severe cases, this can also affect your spine or lower back and make it misaligned. To prevent all these issues, you will need the best shoe inserts for walking on concrete all day. All these insoles are designed to offer optimal support and cushioning to your feet while walking on hard surfaces.

Have a look:

ProductsMaterialWeightSizeLatest Price
Spenco Total Support Max InsolesSynthetic4.94 OuncesWomen’s 11-12.5/Men’s 10-11.5Check here
Dr. Scholl’s Work InsolesGel4.66 OuncesWomen’s 6-10Check here
Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch SupportDual-Layer Foam4.16 OuncesMen’s 3 – 4 1/2 | Women’s 5 – 6 1/2Check here
Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics for Lower Back PainSynthetic3.84 OuncesSize 6-10Check here
Columbia Men’s Enduro-Sole InsolePRFRM™ thermo-moldable foam4.50 OuncesSizing ranging from size 4 to 15Check here

Best Shoe Inserts For Walking On Concrete All Day

Spenco Total Support Max Insoles 

Spenco Total Support Max Insole is the when it comes to standing and walking on any hard surface, including concrete. These inserts have a 3-pod cushion system that efficiently absorbs impacts, bumps, and shock to prevent various foot issues and over-pronation. The inserts also include low friction and anti-bacterial cloth to prevent bad odors.

Best insoles for overpronation

Furthermore, these insoles are ideal for overpronation and flat feet users. Its effects and results for overpronation are surprising, and it also helps correct the overpronation to normal. Moreover, if your doctor recommends you to use shoe insoles due to any foot problem, these are the best shoe inserts and provide reliable foot support.

Three pod Cushioning System

The Spenco Insoles feature a unique three-pod cushioning system that resists shocks and bumps from all directions. Besides, the insert itself is arched and features a deep heel that delivers unrivalled comfort to your feet.

Pressure absorber

If you often feel foot pain while walking on the concrete, let me tell you these inserts feature metatarsal arch support that eliminates the pressure and strain from the balls of your feet. Plus, you will not notice any odor as the top cloth is anti-microbial properties and prevents the build-up of odor-causing bacteria. Thus no smelly feet when using these inserts.


These Spenco Total Support Insoles are much better than the other premium shoe inserts. Plus, these are affordable. The plastic base is highly durable, while its frame’s design is also supportive.


This walking shoe insert is the best choice for all individuals with plantar fasciitis or users who often feel severe foot pain. Besides, its cushioning is soft, too firm, or stiff like others. The heel is the most sensitive part of feet, and these have a cushioned heel to keep you comfortable. Plus, its glossy, matte black finishing allows you to use them with any shoe.

Spenco Total Support Max shoe inserts go well with any pair of shoes. You can wear them with casual shoes or wear them with dress shoes without any trimming. Apart from it, these are also suitable to use with running footwear.

Lastly, these Spenco walking shoe insoles are best for men and women. The design and materials are superb that suit a variety of users.

Why you should buy it:  

  • Spenco shoe insoles provide you with excellent arch support and keep you stable.
  • These insoles are also perfect for athletes who are looking for rigid support.
  • The shoe insoles also improve motion and efficiently controls over-pronation issues.
  • Provides advanced support for various foot problems and heels.
  • The makers offer one full-year warranty so that you can get them with confidence.
  • Suitable for both men and women. Plus, these are available in multiple sizes.

Comparison with others:

During the testing phase, we compared these Spenco shoe insoles with other premium walking shoe insoles for concrete, the Superfeet unisex-adult Orthotic Shoe Insertsand Spenco Polysorb Support Shoe Insole.

We were disappointed to know that Spenco Polysorb insoles are not ideal for running and walking as we faced trimming hassles. On the other hand, Superfeet shoe inserts were more closed in terms of quality and comfort. But the biggest difference was in the insole’s craftsmanship. Spenco inserts are highly durable and maintain their shape even when we used them on concrete all day.  

Best Shoe Inserts For Walking On Concrete All Day



These Spenco shoes are economically priced as compared to the other premium shoe inserts.

Supportive Design

The insoles are also perfect for professional athletics. Whether you are engaged in strenuous outdoor activities, or your job demands you to stand for all day long, these are the perfect choice for you.


The inserts are suitable to use with casual and dress shoes, plus you can also wear them with professional trainers and running shoes without any trimming.

Things to consider:

The only downside of these shoe insoles is that they are a bit narrow. Hence these might not be the best choice for people with wide feet.


It’s a tough task to determine the Best shoe inserts for walking on concrete all day. However, after thorough testing, we have tried our best and compiled these products for your kind consideration. These provide maximum comfort to your tired feet and meet the needs of sensitive feet as well. So, you can count on these walking shoe insoles.

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