Is Nordic Walking good for weight loss? 9 Impactful Things You Must Know Before Starting

Is Nordic Walking good for weight loss

Is Nordic Walking good for weight loss? Yes, it is, and I am going to share nine compelling things you must know before trying Nordic Walking for weight loss.

Most of us walk sluggishly and inefficiently. We walk, but we do not engage our whole body in the process of walking. The result is less calorie burning and more fatigue.

Nordic Walking is a way of walking, which is called the total body version of the walking. It is a healthy and efficient way to burn more calories and engage in intense fitness activity while reducing the chances of injury to a great extent.

Nordic Walking is essentially a pole walking, and the benefits of this type of walking are enormous.

Weight Loss is one of the benefits of nordic walking and here are 10 Things you must know before trying Nordic Pole Walking:

What is Nordic Walking?

There is one essential difference between regular walking and nordic walking. In Nordic Walking, we use poles to get an almost full-body workout and burn more calories.

By adding poles to our walking, we use our upper body, arms, shoulders, and the trunk movement. The involvement of almost all external body parts makes Nordic walking intense yet pleasant walking activity with lesser chance of injury.

It is all in one activity duly supported by scientific evidence and the advice of the professionals. The benefits it provides are due to the involvement of whole body muscles, which create less stress and more intensity during the workout.

Unlike your regular walking activity, nordic walking can help you burn up to 900 calories per hour. And if you are jogging without the poles, you can burn up to 600 calories. Because of this, Nordic walking is less exertion and high energy consumption/burning exercise as you can quickly increase your fat burn with less effort.

Not only that, you burn more calories during the workout, but Nordic walking is also suitable for burning calories post-workout. The effects of the calorie-burning last longer post-workout as compared to other exercise regimes.

Another great benefit of nordic walking is that it increases the flexibility and lateral movement of your shoulders and spine. It is, therefore, extremely helpful in improving the lateral movement of your spine and joints, giving you more freedom to open your muscles up a bit.

Is Nordic Walking good for weight loss

Do Not Try To Teach Yourself

Nordic walking is specialized in walking. If you are a beginner, you should properly learn this type of walking from a coach or a mentor.

Though Nordic walking causes no serious injuries if done wrong however, if you self teach yourself, it may cause you an inury.

It is always a great idea to first learn nordic walking before making it a regular feature of your fitness regime. Taking regular classes before you start is a must.

You can easily find Nordic walking associations in your county. A simple local online search on Google can easily help you find the mentors and coaches.

Find the Right Size of the Walking Pole

Nordic walking is all about poles and how effectively one can use them for a walk and weight loss.

There are many varieties of nordic walking poles available in the market; however, you need to pick the right size. Whatever model or product you choose, make sure your walking pole is of the correct size.

A rule of thumb in this regard is to choose the walking pole, which is at least 65% of your height. This usually is the standard that is followed by the experts while coaching for Nordic Walking. It is also an appropriate length for an easy and comfortable Nordic walk.

Following this benchmark is easy as you do not have to spend your time guessing about the right length to buy.

Also, make sure you are buying adjustable poles if you are a beginner. During the walk, your weight might shift on the wrong side of your legs or shoes. To avoid damage and injury, adjustable Nordic walking poles offer great comfort and choice to balance your weight during the walk.

Gradually Increase the intensity of your workouts

Nordic walking, if done improperly, can cause injury. You need to be very careful when starting on your weight loss journey with the nordic walking.

An ideal start is always the slow start.

It would be best if you started with slow pace sessions and gradually increase the pace of your walk over a few weeks into the activity.

You also need to increase the distance of your walk as shorter distances may not yield the true benefits.

Longer distance covered along with aggressive speed can really quicken your fat loss and cause weight drop easily.

Hydration Is Extremely Important

Like any exercise activity, Nordic walking also requires proper hydration. It is essential to keep a water bottle or some other form of liquid (such as energy drinks) to replenish your energy during the walk.

Lack of hydration can make you dizzy and lethargic. Most people who could not continue walking for a more extended time are often less dehydrated and, as a result, walk for a shorter distance.

Having a hydration pack is another accessory you can use to have sufficient water available to drink during the walk.

You also need to make sure that you start your walk after sufficient drinking of water.

With proper hydration you can easily continue for longer time walk and shed more pounds and reduce weight.

Eating a balanced meal at least 2 hours before your walk is another healthy idea to try. It would be best if you did not attempt to walk entirely on an empty stomach and should have a healthy meal before the workout.

Walk The Right Way

Though most people try their hand at Nordic walking, a lot of us, don’t know exactly how to do this type of walking.

First and foremost, it is essential to have poles of the right size. Once you have the right size with you, hold the poles in front of you. Your grip on the poles should be at the right height.

It is generally recommended that the grip should be waist-high, or your hands should be waist-high.

Make sure you keep pole tips on the ground as if you don’t, you won’t be doing Nordic Walking.

Nordic Walking Cause Rapid Fat Loss

Your question of “is nordic walking good for weight loss” can be quickly be answered if you understand the mechanics of weight loss.

Probably the principal reason for weight loss is rapid fat loss. Your fat loss can speed up quickly by increasing the use of muscles during the fat-burning exercises.

Nordic pole walking involves 90% of the body muscles and is an excellent exercise for fat reduction. So, if you combine pole walking with the right nutrients and the proper sleep, your quality of life can drastically improve.

As compared to the regular walking, nordic walk consumes 7 Metabolic Equivalent Units if one walks at the speed of 5 miles per hour. This is the second-highest consumption of calories after jogging, which you can achieve with pole walking.

Such rapid calorie consumption, therefore, is considered ideal for fat loss and weight reduction.

However, to take full advantage of this type of walking, it is more advisable to start slow and with caution. Since Nordic walking ultimately will end up as a moderate to high-intensity walk; therefore, you need to make sure that you start with care.

Nordic Walking Can Easily be Included in Your Schedule

Nordic walking is such an enjoyable walking activity that it can easily fit into your daily schedule.

Most of the people complain about not having enough time to do the exercise and the walk. But with the Nordic Walking, this activity can easily be incorporated in your daily schedule.

Unlike normal walking, you will require nordic poles to walk, so if you are planning to include in your daily routine, you may need to carry those walking poles in your backpack.

Suppose you are worried about carrying the walking poles than you must know that there are adjustable and portable walking poles available in the market also. You can buy a nice pair of adjustable walking poles and carry them in your backpack easily.

Commuting to Office through Nordic Walking can be an excellent and healthy activity.

Is Nordic Walking good for weight loss?

Your typical conventional walking uses 45% of muscles whereas in Nordic walking we use almost 90% of our body muscles.

Nordic Walking is more of like cross country skiing, which is considered as the best for the cardio and other high-intensity exercises. The primary difference between the two is that in Nordic walking, we use regular nordic walking shoes and the poles.

While doing the Nordic Walking, we usually use our legs, arms, and upper body muscles efficiently as we push forward for each step. This increases the intensity of the walk and causes more calorie burning and faster weight loss.

This efficient utilization of the body muscles, therefore, makes nordic walking an ideal solution for weight loss.

One of the critical benefits of nordic walking for overweight and obese is that it reduces or delays the onset of certain diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and other cardiac-related diseases.

In one study of ten weeks, participants in the Nordic Walking Rehabilitation Program showed weight loss and improvement in the Body Mass Index. There are countless other studies also which convincingly answers the question “Is Nordic Walking Good for Weight Loss” and provide scientific evidence on the same.

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