Leki Nordic Walking Poles Reviews

Leki Nordic Walking Poles Reviews

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Walking poles have evolved since a man found a nice stick and used it for support while walking. Now it is common to see Nordic walking poles made with carbon or aluminium swinging on hiking trails.

Walking poles are not just all about “looks” rather than that they have more practical benefits. Leki is the leading brand of the nordic walking poles, and we have decided to pen down the Leki Nordic walking poles reviews after an extensive search based on features, durability, and consumers’ responses. 

You can quickly see the following table where we have summarised the Leki Nordic poles reviews with critical specs and the latest prices.

Product Weight Length Material Type Check Price 
LEKI Nordic Walking Poles Stock Response 186 g110 cmAluminium alloy 7075Fix-lengthed Check Price 
Leki Instructor Lite Nordic walking210 g93 cmAluminium + carbon Adjustable Check Price 
Leki Adult Flash Carbon Nordic Walking Poles170 g110 cmCarbon compositeFix-lengthed Check Price 
Leki Traveller Carbon Nordic Walking187 g90cm – 130 cmHM Carbon Adjustable Check Price 
Leki Trail Poles281 g70 cm – 145 cmSynthetic Adjustable Check Price 

Leki produces one of the best, innovative and high-quality products in the market. They are a bit expensive but the best things come with a higher price as they say.

Leki has a long history of producing the best Nordic walking poles with innovative ideas and new technologies with time to improve the performance. 

Leki has many achievements in its backpack including the introduction of the classic locking system and anti-shock spring system in the 70s. Here, we have picked out five best walking poles produced by Leki, highlighting factors such as lightness, durability, and adjustability. 

They add balance and stability to your walks or hikes on all kinds of surfaces, reducing strain away from your knees and legs. Poles make going up the hill easy as well as going down. 

This leki nordic walking poles reviews will only suggest some of the best nordic walking poles manufactured by Leki.

Leki Nordic Walking Poles Reviews

Leki Nordic Walking Poles Reviews

LEKI Nordic Walking Poles 

The first one on the list is a pair of Leki poles for an extremely comfortable outdoor walk, all thanks to its unique features. Top of the list is the lightweight of these poles and fewer vibrations or shocks while enjoying your walks. 

Aluminium of high tensile strength, alloy 7075 is used to design these poles giving robust and durable finish. Poles are passed through a unique hot-air hardening process which makes this pair of poles more sturdy than it looks. 

Many of the Leki walking poles are telescopic and adjustable according to one’s height, but with this product, it is not the same case. You have to select the size which suits you the best by taking the measurement. What you have to do is take your hand in a handshake position and measure the length from hook to ground. Or you can go to Leki’s website and use the size calculator. People prefer non-adjustable poles because it causes less vibration than the adjustable ones as they have 2 or 3 sections which cause vibrations while making contact with the ground. However, Leki’s adjustable poles are also very popular among the Nordic walking lovers. 

Standard cork handles, adaptable to almost everyone’s palms, are provided in this product. The material used on the handles can absorb the sweat of the palms and keep them dry for a comfortable experience. With the adjustable strap added on the handle fits 95% of hands, so no problems concerning loose straps.

Key Features 

  • Material: Aluminium alloy 7075
  • Size: 110 cm (various available)
  • Colour: Black 
  • Weight: 186 g
  • Handle: Natural cork 


  • Fewer vibrations than telescopic sticks
  • Lightweight 
  • Adjustable padded strap with S-M-L size


  • Expensive 

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Leki Instructor Lite Nordic walking

With the combination of aluminum and carbon, these ultra-lightweight Leki poles are an embodiment of “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Being lightweight and sturdy at the same time is the quality Leki provides in all of their products, including this one.

40% High-strength aluminium and 60% carbon combine to make a super-strong shaft which will not snap under you on your beautiful long trip. There is a reason behind the combination of 2 metals used to build these poles. When you walk with Nordic walking sticks, the swing of the rods create friction with the air and to reduce that friction, Leki came up with this innovative idea. 

Unlike the previous product, these poles can be adjusted quickly between 65 cm to 93 cm. Super lock screw on the middle of the shaft can be tightened on the desired length, and you are good to go. 

Shark active system loaded straps with the cork handle is provided with the poles for keeping your wrist in an ideal position while walking as well as sweat-free. Active shark system means that a hook is attached with the handle of the poles which can be used to lock the straps to it. Vibrant lining with the breathable and soft inner fabric is used in straps which can be adjusted or tightened according to the wrist size. 

Tip made with aluminium to hold correctly in almost any terrain with added rubber “feet”, it is an excellent piece of equipment to start your Nordic walking. 

Key Features 

  • Product Material: Aluminium (40%), Carbon (60%)
  • Length: 93 cm (fully collapsed)
  • Weight: 210 g
  • Colour: black
  • Shark active system


  • Very lightweight 
  • Two adjustment system 
  • Soft and comfortable straps 
  • Quick adjustment 


  • The velcro on the straps wears eventually. 

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Leki Adult Flash Carbon Nordic Walking Poles

With the fixed length and beautiful design, these unisex poles are your ideal companion in Nordic walking. A sound balance between lightweight and sturdiness makes this product stand out. 

The poles are made with the composition of carbon resulting in an ultra-lightweight product. High stiffness and optimized elasticity are ensured for the smooth walking experience. The sticks are so lightweight that if you strap them to your wrist with the help of a trigger shark, you might forget about them. 

The sticks are 110 cm in length, almost the average length used by most of the people. But the measurement should be taken carefully to ensure a comforting experience. In order to measure the ideal length for yourself, put your arm at 90° angle to the ground and measure the distance between them. A very tricky task which needs two persons (most probably) but it has to be done if you want precise length poles. 

Dual-component handles with natural cork and rubber allows optimal use of the sticks. Trigger shark 2.0 provided, is compatible with all trigger shark gloves as well as straps (included in purchase). The straps are firmly stitched, and after adjustment according to your wrist, the comfortable and smooth experience is guaranteed. The material used on the inner side of the straps is soft yet breathable, so your hand does not get all sweaty while on the go. 

Built-in extendable hard metal tips for a perfect contact for all kinds of terrains along with rubber feet tips are included with the purchase. The rubber tips can be taken off easily while walking on a rough path.  

Key Features 

  • Material: Carbon composite
  • Weight:  170 g (approximately)
  • Length: 110 cm
  • Trigger shark 2.0


  • High quality 
  • Lightweight 
  • Adjustable smooth straps with trigger shark system 
  • Long-lasting 


  • The metal tip at the bottom is sharp-edged and dangerous. 

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Leki Traveller Carbon Nordic Walking

 HM Carbon is used to make the shaft of these poles to get a lightweight end product as well as strong and durable. The maximum force that can be held by the stick is 3 kg and anything more than that would result in snapping your companion. 

Telescopic nature of the poles helps them to adjust from 90 cm to 130 cm, which is great because it can cover almost any person’s needs. It can be used by the people with the height from 4ft 6in to 6ft 3in. Although the minimum length of the pole is 90 cm, it can further be reduced to 53 cm, easy to store or carry wherever you want. 

Standard Leki cork handle with trigger shark 2.0 added, is provided in this model too. These cork handles are very simplistic in looks yet so effective that Leki design around these handles in most of their models. Padded straps are also the same as the previous ones, a piece of breathable and soft fabric is used. 

Speed lock two systems allows quick adjustments with the poles as per your desire. Even if you are wearing thick gloves in snowy weather, adjusting these poles won’t be any problem because the plastic used on these locks allow great grip. Rubber feet come with the poles and you can buy spare ones or different kinds of tips for different uses too. It is a bit expensive but you get what you pay for. 

Key Features 

  • Length: 90 cm – 130 cm
  • Weight: 187 g
  • Material: Carbon Fibre
  • User height range: 135 cm – 190 cm
  • Speed lock 2


  • Very lightweight 
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Easy and quickly adjustable 


  • It creates vibrations when it comes in contact with the ground.

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Leki Trail Poles

The anti-shock trail pole is ideal for any trekker and hiker. With its high-quality material along with many unique features, it is a great piece of stick to go with. It is constructed from different materials to produce strong and pressure bearing poles, which will certainly not leave you in the middle of your trip. This pole can withstand a good amount of pressure even on rocky terrain. 

The soft anti-shock system absorbs a shock and reduces the strain on the knees and hips. It adds a little weight but is fairly vital on long walks over rocky ground. The tough super lock system can be adjusted easily and quickly to provide maximum efficiency on different terrains. Carbide flex tip of each pole offers the stability and balance needed on unforgiving surfaces like rock or ice. 

Key Features 

  • Material type: Synthetic 
  • Length: 70cm – 145 cm 
  • Type: 2 sections telescopic
  • Anti-shock system 


  • Very strong and durable 
  • Minimal vibrations
  • Quickly adjustable 
  • Robust metal tip


  • Adjusting the pole is easy but getting it back is difficult. 

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Buying Guide For Best Leki Nordic Poles

Why Nordic walking poles? 

The basic use of Nordic walking poles is to help you with your balance and provide support while walking on rough surfaces. It is most helpful on the surfaces where slipping or losing your foot is possible. You put the sticks on the ground, and by putting some pressure, they will provide you with some leverage. 

Simply holding poles in your hands improves your momentum. You can also walk without poles, but it may tire you more sooner than you should be. 

Which kind of handle?

Handles is where you grip the walking pole. Various materials are used to make handles – rubber, cork, or foam. Cork handles adapt the shape of your hand and can absorb sweat from your palm. 

Foam is lightest of all and is what you will find on lightweight walking poles. It is softer and cooler than other types of handles, but it can get all sweaty in hot weather.  You can also use gloves for nordic walking.

What are wrist straps? 

The straps fit around your wrists to keep them in an ideal position and not to let slip the poles out of your hand. Trigger shark system straps are best in business as they provide a firm grip on the poles.

Locking systems 

In adjustable poles, locking systems are used to adjust the poles to the desired length. Locking systems come in likes of screws, flip locks and more. 

Different kind of tips or feet

The tip of the walking pole is available in different styles – single point, chiseled and rubber tip. Most of the poles come with rubber tips that provide a stable walk on paved surfaces but you should remove them while walking on rough terrains. 

Ideal shaft

The shaft of the walking pole is mostly constructed from either carbon fiber or aluminum. In other cases, synthetics are used too. Carbon shafts are lighter, stronger, and stiffer, but once they become old, they start to get damaged. Aluminum shafts are heavier than carbon fiber but can withstand more pressure and last longer.

Good luck with buying it! Hope you have enjoued our Leki Nordic walking poles reviews.

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