What is Nordic Walking?

What is Nordic Walking

We all know how important walking is for our good health. Doctors and other experts have always advised their patients to walk. Walking every day for at least ten to fifteen minutes keeps you fit and active. With that out of the way, there are many types of walking, such as hiking, nordic walking, and many others. Today, we’d be discussing nordic walking in particular, as well as its advantages and the gear needed for nordic walking.

Let’s delve further into it.

What is Nordic Walking

So, what is nordic walking? Why is it getting popular in the USA recently? Let’s find out!

Nordic walking is a health-promoting walking technique in which you use a walking pole to walk. Some people also know it as pole walking. It originated from Finland but is not limited to only Finland as it is practised by millions of people worldwide. It has scored popularity in many states of the USA recently as well. It’s quite similar to skiing as it also involves using a walking pole, as you use while skiing. That is the reason why many people confuse them. But they are different kinds of walking. These poles were first manufactured by a famous company Exel, and they later named this walking technique “nordic walking.”

 Both athletes and non-athletes are now practicing it and for good reasons. If you have never experienced this walking style, perhaps this is the time to start doing it. All the reasons you should do nordic walking regularly would make a long list, but let’s explain some of them briefly.

Since you use poles in nordic walking, it consumes more energy as compared to conventional walking. Experts suggest that while Nordic walking, you consume approximately 46% more energy than conventional walking. It is like a complete muscle workout for your entire body, including shoulders, cores, and of course, legs.

For better understanding, you can say that nordic walking is a combination of cardiovascular and muscle exercises.  In contrast to conventional walking, nordic walking engages the muscles of your entire body. While conventional walking activates the muscles from the lower part of the body only, nordic walking activates the muscles from the upper part of the body. While you activate around 50% of the body muscles in conventional walking, nordic walking activates approximately 85-90% of your body muscles.

If you’re sick and tired of your obesity and are skeptical about hitting the gym and doing hard workouts, nordic walking could be the best option for you. As mentioned earlier, nordic walking consumes more energy than conventional walking, which means that you’d be burning more calories. It is more than just a walk, and it won’t be far from the truth to say that it’s a complete exercise. If you do nordic walking for 30 to 40 minutes daily, you won’t need to do tough workouts and follow a certain diet plan strictly. According to research, nordic walking burns approximately 50% more calories than ordinary walking, and you’ll see the results soon enough.

Another reason why you should consider Nordic walking is that it strengthens your muscles. When you do nordic walking regularly, you keep them working. That is essential for their health. For this reason, the Public Health Department of the UK advises everyone to do it regularly. Not only does this strengthen your muscles, but it also nourishes your bones, thanks to its weight-bearing nature.

Nordic walking is good for your heart. For people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, nordic walking is especially recommended. It increases your heart rate more than conventional walking. It can increase the heartbeat up to 33 beats as compared to conventional walking. When nordic walking, your body moves faster, and it increases heart rate.

Nordic walking helps you fight depression. Well, it’s no secret that in this social media-driven era, people have stopped interacting with each other. That is the reason why many of us feel lonely. Well, you can make new friends by joining a nordic walking club. You’ll feel good about your life and get those wholesome vibes while nordic walking with a group of people. And they can turn into your best friends soon enough, who knows? The best thing about nordic walking is its non-competitive nature. Seriously, what’s better than taking time out of your busy lives and spending some quality time with your friends while nordic walking.

Furthermore, various researches have suggested that nordic walking is good for diabetes, blood pressure, and asthma patients. It helps them fight these diseases. It is also good for your lungs.

It improves your fitness level. Of course, every kind of walk helps your body achieve a good shape. But the thing with nordic walking is that since it involves using a walking pole, you have to put your weight on it and then move your body forward. That gives a good posture to your body and makes it flexible. Also, you’ll feel more energetic than ever before. You’ll notice that you’re now doing everything quickly.

what is nordic walking

Now that we have discussed its health advantages, let’s talk about the equipment you’ll need.

Gear for Nordic Walking

Another cool thing about nordic walking is that you don’t need a lot of equipment to do it. Here we’d discuss the things that you should have if you intend to do it.

Walking Pole

It’s needless to say that the walking pole is the most important piece of equipment for nordic walking. The thing that sets nordic walking apart from the other walking styles is that it involves using a walking pole. That walking pole is important as you basically put some of your body weight on it and then move your body forward. If you don’t have a walking pole, you can’t do it, plain and simple!

Nordic Walking Shoes

Without an iota of doubt, comfortable shoes make your walk a lot easier. You’d have an ace up your sleeves if your nordic walking shoes are comfortable. Many companies offer these shoes, and you can find one easily according to your size. One thing to bear in mind is that don’t just visit an online store and place an order straight away. It would help if you read the seller’s reviews and the product before buying them to make sure you’re buying the right shoes for nordic walking. If you have a bad pair of shoes, you won’t walk properly for long.


It would be best if you also had a backpack for nordic walking. It should have all the necessary things, such as a bottle of water, your phone, a lunch box (only if you intend to do it for a long time, painkillers, and similar things.


There is no denying the fact that both conventional walking and nordic walking are beneficial for human health. However, nordic walking has some extra health advantages. It has scored so much popularity in recent years. This walking technique involves the use of a specific walking pole, which helps you move forward quickly. It burns more calories than an ordinary walk, improves your fitness, strengthens your bones and muscles, and is good for people with cardiovascular diseases, asthma, and blood pressure problems. For the best experience, you should wear comfortable shoes that would help you walk properly for a longer period.

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