Do Weed Burners Work Well?

Do Weed Burners Work Well

Weeds are a pain in the neck for many landscapers. No landscaper wants weeds on his lawn. There are many reasons why you should not let the weed grow in your lawn, and we’ll come to that in the latter part of this article. To eliminate weeds from the lawn, landscapers use plenty of methods, such as suffocating them to stop their growth, using a weed killer, using home remedies, and weed burners.

Today, we’d be discussing the weed burners in detail. We aim to tell everything you need to know about them and clear all the misconceptions about using them. So let’s begin.

Do Weed Burners Work Well?

The majority of the landscapers only use natural methods for getting rid of weed in their lawns. They’re reluctant to use weed burners or even weed killer sprays just because they’re sceptical about using them. They believe that they may end up hurting their green carpet. But is this true? Do weed burners work well? Let’s delve further and find out!

The best thing about weed burners is that they are environmentally friendly. When you use weed killer sprays, there are chances that the spray will drift away from the leaves’ surface. Rain can also take it away, and it can later go into the nearby water reservoirs. It can also disturb the human food chain and aquatic life. But thankfully, that’s not the case with using weed burners.

When you use a weed burner, there is no chance of the flame drifting away and disturbing its surroundings. It doesn’t harm the upper protective layer of the soil, and hence, it’s not harmful to the soil. Moreover, unlike the weed killer sprays, there would be no chemicals left behind, damaging the desirable plants and weeds. And yes, you can rest assured knowing that even rain would not result in unpleasant situations. To put things briefly, weed burners kill unwanted weeds without damaging the soil.

Another reason why landscapers use weed burners is that they don’t have to put in much effort. All you need to do is carry the weed burner and kill the weed. It has reduced human effort to a great extent. When you use other methods of killing weeds, you have to put in a great effort.

Now suppose you have clover in your lawn, and you want to get rid of it by suffocating it. For this purpose, you’d need a plastic sheet and cut it according to the size of the clover patches, and then you’d cover those patches with that sheet and place some weight on it so that it doesn’t just fly away.

You can imagine how time-consuming this process is. But if you use a weed burner to kill the weed, it will do it in no time with minimum effort.

Most of the weed burner kits have been designed meticulously for the users’ convenience. For old landscapers, these kits are the best of both worlds. They are portable and lightweight. You don’t even need to keep lifting them all the time, as most of the kits have wheels to ensure easy maneuver.

That further reduces human work. The wand of the weed burner kit is also long enough, and you won’t have to bend most of the time. You only need to apply heat for several seconds. That depends on the intensity of heat you’ve selected. On average, you’d need to apply heat for around ten seconds.

That will work for most of the plants. However, if the weeds have developed deep roots, you may need to apply heat for a little longer.

In a nutshell, these weed burners are an effective way of eliminating weeds. Not only do they reduce human effort, but they also don’t harm the soil. So they’re the most viable solution for eliminating weeds from your lawn.

Do Weed Burners Work Well

Disadvantages of Using Weed Burners

Here are some of the drawbacks of using weed burners to kill weeds.

The first and the most obvious drawback is that it could be dangerous for you. It would be needless to say that anything that involves fire or flames could be dangerous for you and may lead to unpleasant situations. That is why some landscapers don’t prefer using it, especially if they have children or pets at home. Of course, children and pets are not aware of its destructive results. All they want to do is play and roam freely.

Furthermore, if you have a big yard and uses weed burners for extended periods of time, is mindful that breathing in the smoke of burnt leaves for a long time can result in serious health problems. Rashes on the skin and eyes are common problems, and in extreme cases, they can also harm your lungs.

Another disadvantage of using weed burners is that you may end up burning the desirable plants too. Of course, your lawn is rich with beautiful plants too. When using weed burners, it’s better to stay away from them. You need to make sure you apply the flame carefully, or else you may damage the wanted plants and weeds. Applying the flame recklessly might be the recipe for destruction, and your immense hard work of all those years would “go down in flames.”

The process of flame weeding involves applying flames on weeds for several seconds. It would heat the tissues and would ultimately lead to their death. You don’t need to burn the weed completely, as destroying their tissues would eventually kill them. Here are a few things that you need to bear in mind while flame weeding.

  • Always carry water while flame weeding. We know that you’d be carrying out the whole procedure with utmost care. However, lapses may happen. That is why you have to have water with yourself all the time. If anything catches fire, you can throw water on it to extinguish the fire.
  • Use weed burners in wet conditions. Never use them in dry conditions as flame weeding on dry weeds is a terrible idea.
  • Never use weed burners if the wind is blowing heavily. That will disturb the trajectory of the fire and may spread it in the surroundings.
  • Don’t use weed burners near the ignitable things. For example, many yards have wooden benches or garden storage boxes. Make sure you don’t use it near them.
  • If the roots have developed deeply, you’d need to apply the heat for more than ten seconds. If the roots don’t die properly and weeds grow again after some months, you may need to repeat the procedure to kill them.
  • Keep the weed burner away from the reach of pets and children. That may seem obvious, but you need to remember this. The tip of the burner remains hot even after you’ve turned it off. Never try to touch it, or you may end up hurting yourself.


Weed burners are a good addition to your lawn care equipment. They kill the weeds efficiently, quickly, and top it all off, and they’re not invasive for the soil. However, you need to be careful while using them as they may harm you. When using them, make sure you take all the safety precautions to avoid any unintended fire spread. Also, keep them away from the reach of the children and pets.

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