21 Garden Storage Ideas to Try Now

Garden Storage Ideas

Homeowners who possess gardening equipment and seasonal tools need to store them as well. Whenever you have to keep all this stuff in a safe place, only one place sounds reasonable: garden storage space. Even if you got a small shed, it could make a huge difference because environmental conditions vary. Your belongings need to be stored efficiently and effectively.

21 Garden Storage Ideas To Try Now

Some ideas can guide you to arrange your stuff without getting it harmed in any way. So here are some garden storage ideas for you to try:

The best use of pallets

Every home has a lot of stuff and materials around. To avoid the mess, you need to manage it somehow. Whether you want to add or remove something, pallets are an incredible idea. There is often a lot of space in the backyard, so you can organize your personal belongings, thereby updating your old pallets to efficient and eco-friendly storage space. These pallets are not only useful and hassle-free, but they also add aesthetics to your outdoor area.

Using the walls

You have got a lot of stuff to handle, and the available space might get small. This issue can be resolved by bringing the surrounding walls into use. It might come to you as a surprise, but a series of shelves, hooks and hanging rains and containers can hold a large amount of your clutter. For creating an improvised garden took a hanger, add some hooks to a wooden trellis. You can also get a ready-made wall storage solution. A neat and clean space for your plants and herbs can also be developed if you set up a base unit. That will most probably double your storage options because it has a tall trellis and slatted panel attached to it.

Building your storage shed

Sheds do take a lot of time, resources, and effort to get built, but once you are done building them, all of it pays the worth. People who are handy at this can make one from scratch and get benefited. You can also buy sheds online. They come in all sizes and shapes. Their designs are so different and comfortable that you can pack a lot of your belongings therein.

The factor that is important to consider is how you want to use the storage space. Choosing the necessary tools can be tricky as well. The dimensions and fine location can house your housing bikes, garden tools, and bulky toys. The structure of the shed can be reduced as per your choice by cutting the panels. Make use of timber battens to secure any loose boards.

Renew it by upgrading features like doors and windows with durable materials. For a pleasant effect, paint them to blend it with the surrounding walls. You can find many buying guides online and choose the best exterior wood paint for yourself.

Arrange your tools with PVC

Meticulous people would want their tools and equipment in one place arranged in a careful and chic manner. If you are fond of gardening, you will have lawnmowers, tree pruning devices, and forks. Whether you are a painter or sculptor, you will have your colors and brushes. All of this stuff can be stored and organized with PVC. Having extra PVC sheets in your home can let you convert them into useful pieces. You can find the tutorial on YouTube.

Garbage can storage area

Your backyard and garden need a basic garage can storage area. Are you going the extra mile to get yourself a storage can? Doesn’t sound so great. You can create your storage can space area if you follow simple tutorials on the internet.

Once built, it can be clean, simple, and cost-effective because the homeowners in the tutorials are very skilled, and they have exploited their garbage can area in a very impressive way.

You can also disguise your bins with plenty of garden storage solutions designed specifically for this very purpose. Nobody wants to spoil their view with a rainbow of different-colored plastic bins. So you must disguise the bins in a way that gives you an aesthetic appeal.

Filling the bins has become easier because you can get bins to disguise from the market that can fit two wheelie bins. It has lifting lids that attach to the lid of your bin.

Garden storage bench

Let’s talk about the ideas that are going to help you in the long run. Do you own a bench that you no longer use? Well, that can be used on winter days once it is customized. That is one of the easiest and most effortless ways to use exquisite storage space.

This idea is not only great for passionate gardeners but also artisans and handypersons. That is because these people face a hard time storing their work supplies. It is a sure thing that if your next project is going to be a storage bench, it is easy, effortless, and cost-effective.

Not only this, but it can also be stylish and functional if your work is creative. It has a removable lid so you can store your cushions and throws in there.

Besides storage benches, an arbor is also a fine idea for a garden storage space. You must be needing a perfect place to relax and enjoy the sunshine. If you have to seek refuge from a shower, sit in an arbor.

Garden Storage Ideas

Boot and shoe store

The house can get messy if your boots are trailed up or falling from the piles. You can make effective shoe storage in your garden space. It can be of whatever design you want. You can find plenty of weatherproof chests available in the market that can do a remarkable job.

Sometimes your family members might be coming back from the fields or muddy lands, and they can take their boots off in the garden and keep them in the boot store. This way, no dirt or mud will enter your home.

Keeping the logs in order

Building up the fire with logs is a very relished activity in winter, whether it has to be in chimneys or for the grill. Logs occupy a huge amount of space if they are stuffed up in a pile. They look uncluttered as well. You can organize them in an orderly manner and turn them into a striking garden feature.

Keep in mind that log storage doesn’t have to be purely practical. The big pile of wood can turn into a beautiful focal point if you invest in something decorative.

 First of all, you will have to choose the metal store. A variety of different shaped metal stores are available out there that are amazing to look at, and they have been found to keep timber secure and dry. Their shapes may include interlocking pyramids, eye-catching circles, and rectangular walls.

They have different sections built-in to organize your firewood. The striking designs would make a centerpiece in your garden.

Display shelves

Every home has shelves lying around for a long, but they are not decorated as they should be. You can drag those shelves outdoor into the garden space. Now find all the pots, lanterns, and the rest of your outdoor favorites. Pile every little decorative object that is cluttering your patio.

Gather them up and place them on a stunning set of shelves. The floorspace will free up as a result of much stuff being shifted on the shelves. You can put a little more effort into grouping up similar items together, giving a cohesive look.

You can line one of the shelves with small potted plants, and the others will lanterns. Be careful while setting them because you may cram the unit. The display should not seem forced and boring. It must be smart and interesting.

Designing outdoor kitchen 

Some families do many get-togethers where they usually cook outdoors and enjoy the fresh air in the garden. It will take no time for you to organize some practical units and get started on creating the perfect spot for an outdoor cook-up.

It’s time you say goodbye to weirdly trying to balance plates and glasses on the nearest wall and ceramic toadstool. The space for your outdoor entertainment can be utilized efficiently if you seek a piece of advice from a professional. You can even hey, plenty of storage for your barbecue accessories.

Make sure the outdoor kitchen idea that you are going to pursue is budget-friendly and easy. There is no need to bust the bank. There are various modular units available online that are comfortable and creative and make a spacious work surface because of the shelving space below. There is a copious amount of lockable storage available for a spice rack, paper towel holder, and bottle opener.

You can also find handy built-in rails where you can hang the clothes. There is a spot for utensils and pans too. You don’t have to spend the whole of your barbecue party alone in the kitchen because the stainless steel worktop is ideal for prepping.

Organizing the work area

Out of many ways to keep your sheds and garden room organized, one of them is a humble pegboard. It has so many spots. You can keep everything in place. Even the stuff you have borrowed can make its section up here. DIY enthusiasts and artisans highly applaud this pegboard.

It is available online by several companies that promote it by selling extras such as shelves, hanging pots, and slot-in racks. All of these extras are compatible with the system they provide. If you are not comfortable buying it online, you can make one yourself. The tools you need are timber board, wood pegs, a drill, and a tape measure.

A seat with storage

Many homeowners have built-in benches so that apart from being sat on, they can also accommodate things. They have a series of drawers that are perfect for keeping the cushions. Mostly small accessories get lost if not kept in a suitable place.

You can place those accessories in these drawers and can get them the moment you want. These benches have lift-up seats, which can also be very useful. You do not need to buy another bench. The outdoor living space can already be filled with your existing built-in bench. That can also keep everything clutter-free.

Stash essentials in one place

Have you ever heard of a garden caddy? It’s small and easy to carry box which holds your stuff like gloves and secateurs. You no longer have to carry your endless hunt to locate them. It is not necessary to have a smart caddy. It should be easy to hold and carry around. You can take an existing canvas bag or lined fruit crate. They will do the job for you.

For making the sections and keeping the order, divide the interior into two or more parts. Always keep similar items together to easily find them when you have to—place hand tools on one side and plant ties and labels on the other. Still, there would be plenty of places left for the forks, spades, broom, strimmer, hose, and wellies.

Some websites offer you a pent garden store made of pressure-treated timber to protect it against rot. Not only is its construction useful, but it also has double doors so that you reach out your contents in an easy way.

Sleek small space storage

You already have a small place, and you want to choose stylish storage. It can be tricky and challenging but not impossible to achieve. You must maintain a smart, streamline look. For this, look for sleek lines and simple shapes. Always go for the units with doors.

The doors can be closed, and you can hide your contents away. Now move to the balcony garden where you can find enough space. That must be accommodated with the things you utilize almost daily. It must take up a lot of things because it is quite roomy.

You may find both open and closed designs that are featured in height and configurations. The best thing about it is that the shelves can be easily repositioned. Whatever combinations suit you can get fit in there.

Even the seeds need a storage box. A keen gardener would love to have a seed storage box that is wooden, durable, and good-looking. The box will also have wooden dividers inside, which are used to keep the seeds organized. They can be easily located with these dividers.

Flexible storage on wheels

Modern developments have led to a variety of amazing products that help us in so many ways. Nobody ever thought of storage boxes more than a square-shaped closet.

They have advanced to be not only presentable, but they have multi-purposes of getting double as side tables, providing occasional seating, and they have wheels which can easily take them where you want them to be.

Compared to the storage benches on wheels, there are plenty of sturdy chests appropriate for outdoor use. But they are not as smart as storage benches.

Suppose you want to have a bench that you will most likely double up as a seating area, buy the one with brakes. The latter will stop the storage unit from moving around. They are easily available on Amazon, and they will fit your storage as well.


This scary name is given to the wall that can be utilized to store most of your gardening tools like chainsaw, shovel, and forks. This wall takes your garden storage space to the next wall. Don’t take this wall as some sort of pre-preparation for a zombie attack. That is the finest way to hide your tools in plain sight. Get them whenever you want.

Recycled water hose basket

It is time to fill your garden storage space with something unconventional and interesting. Do not think of your average basket when a recycled water hose basket is mentioned in front of you. That is different and more evolved. All you need is an old, still-functioning water hose.

It can store most of your gardening tools efficiently if shaped into an all-purpose, all-around water hose. Make sure before making this recycled hose, and you follow a tutorial on the internet. That will save you from messing things up if something goes wrong. Hose baskets are usually easy and cheap. They serve the storage purpose most effectively.

If you talk about the hose that is still in use and hogs a lot of room within small garden storage, you can hang it where the garden tap needs it. The hose lying around the garden makes your outdoor space look messy and untidy. Loop it over the tap and get rid of the mess.

Garden mailbox as a toolshed

Every garden has a mailbox because it has many advantages. The mail is protected from the harmful effects of the UV rays and rain because of the mailbox. It can also be converted to a temporary toolshed which can keep your materials in a very practical way. That will save you the effort of building a separate tool shed with all those resources and materials.

Storage crates and baskets

The small gardening items that are in use every day need to be stored. For this purpose, you can make use of crates, baskets, and old pallets. Your eco-friendly garden will be needing them because they are highly sustainable. You can keep them in a shed, greenhouse, or even on a patio because they are weatherproof. The top of the crates can be used to pot up your plants.

You are looking at a great garden future. You can pile up these wooden crates from some renowned website and then use them to fill your deflated footballs and neglected garden equipment. That is how clever garden storage is done.

Store compost in plastic storage tubs

You can get these flexible plastic tubs anywhere in the shops. They are ideal for both temporary and permanent garden storage. They may store your hand tool, decant compost, and weeds or leaves. The best thing about them is that they are lightweight and durable. Lugging them around your garden is not going to be hard because they have handles to carry them.

Portable garden storage

Lawns and gardens require consistent working on them. It is not just one specific area you have to work on. You need to keep your tools moving from one place to another. That is why you have to get some small portable garden storage. You won’t have to get tired of dragging your tools around with you.

Many garden storage options are available that conveniently come on the wheels. It doesn’t have to be a rusty old wheelbarrow.

The design you choose must have larger space for big tools and sections for holding smaller implements. When you are done with the gardening, you can easily roll this way.


Would it be better to build the shed myself?

Nowadays, professional manufacturers offer you a superb quality of sheds, which is too low and reasonable. You should go for a professional because they have been building sheds for a long and they know the characteristics of the timber they are using. They follow a plan, and the logs they use are built in large factories running in computer-aided design. So their reliability is assured. Saving you the effort and cost, they provide you with the best quality product. You can always find the right model for your planned purpose because the range of models, designs, materials, and sizes available is insane.

What if I can’t finish my building in one session?

The assembly should be stopped if weather conditions take a turn and rain with wind overwhelm you. You must wait until the weather improves. That is recommended for your safety and the safety of panels you are working on. If you are building a shed, do not leave your unfinished work without temporarily anchoring the shed’s corners to your base. The building must be held. That is why place the weights like patio blocks and sandbags on the floor frame. If you leave the building while partially assembling it, it will cause a collapse to the building. That may result in irreplaceable damage or personal injury.

Can you use a pegboard as garden storage?

Setting pegboard as garden storage is not only possible but also quite useful. It makes great garden storage because now you can store your tools and gardening gloves. You can also keep your small plants on it. You can order a mix of pegs and shelves online and then arrange them in a setup that suits you the best.

How do I keep the outdoor cushions safe?

The investment in a gorgeous outdoor furniture set will want you to keep your cushions clean and in great shape. You can get many garden storage ideas for that purpose. Make sure you buy a cushion storage box that can fit a worth of cushions inside. You can order the design from the same range as your garden furniture to create a matching set. You won’t have to carry your cushions indoors every time you are done with spending time out in the garden. Just stuff them in the storage.

Are garden storage boxes waterproof?

Storage boxes can be of many times. Some are for indoor uses, while others are for outdoor applications. Whenever you buy the product, check all of its details. The storage boxes for the garden are usually waterproof because they have to be used out in the garden. They must not get affected by the moisture at any cost. A clean garden is a happy garden.


The yards and gardens of most people are so roomy that the homeowners want to fill that space with some storage items. For that, there are many ways to bring your old but still-functioning benches and other stuff in use and provide storage for the tools that you use in your daily life.

You must be keeping an old piece of furniture that you had to be taken to the dump. Save it and put it to use outdoors as garden storage instead. The furniture you use must be solid and protected with appropriate exterior paint. You will have a home that is no more littering with the small equipment you need for your garden. The tools won’t be piling up on the racks anymore.

You can stack them up in garden storage in an efficient way. If you can’t do this on your own, you can see the video tutorials online for the guide.

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