How Do You Install Outdoor Lighting?

How Do You Install Outdoor Lighting

In this post, I will explain how do you install outdoor lighting so read on:

Surveys suggest that street crime rates in the UK have increased over the past few years. Now we hear about the robberies more often than ever before. That means that the outdoor security lights are now more important than ever before. Houses that are not well illuminated from outside are at higher risk of robbery as those houses are thieves’ favourite houses. In the form of a shadow, they get a place to hide. Furthermore, they add to the charm of your house. 

But how to install outdoor lights? They’re a viable solution to security threats and an essential part of the security of your property. But how do you install outdoor lights? Today, we aim to discuss it and its advantages and a few things that you need to keep in mind while installing them.

So let’s delve further into it.

How do You Install Outdoor Lighting?

Here is how you can install outdoor lights.

Switch Off the Power

That is the first and most basic step of doing any electric work. Always make sure to turn off the power before installing the outdoor lights. We understand that you might be good at handling these tasks, but this ensures your safety as lapses may happen. Follow this simple proverb, “prevention is better than cure” while carrying out any electric work by yourself. You can use a socket or voltage tester to double-check that you have switched off the power of the right circuit. If you have no idea about the circuit, you can just shut down the main power. 

Choose a Location to Install the Outdoor Lights

The next step is choosing an appropriate location to install the lights. You can choose your lawn, the walls of your house, a pole in the street near your house, or any place you think is vulnerable and can be a favourite spot for thieves. Now place it at that point which will likely illuminate the entire premises. That is to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your outdoor lights. Once you’re done deciding the place to install the lights, drill a hole at that point and feed a cable.

Remove the Already Existing Lights

 Remove the current lights from that point (if any). Of course, you can’t install another light at a point that already has a light on it. For this purpose, disconnect the wires first. Now unscrew the old light and take it off. Use a voltage tester to confirm if you have disconnected the wires. Ignore this step and move on to the next one if you don’t already have a light at that point.

Gather the Required Tools

You’ll need a lot of knick-knacks to install the outdoor lights. It’s time to assemble them and see if you have missed out on anything. That is important as it makes sure you don’t go through any hassle. Imagine realising that you don’t have enough screws while installing the lights. To avoid such scenarios, assemble the tools first.

Fix the Lights on the Wall

Now fix your new outdoor light on the wall or pole and use a sealant to stop water from getting inside. You can use a bead of silicone or rubber gasket for this purpose. Then feed the cables through its base and then screw the base.

Connect the Wires to Install the Light

Connecting the wires is the final step that completes the installation of the outdoor lights. Connect the cores to their terminals. Then connect the white wires and fix them. Then connect the black and grounding wires. You can also use an electrical box if there is no grounding wire. When you have made the connections properly, screw the lighting fixture.

How Do You Install Outdoor Lighting

Things to Bear in Mind while Installing the Outdoor Lights

Now that we’ve discussed how to install outdoor lights let’s discuss some things you should keep in your mind while installing them.

The first thing that you should always keep in mind is switching off the power before doing the electric work. You don’t want to get an electric shock. Furthermore, installing an outdoor light is a piece of cake. However, if electric work is not your cup of tea, you can ask a home care company or a professional who knows the onions of this area of work. If you do it yourself, take all the precautionary measures.

Secondly, make sure to read the ratings before buying the outdoor lights. See, it’s rated for outside use or inside use. That is often overlooked, and people buy a light that they like and use it wherever they like. That can create problems for the fixture. Moreover, read the instructions carefully and see the recommended wattage for the fixture. Make sure you follow those instructions and use a bulb with that particular wattage. That will avoid any unpleasant situation.

Thirdly, consider the shadows by estimating the reach of the light. As mentioned earlier, thieves and burglars love hiding places, and shadows are one of them. Also, make sure you don’t keep the height of the fixture too high as the light will not reach the floor.

Another thing that can affect the performance of light is the kind of lighting. LED lights are generally recommended because they are energy efficient. They give you the same light output as compared to other lights while using less energy. They may cost you more than the other lights, but they save you money by reducing the bills. 

Finally, yet importantly, make certain your lights installation complies with the building regulations of your state. Every state has different regulations, so you’ll need to install the lights according to those regulations. If you don’t, you may have to pay a fine. If the local authority doesn’t come to inspect the installation, you can ask them for it. They will inspect it and let you know whether you’ve installed it following those regulations or not.

Advantages of Outdoor Lights

Now let’s have a look at some of the advantages of installing the outdoor lights.

It Improves the Security of your Property

The most obvious benefit is that they improve the security of your property. They give you a view of what’s going on outside. You can use it with an alarm system for the best results. Furthermore, when you’re away from your home, these lights give the impression that you’re inside the house. That will keep thieves away from your house. 

These Lights Look Attractive

Not only do these lights improve security, but they also add to the charm of your house. Especially, they look aesthetically pleasing on the lawn. When they illuminate a lawn at night, they look very attractive. It’s a cost-effective way of enhancing the look of your home.


Outdoor lights are becoming more popular as they improve the security of your property. They give you peace of mind by enhancing security, and they also look attractive. Installing them properly at the right place is important, and we have discussed how you can do it. Make sure you take precautionary measures while installing them, and if you’re sceptical about doing it, you can hire a professional for this purpose. 

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