How To Put Christmas Lights On A Large Outdoor Tree?

How To Put Christmas Lights On A Large Outdoor Tree

Christmas lights are a great way to bring the spirit of Christmas into your home. The only problem is that sometimes you don’t have enough lights to cover your entire tree, or they’re too short and need some help reaching the top. This blog post will teach you how to wrap Christmas lights around a large outdoor tree so you can enjoy them all season long! So, in this post, I will explain how to put Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree!

What’s better than the sight of lights wrapped around trees? Seriously, this is an absolute treat to look at. It looks welcoming and gives a wholesome look to your house. Many homeowners put lights on trees to add to the charm of their yard. It looks aesthetically pleasing and adds more joy to your holidays. 

If you’re someone who wants to decorate his yard by wrapping lights around the trees but have no idea how to do it, keep reading this article till the end, as we will discuss everything in detail.

We’ll also discuss the things to remember while putting lights on your trees. Let’s dive deep into it without any further ado.

How To Put Christmas Lights On A Large Outdoor Tree?

You can put lights on pretty much every kind of tree. But bare leafless trees are ideal for this purpose. The good thing here is that you don’t have to worry even if you know nothing about the wires and lights as it is as easy as pie. It won’t take much of your time either. To top it all off, it even doesn’t cost much. It would be safe to say that it’s one of the most cost-effective ways of decorating your lawn. 

As far as lights are concerned, there is a wide variety to choose from. But we recommend LED lights for this purpose. That is because they tend to be more energy-efficient. This means that you’d be getting similar light output and saving electricity.

They may cost you more than other lights, but they compensate for that cost over time by saving your electricity bills.

The colour combination may be confusing at times. The reason is obvious, i.e. there are plenty of them to choose from. Most homeowners choose the white colour for this purpose because white is considered “the universal colour”. However, you can choose any colour according to your taste.

Just make sure you don’t choose dark colours as they’ll look outlandish at night. It’s better to choose one or two colours to keep things simple. 

Equipment You’d Need

Before we discuss how to put lights on a tree, here is the equipment that you’ll need.

Here is how you can put lights on a tree outdoors.

Choose a Tree First

That is the first step of putting lights on a tree. As mentioned earlier, you can use any tree for this purpose, such as deciduous, palm trees, yucca, etc. However, if you have a bare leafless tree in your yard, look no further. Just make sure the tree is located in a visible place. 

One thing to bear in mind is that the bigger the tree, the more it will cost you. Big trees look amazingly great when they’re illuminated. They will catch the eyeballs of everyone and take them by surprise, but they will cost you big time. So it’s recommended to choose a medium-sized tree so that you don’t shell out your hard-earned cash to buy lights.

Since every tree has a different width, there is no fixed length of the lights you’d need to use. So it’s important to measure the width before ordering the lights. Also, measure the distance from the tree to the power source that will power the lights. Then roughly measure the width of the trunk times by three as this will give you an estimate of one full loop. 

Test the Lights

The last place you want to be when you realize that your lights are out of order is when you have climbed on the ladder. Seriously, there is nothing more annoying than this. Imagine climbing up to the tree to discover that one of the strands is not working. Make sure you test every strand by plugging each one in to avoid going through the hassle in the future.

Wrap Lights Around the Trunk and Branches

Trees with a tall trunk are ideal for this kind of decoration, such as maple or oak. If you put the lights close together, it will result in more light and a brighter look. However, you’ll need more strands of lights, or your tree will look empty. Keep this in mind while ordering your lights.

Connect the Wires

Take the extension cable to the tree’s base and place the socket in a container that can withstand harsh weather conditions. You can use a dry box for this purpose. If you don’t have access to the main socket, you can use a battery box. Make sure you don’t switch on the lights before completing the installation. Straighten the cables so that you get the most of their length.

Create the first loop around the trunk of your tree and use a cable tie to secure their place. Now connect the lights to the power. When you’re done with it, screw the cap tightly to protect it from water. Now keep wrapping the trunk upwards and keep an even distance between the loops.

One thing to bear in mind here is that don’t wrap the lights too tightly as trees will expand in summer. That will damage the lights. Once you’re done wrapping around the trunk, it’s time to wrap the branches. For this purpose, use a sturdy ladder. Never try the tree without a ladder, as you may end up hurting yourself. For accessing the smaller height, you can use a step ladder.

But if branches are too high, an extension ladder is the best option. You can use a ring connector here as it will enable you to split the power in different conditions. Make sure to make the watertight seal when you’re done connecting the ring connector.

Use a cable tie to secure the lights at every branch. Repeat this process until you’ve covered all the branches. 

Be mindful that this is a simple process, and even people with zero knowledge of wires can do this by themselves. But if you’re skeptical about doing this yourself, many companies offer their services. You can ask them for it, and they’d do it for you.

How To Put Christmas Lights On A Large Outdoor Tree

How many feet of light do you need to wrap an outdoor tree?

There are many ways to wrap a tree in light for Christmas. If you’re looking for the right amount of lights that you need to wrap an outdoor tree, it really depends on how far away from the tree you want the lights.

The farther away you are, the fewer lights you’ll need. A rule of thumb is to use one light at every four feet of space around your tree. But this can vary depending on how big your tree is. For instance, you’ll probably want to have two sets of lights per foot if you’re wrapping a 12-foot tall tree.

If you’re hanging lights on a small tabletop tree, you’ll want to put one set of lights on each section of the tree. If you’re using an artificial tree, panel lights should be used all around the perimeter. Connect them together with wire and put in a plug end that will make it easier for you to connect them to your extension cord.

One of the most commonly used materials is plastic, so start by cutting out several squares and rectangles that will form a ring around the tree. You can use Christmas lights to wrap the inside portion of your tree, which is helpful if you have metal ornaments that might get electric shock from traditional string lights.

How do you put Christmas lights on a giant tree?

You put the lights on the tree by unwinding them in a straight line from the top of the tree and then placing them in their appropriate spot. It may require more than one person, or three people, to hold up the lights as you slide them up the branches until they hang at the desired height.

You put the lights on the tree by unwinding them in a straight line from the top of the tree and then placing them in their appropriate spot. It may require more than one person, or three people, to hold up the lights as you slide them up the branches until they hang at the desired height.

Then, you plug the strands of lights into a wall outlet. You may need an extension cord to reach the nearest outlet. If you’re using outdoor lights, make sure you use heavy-duty, waterproof extension cords that will stand up to rain and sun.

Next, if you’re stringing your tree with white lights or any lights with a transparent covering, you may need to trace the outline of your tree. Use a piece of white paper cut to size and place it on the ground under your tree. Tape one end of a string around an obvious branch (or trunk) at the bottom of the tree, and then pass it up through the branches until you reach the top. You may need to tape the string on the trunk in order for it to stand upright. Then, trace around your tree with a pencil and cut out the shape of your tree from the paper.

Then, you place the outline under your tree so that you’ll know exactly where to place each light strand once they are unwound. If you’re stringing colored lights, you won’t need to do this. You’ll just start at the bottom and work your way up.

Next, decide how many strands of lights you want on your tree. A single strand often looks nice; if you add a second one, it can create a fuller look from the top down.

Three strands create a wide look, while four or more creates a full-on display.

Regardless, you should plan on using no less than 2 strands of lights per foot of tree height and probably 3 or 4 depending upon how much space you want between the lights. The fewer the gaps between each light strand, the brighter your tree will appear.

Once you’ve decided on the total number of strands, you can begin coiling the lights from the trunk to top. As you do this, it’s helpful to tuck any extra wires tightly against the trunk between branches so that they won’t be visible later on.

Things to Keep in Mind while Putting Lights on the Tree

Here are some things that you should bear in mind while wrapping the lights around the tree. Firstly, don’t choose a fragile tree that can’t withstand harsh weather conditions or even the weight of the lights. Secondly, remember to measure the distance from the tree to the power source.

Moreover, always remember to wear gloves as a safety precaution while putting lights on trees. That is because you may get splinters or scrapes while working.

Last but not least, never climb on a tree without using ladders if the height is tall. Also, make sure you have someone supporting the ladder while you’re putting the lights on. That can reduce the chances of accidents to a great extent. 


Every homeowner wants to put lights on trees on holidays. That certainly adds to the charm of their lawn. But most of them don’t know how to do it. We have discussed the whole process of putting lights on trees outdoors in this article, including the equipment you need to do it.

Ensure you measure the distance from the tree to the main power and test the lights before putting them on the tree. It’s recommended to use safety equipment, such as a ladder and gloves, to avoid any unpleasant situation. 

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