How To Winterize A Pressure Washer?

How To Winterize A Pressure Washer

Winterizing your pressure washer is important to save energy and money. You will need to drain the fuel, disconnect the water supply line, and check the oil before storing this winter. You should also close any open valves or taps, and protect your machine from dust by covering it with a clean cloth.

Here are 3 steps on how you can winterize a pressure washer!

How to Winterize a Pressure Washer

Winterizing a pressure washer is important to save energy and money. It’s easy to forget about your pressure washer when the weather gets cold, but it can be costly if you don’t winterize it properly.

Pressure washers are used for a number of different reasons, so it is important to be able to care for them if they are not being used. Typically people will begin this process by shutting off the water supply, draining the fuel tank and then checking the oil levels. Users should also check repair kits just in case any parts have been damaged during use.

There are also steps that need to be taken before storage including covering up the machine or placing it in a garage or shed where dust cannot gather on it and ensuring all open valves such as sprinklers and taps are closed. It is best to follow these instructions carefully!

Now that you have everything ready, you can begin to winterize a pressure washer! Let’s understand how to winterize a pressure washer in 3 steps!

Step 1: Drain the fuel

Make sure you have a container to put it in and siphon the fuel from the tank with a hose. Make sure to get all of it in order to prevent leaking in the tank and in your pressure washer.

Step 2: Disconnect the water supply line

The best way to drain off the water is to leave an open container under the water connection, and open a small valve (if there is one) on top of each spray nozzle .

Step 3: Check the oil

If you know how, check the oil level and add more if necessary. You can also add stabilizer or fuel treatment if you want to be extra sure that your machine will start next season well-protected from rust and corrosion. Then close any open valves or taps. Finally, cover your machine with a clean cloth for protection from dust and debris during storage.

Whenizing a pressure washer always includes draining the fuel and disconnecting the water supply line. Check the oil level, adding any necessary oil or stabilizer, and finally closing any open valves or taps. Then cover it with a clean cloth to protect from dust and debris during storage.

How To Winterize A Pressure Washer

Do you need to winterize a power washer?

Winterizing a pressure washer is important because it saves energy, money, and time when you want to use it. It’s pretty common for winterized machines to take up to only one minute to spark an engine when they are turned on in the springtime instead of needing to wait ten or fifteen minutes.

Winterizing also reduces your water bill by, say, 10% every month. The best part is that taking good care takes less than 5 minutes out of your schedule each month!

Winterizing a pressure washer is also important because it prolongs the life of your machine. Also, some winterizing is important to keep your machine safe from extreme weather conditions.

With this quick guide about how exactly it can be done, you’ll never have an excuse for not preparing your pressure washer for the cold months ahead!

It is a good idea to get all the necessary items you will need before getting started on this task. Make sure that you have a container large enough to hold the used fuel and oil from your pressure washer, as well as some cleansing wipes or paper towels for wiping down any parts that might be dirty.

Tips for Storing Your Machine This Winter

Here are some tips for you:

  • Dress the machine in clothing that will keep it warm.
  • Turn off any open valves or taps, but make sure to turn them on before using your machine again next year.
  • Store the pressure washer with a cover over it so dust does not settle.
  • Drain any fuel present in the tank.
  • Disconnect any water supply line that will not be used over the winter.
  • Check your pressure washer’s oil before storing! The oil should fall between the minimum or maximum marks on the dipstick.

Can I use regular antifreeze to winterize my pressure washer?

No, pressure washers should not be winterized with regular antifreeze. It is because the antifreeze will remove the lubrication that is on the parts of your pressure washer and cause damage.

To save energy and money, use water instead.

Antifreeze also freezes at a lower temperature than water, so there is no need to use it as you will be draining the remaining fuel.

What happens if I don’t winterize my pressure washer?

Your pressure washer will stop working! That’s right, if you don’t winterize your machine it won’t start up again next year. And that means no more pressure washing during the cold months.

The oil in your machine will solidify and lubrication on its parts will wear away without any protection from the antifreeze. It’s not worth risking a breakdown for something as simple as draining fuel or disconnecting water supply lines!


We hope you’ve found these instructions on how to winterize your pressure washer helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and we’ll do our best to answer them for you!

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