Keter Garden Storage Box- 27 Facts You Must Know Before Buying One

Keter Garden Storage Box

Keter garden storage boxes have been around for a long time now. They have gained popularity in recent years and are now considered an essential component of every lawn or garden. Garden storage boxes are also known as “sheds.” They offer many benefits, and we will cross that bridge when we come to it, but we will first discuss 27 facts that you should know about these boxes.

That includes everything you need to know about them and things to bear in mind before buying them. This information will be handy for you as it will help you make a knowledgeable decision. So let’s dive right into it without any further ado.

Keter Garden Storage Box- 27 Facts You Should Know Before You Buy One

Here are 27 things that you should know about these Keter boxes.

These Boxes Come in Different Sizes

The first fact about these boxes is that they come in several different sizes. You can buy one according to your storage needs. Of course, the bigger ones cost more than, the smaller ones. The good thing here is that you can buy one on a tight budget also. There are plenty of size options to choose from.

It would be best if you bought a big box that will accommodate all the things you want to store. If you run out of space, you’d need to buy another, and that would be weird. To avoid that scenario, buy a single Keter garden storage box big enough to store more things.

 Keter Garden Storage Boxes Come in Different Types

The second thing to know about these boxes is that they come in different types. There are many types available for you, such as walk-in sheds, small sheds, deck boxes, and storage benches. These sheds are further divided into many sub-categories. For example, walk-in sheds are divided into Artisan, Darwin, Manor, and Factor sheds.

 Similarly, small sheds are divided into Elite Store shed, Grande Store shed, High Store end, High Store+, Patio Store shed, Store-it-out Arc shed, Store-it-out Max shed, Store-it-out MIDI shed, and Store-it-out Ultra shed. 

Deck Boxes are further divided into Borneo Deck Box, Brightwood Deck Box, Brushwood Deck Box, Capri Deck Box, Circa Wood Texture Storage Box, Comfy Deck Box, Cube Wood Deck Box, Denali 100 Deck Box, and many more.

At the same time, storage benches are divided into Eden Storage Bench, Hudson Storage Bench, and Patio Storage Bench.

Follow the Regulations if You’re Building a Shed

Most of the states in the USA have some shed regulations that every citizen needs to follow. If you don’t follow these regulations, this may result in a penalty. They may ask you to take a permit or follow a certain set of instructions. Make sure you ask them for it before building the shed, as they may ask you to build it at a specific distance from your property line.

You can imagine what would happen if you end up building a shed in a prohibited area. Be mindful that we’re not talking about Keter garden storage boxes, but this is an important thing, and everyone should know it. If you didn’t know about the regulations or forgot to check them for whatever reasons, ask the local building authority to pay a visit to your home and inspect if you have built it correctly or not. Moreover, it will help you determine the size of your shed.

There are Different Keter Garden Storage Boxes for Different Purposes

Another thing to keep in mind before purchasing these boxes is that different garden storage boxes are used for different purposes. As mentioned earlier, these boxes come in different types. They are not one kind for all types of products, so you’ll need to consider the purpose before buying one. Think about the things that you’ll be storing in it. If you want to store big things, such as bikes, you’d have to buy a big Keter garden storage box.

A Walk-in shed will be a good option in such cases. But if you intend to keep the tools related to lawn care in it, any storage box would work best for you.

Also, if you’d be spending a long time in your Keter garden storage box, make sure you have made arrangements for lighting and proper ventilation.

Keter Garden Storage Boxes are Waterproof

Most homeowners are skeptical about buying a Keter garden storage box because they think they are not water-resistant. That is why they look for other alternatives to add storage to their homes. But that’s not the case with most of these boxes, thanks to their material.

We saw wooden storage boxes in the past, and yes, they were not waterproof due to the use of wood. However, wood has been replaced with plastic in the past few years. Nowadays, most garden storage boxes are made of plastic. They can withstand rainy conditions, and water doesn’t harm them at all.

Keter Garden Storage Boxes Can be Used for Multiple Purposes

As their name suggests, they are primarily used for storing lawn care-related tools and products. But of course, it may serve other purposes as well. For example, you can use it to store the tools for your vehicle. You can store anything in it that you want to keep outside your home.

If you have a walk-in shed, you can use it to park your bike also. You can also use it as a workshop. They can be a home to your pets too. All in all, they can serve many purposes. Just make sure you have that purpose in your mind before making a purchase.

Keter Garden Storage Boxes Look Attractive

This thing is often overlooked, but a good-looking Keter Garden storage box can add to the charm of your lawn. They have a simple design and look elegant. Be mindful that, like every other thing, not all Keter garden storage boxes look good. Some cheaper ones don’t look that beautiful. You can buy them if budget is your problem. If you are willing to spend more on these boxes, always go for the ones that look beautiful.

That is because these boxes can affect the overall appearance of your lawn big time, as most of these boxes are located at a prominent place on your lawn.

You can Customize your Garden Storage Box

If you don’t have a cool-looking garden storage box, your lawn will look outlandish. Well, the good news here for you is that in such cases, you can customize your garden storage box. For this purpose, you can paint it, and it’ll just transform it into a cool-looking garden storage box.

Another cool way of customizing your Keter garden storage box is by covering it with beautiful-looking sheets. It won’t take much of your effort and can do wonders. Remember, these boxes play a big role in the overall look of your yard, so you need to make sure your garden storage box looks well. Ideally, it should complement the surroundings too.

Keter Garden Storage Boxes are Made of Different Kinds of Materials

These boxes are made of different kinds of materials. You can choose any of them according to your choice. Generally, you get three options, i.e., wood, plastic, and metal. All of these materials have their advantages. Boxes made of wood are the traditional type of boxes.

The best thing about these boxes is that you can paint any color to complement your surroundings. If you have a walk-in wooden Keter garden storage box, you can make windows inside it. It will be not only good for ventilation, but also look attractive. Furthermore, you can make plenty of cabinets inside them according to the size of the box you have. You can ask any carpenter for this purpose.

The problem with these storage boxes is that they’re no longer widely used because they’re vulnerable to water. We all know how water can harm the wood. That is the reason why companies have phased out their manufacturing in recent years.

Garden Storage Boxes Made of Plastic Perform Better

Plastic has become the go-to material for garden storage boxes. The majority of the homeowners and manufacturing companies prefer these garden boxes, and for good reasons. They are lightweight, good-looking, and sturdy. And to top it all off, they have military-level durability. They can withstand rains make them homeowners’ favorite choice as they were always worried about their garden storage box in the past. Unlike wooden garden boxes, they don’t deteriorate when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Garden Storage Boxes Made of Metal is not Good Either

Garden storage boxes made of metal are not durable either, as metal tends to rust when exposed to moisture. Most of these boxes are made of aluminum and steel but are not widely used anymore. They’re cheaper than the other garden storage boxes but lack durability. They don’t look as good as the other ones, and they also need maintenance now and then.

Keter Garden Storage Boxes Made of Plastic don’t Need Much Maintenance

Another cool thing about using a Keter garden storage box made of plastic is that you won’t need to carry out much maintenance.

These Garden Storage Boxes are the Cheapest

Keter garden storage boxes are the cheapest among all garden storage boxes. That is a massive part of why the company has been on a roll since its inception. They offer their products at cheaper rates as compared to their competitors. Their products are durable, good looking, and they cost next to nothing to top it all off. What else do you need from a garden storage box?

You can Buy a Garden Box from Keter’s Website

We know that most people already know about it, but you can buy a Keter garden storage box online from their website for those who don’t know. Websites have become so important for companies in the past few years, which is no exception. They have a responsive website, and for your convenience, there is even a customer care service. Their team is more than happy to help you. The interface of this website is very user-friendly, and placing an order is as easy as pie. It will take a few days to reach your home. You can also buy these boxes from the market if online shopping is not your thing.

Keter Garden Storage Boxes are Highly Sold

Keter garden storage boxes are amongst the most sealed storage boxes in the world. As mentioned earlier, the company offers these boxes at a cheaper rate as compared to their rivals. So what the company has done is maximized the quality and minimized the cost. The company sells millions of units each year. They have loyal fans from worldwide who love their garden storage boxes and prefer them to their rivals’ products.

Return and Exchange

If you are willing to buy a Keter garden storage box online, the good news here for you is that the company accepts the returns and exchanges happily. You can return their product or exchange it if you get a faulty one. One thing to bear in mind is that, like every other company, they also accept the returns and exchanges in those cases when it is genuinely their fault. Many people don’t venture into buying something online because they feel that they’d get a faulty unit and won’t return it later. Thankfully, that’s not the case here. You can rest easy after placing an order knowing that they have a customer-friendly return and exchange policy. Fingers crossed for you!

The Company also Offers Discounts on Keter Garden Storage Boxes

The coolest thing about these boxes is that the company offers huge discounts on them. They are already available at cheap rates, so it further reduces their price when they offer discounts. They’d be available at astonishingly cheap rates. You can’t avail of these discounts seven days of the week as every company offers these discounts once or twice in two months. Of course, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

You can Use Coupon Codes to Avail Extra Discounts

Apart from the casual discounts, Keter tends to entertain their customers with more discounts now and then, and it seems like they like riding this bicycle. They offer coupon codes and promo codes to their customers.  Their customers wait for the coupons and avail them to get extra discounts. If you’re planning to buy a Keter garden storage box for your lawn, see if they’re offering any code that you can avail yourself of to get the boxes at a discounted price.

Keter Garden Storage Boxes are Lockable

With these garden storage boxes, they have been designed meticulously for the customers’ convenience. A good example is that they are lockable. The company understands that the customers would use them to store things. So the lock makes sure the stored things are safe and secure. These storage boxes are to be placed on a lawn, so you always needed a lock to keep your things safe from thieves. These lockable garden storage boxes also give you peace of mind.

Storage Benches are the New Cool

Storage benches are the new cool in the storage solutions market. Their primary use is to store things that you don’t want inside your house, but the thing that sets these boxes apart from the rest is that they could be used for sitting as well. So you can put the things inside the storage bench, lock it, and sit on it. Seriously, storing things was never this cool. We all need benches, chairs, and tables in our yards. So buying a storage bench would save you money and serve two purposes. That is why now more and more people are buying these storage boxes.

Most of These Boxes don’t Need Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, garden storage boxes made of plastic are more popular and widely used. One reason why the customers love them is that they don’t need maintenance. If you buy a wooden garden storage box, you’ll need to maintain it, or else it would look bizarre. The same is the case with the ones made of metal. They already have a good look so you won’t need to paint them too. And if you want to customize them according to your choice, we already mentioned that the storage boxes made of plastic are easy to maintain.

These may not be Easy to Build

One thing with these boxes is that building them may not be as easy as it may seem. You’ll need a lot of tools to install them properly. Be mindful that the smaller ones are easy to install. But since these storage boxes come in different sizes, the bigger ones are difficult to build. We are talking about a walk-in garden storage box and big cabinets. If you have enough knowledge of it, you can do it yourself. But if you don’t know much about it and are skeptical about it, it’s better to ask a home care company to do it for you.

You’ll Need Plenty of Tools to Build a Garden Storage Box

If you’re going to build the Keter garden storage box by yourself, you’ll need many tools for this purpose. Those tools and knick-knacks that you’d need are combi drill, screws, clamps, handle, nails, hammer, and hinge. One thing to keep in mind is that you’d only need these tools when installing a big garden storage box, such as a walk-in garden storage box or big cabinets.

Keter Garden Storage Boxes are Available in Different Shapes

Another good thing about these boxes is that you get a wide variety of shapes to choose from. You can have a round-shaped, square-shaped, oval-shaped, and rectangular-shaped Keter garden storage box. You can choose any of them according to your preference. Rectangular ones are more popular among all.

Keter Garden Storage Boxes Have Different Opening Systems

These boxes open differently. If you have a walk-in garden storage box, it would have a door, and you’d have to pull it to open the storage box. The number of doors depends upon the size of the walk-in box. Storage benches have a lid on the top of them that also acts as a seat. Deck boxes and small sheds also feature a lid.

Modern Storage Boxes are Weather Resistant

Modern garden storage boxes are weather resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Since they are made of plastic, they are rust-free. Most of them can also withstand the harmful UV rays that can make their color fade over time.

You can Use Metal Paint if Your Garden Storage Box is Made of Metal

If you have a garden storage box made of metal, you can use metal paint or other products to prevent it from rusting. They’re easily available in the market, and you can also paint them by yourself.

Some Words About Keter

Keter is a well-known company specialized in manufacturing quality storage solutions, outdoor furniture, equipment for home and lawn care, and knick-knacks for home improvement. In particular, the company is known for offering good storage solutions, and it has been the industry leader in the storage solutions market. Keter garden storage boxes are the most widely used sheds all over the world. Thus they should be discussed so that more and more customers know about them and take maximum advantage.

All the reasons why you should use these garden storage boxes in your yard would make a long and detailed list. That is not a difficult list to come up with, and we can tell you many reasons why you have to have these boxes in your yard. But discussing them would be beyond the scope of our topic. So we won’t be discussing them to keep things precise.

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying a Keter Garden Storage Box

There are a few things that you should find yourself considering before buying your Keter garden storage box.

Read the Seller’s Reviews before Buying from an Online Store

If you’re buying your Keter garden storage box from an online store, make sure you read the customers’ reviews. Not only would this give you an idea about the services of the seller, but it also tells you what to expect from your garden storage box. As they say, “it’s better to hear something straight from the horse’s mouth.” If you intend to buy one from the company’s website, there are fewer chances of scams.

Do Some Market Research

Don’t go to the market and make a purchase straight away. We recommend you carry out some market research if you want to save your hard-earned money. You can visit multiple stores and ask sellers about the rates of the Keter garden storage box. You can later compare these rates to find out the cheapest one.

Buy a Storage Box Bigger than You Need

It’s better to buy a storage box bigger than what you need. Over time, you’d have to store more things, and you may run out of space. If you don’t buy a big garden storage box, you may have to buy another smaller one after a few years. Furthermore, you can also park your bike, store a lawnmower, and other things if you have a big garden storage box. However, we don’t recommend buying a large garden storage box if you have a small lawn. It would just look bizarre.

Keter Garden Storage Box


Are Keter storage boxes waterproof?

Yes, most of the modern Keter garden storage boxes are waterproof. That is because they’re made of good quality plastic. They are highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. In the past, we had garden storage boxes made of wood and metal. None of them was waterproof. But the ones made of plastic are waterproof, and you can keep them on your lawn.

What are Keter storage boxes made of?

These boxes are generally made of three materials, i.e., wood, metal, and plastic. Wood and metal were used in the past and are no longer widely used. Plastic is now the go-to choice for many manufacturers. That is because they’re durable, lightweight, and can withstand rains too. We don’t see Keter garden storage boxes made of wood and metal because they’re not waterproof.


Keter is a big name in the storage solutions industry. Their garden storage boxes are amongst the most popular and highly sold storage boxes across the world. These boxes come in different shapes, sizes and are made of different materials. You can buy one according to your storage needs. Modern Keter storage boxes are made of plastic because they’re more durable and lightweight than others. Make sure to read reviews before buying a storage box online, and if you intend to buy it from the market, do some market research to buy one at the cheapest rate.

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