Best Handheld Paint Sprayer

Best Handheld Paint Sprayer

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Painters are sick and tired of using those old-fashioned paintbrushes that take forever to do a simple painting project. They were always short of time and to make things even worse, they had to work extremely hard to paint a regular length wall. They were at their wits’ end more often than not holding that paintbrush for a long time.

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If you’re a painter and have many pending painting projects, it would make a lot of sense to buy a handheld paint sprayer to get things done for you. It comes in handy when it comes to doing painting often for big projects. 

With that out of the way, buying a handheld paint sprayer is not as easy as it may seem. Customers often have a hard time looking for the one that is ideal for them. The obvious reason for this is that there are thousands of products in the market. All companies claim to be the best, so chances are that you’d end up scratching your head.

But don’t worry, our experts have done all the research to help you out! All you need to do is just read it till the end as our experts have shortlisted the best picks for you.

Best Handheld Paint Sprayer

Buyers’ Guide

The best handheld paint sprayer should have a nozzle that will provide an even and smooth finish. The sprayer should be light enough to spray right onto the surface of the object you’re working on, and it should also be comfortable.

It’s important to consider what type of job you’re doing when you buy your paint sprayer. For example, if you’re doing some touch-up work on your car or other similar type of job, a smaller paint sprayer that fits in your hand would be sufficient for this type of job. However, for larger jobs such as painting your entire house or other large object, you’ll need a larger paint sprayer with a hose and tank for the liquid to mix in before it’s shot out of the nozzle.

The first thing that you want to consider when buying a paint sprayer is how large of an area is it capable of painting, and how quick can it finish your job? There are numerous different types of paint sprayers available in the market so it’s important to know what type you need for your job.

For small jobs such as touch-ups on cars or furniture most people just use hand held models because they’re light, easy to move around, and give you precise control over where the liquid goes.

Here are some other things that you’ll need to consider before buying a cheap handheld paint sprayer:

Within this category there are 2 basic types; airless and conventional (or gravity feed). The first is an airless sprayer that uses a pump to force the liquid through the nozzle. The second type is a conventional sprayer where gravity and pressure from the liquid itself forces it out of the nozzle. For small jobs, hand held or larger you’ll probably want to consider an airless paint sprayer because they are convenient and easy to use.

Airless paint sprayers can be used for other tasks such as spraying insecticide or weed killer on your lawn, so if you’re interested in buying one make sure that it’s suitable for other non-paint related jobs as well.

Airless Paint Sprayers cost anywhere between $100-$200 dollars depending on what features come with them. A lot of these models advertise themselves as being versatile and easy to use, but it’s important that you read the specifications on the model before making your decision.

There are also some paint sprayers available in this category which uses compressed air instead of an airless pump; these models run off of a compressor that would cost anywhere between $500 – $1000 dollars depending on what Wattage is required to run the equipment properly.

For medium size jobs you’ll probably want to consider buying a conventional paint sprayer over an airless one because they’re much more affordable, however make sure that the nozzle size will work for whatever surface you’re painting. This type of paint sprayer has been used by professionals for many years because they get “the job done” quickly and effectively while giving them smooth and even results.

This type of paint sprayer is also great because it’s quiet and easy to store when not in use.

Cost wise, you can expect to pay anywhere from $150 – $400 dollars depending on the brand name and features that come with it. There are also some models available which have a self-contained tank for mixing your paint which will cost a bit more than other models but provide better results over conventional paint sprayers.

If you’re looking for an alternative to having a bulky compressor sitting in your storage room then this would be the best way for you to go if you’re thinking about buying a cheap handheld paint sprayer .

Here are some things that you’ll need to consider before purchasing one of these items:

If you’re not painting anything particularly large, and have a small budget but still want to get the best results you can with your paint spraying then this is probably the category that you’ll be looking in for a cheap handheld paint sprayer . You can expect to pay anywhere from $25 – $100 dollars depending on what type of models are available.

The smaller and weaker models will obviously be more affordable than their larger counterparts, however they will also produce less ideal results.

The first thing that you need to investigate before buying any model is the nozzle size; it’s important that whatever job or project that you’re working on has a nozzle size of at least 0.015 inches so that the liquid doesn’t end up dripping everywhere.

Or if you have an existing item that you want to paint and the nozzle size of your sprayer is larger than what’s required then you’ll need to buy a smaller tip for it.

Another thing that you should consider before buying this type of sprayer is how much liquid it can hold; this will determine how many small projects that you can paint before having to mix more paint. You can find models available with as little as 0.8 fluid ounces and up to 4 liters or even 5 Liters, depending on the model.

The largest units are great if painting large objects because they give you the freedom to be away from your storage area while also giving some leeway when mixing up another batch of paint; extra fluid in the tank means more time between having to mix paint.

If you’re not working with anything particularly large or have a small budget, then the best form of cheap handheld paint sprayer for you would have to be one that uses compressed air as its primary mode of propulsion. These units will cost anywhere from $100 – $200 dollars depending on where you shop and what features it comes with but can do just about any job whilst being quiet and easy to use.

They operate by using an interchangeable nozzle tip which is attached via a thread so that you can customize your experience if needed. This type of model works well when spraying onto a variety of different surfaces, excepting any that are extremely rough like wood or metal . The only negative thing about these models is that they can only hold a small amount of paint in their containers. If you need something that will allow you to be away from your storage area for longer then this isn’t the best option for you.

But if size efficiency and ease of use are what’s important to you, then a compressed air driven model would probably be the best option for you. These models require no power source except for what is already available for them in the form of compressed air which is supplied through either an air compressor or an air hose that runs up next to walls as it goes toward your sprayer; they operate sometimes with as little 2PSI but can go all the way up to 60 PSI depending on how much power your unit requires.

It’s really easy to use these models and although you won’t get a lot of processing time from them they are great for when working on small projects. The sizes that you will find available range from as little as 4 fluid ounces up to a maximum tank size of 32 fluid ounces, so if you need something larger than this then it might not be the best sprayer for you.

These types of products are typically more noisy than their air driven counterparts, but reduce costs by eliminating any additional components like compressors or air pumps . They use a technology called ‘reverse pulse’ to achieve propulsion; an electric motor is used which produces high pressure pulses which push the paint out in bursts rather than steady streams produced by other models.

This kind of model can operate at pressures starting at 1.7 PSI and go as high as 70PSI depending on the model that you buy, but it does come at a cost. Some models need to be connected to an air hose in order for them to work and others can self propel while still being able to use the smaller air compressors .

These types of sprayers are often cheaper than other options available because of the lack of extra components needed to operate them, but also don’t offer the same amount of efficiency or coverage that you would get from a unit with an external compressor attached.

If you like using this type of sprayer then models will usually start around $200 but there is no upper limit on what they might cost; these types of paint spray gun kits always include a container, some kind of spray nozzle and an air hose to connect the two together. They are also the perfect choice for those working in cramped spaces since they allow you to get around your work area without being tethered down by an external power source.

If you’re working on something which needs a lot more paint than what one of these units can handle or you want to be able to move around with it longer then you might have to consider investing in a slightly larger model, but don’t worry; there are still plenty of highly portable models available that use compressed air as their primary means of propulsion.

These types of products are often called ‘compressor-free’ because they make use of materials like nylon rather than steel so that they can be lightweight and easy to carry.

These types of units are often made of plastic or nylon because they are much less expensive to produce than steel models would be, but still have the same high level of durability that is needed for them to work properly. You can even find some models which will allow you to attach a brush too so that you can paint things like siding on houses without any kind of difficulty, making them great options for anyone who wants more flexibility when working with their products .

The few disadvantages that these products do have include being at risk from wear caused by materials in the air if operated in environments which could potentially damage them; it’s also difficult if not impossible for them to process any type of primer or latex paint.

Most models will start at around $300 if you buy them new but you can find some very similar models which are available for less than this depending on how much you want to spend and the kind of model that you’re looking for.

These type of units are perfect for when working on large projects where a smaller product wouldn’t be able to handle everything that needs to be done, or when the paint that is needed can’t be used with other types of sprayers. The two main parts of these products are an air compressor and a paint gun , both of which would need to be purchased separately in order to operate it properly; the only exception to this rule is with some vertical paint sprayer models.

These kinds of products are usually designed so that they can be used with any type of paint right out of the box, making them great choices for anyone who is looking to use a sprayer in their home as well as on commercial jobs.

The most obvious benefit that comes from using these types of products , aside from being able to work with whatever kind of paint you like, is the incredibly high level of efficiency and power that they offer. They often have more than enough force pushing against the materials being sprayed in order to help you get even coverage over an entire surface without having to wait several passes before everything has been fully covered .

The only real downside that comes from using one of these units is related to how much space they take up once they are connected together; however if you don’t have the room for a compressor and paint gun together then you would need to find a new place for them to go if you were using an ‘inline’ model.

These types of units are best suited for when more traditional models won’t work with whatever kind of material that needs to be coated, but their size does make them harder to move around in certain situations. Vertical sprayer units will usually start at around $500 , but there is no limit on how much they could potentially cost; they are also the perfect choice for people who want something which works quickly that can handle even very thick paints with ease.

If you’re looking for something with a longer working time or higher level of power then these products might not be the right option since most of them have a working time around 30 seconds to one minute. They are also limited in how much pressure they are able to produce, which makes them less than ideal for certain types of projects like painting roofs or areas that are more difficult to get to; however it can be used by pretty much anyone with little training since the spray head will give you full control over where the paint is going and when it gets applied to the surface .

The best advantage that you’re getting out of using these products is that you don’t need any kind of air compressor in order for them to work, making them perfect for people who want something that is very portable while still being powerful enough for whatever type of project that would be needed.

This lack of reliance on a small air compressor is what sometimes makes them more expensive than other types of sprayers, but apart from this there are no real disadvantages to using these products; their working time can be increased by purchasing larger air cans or adding additional solenoids , making it easier for you to work on your project.

These type of units are perfect when you need a working time that lasts longer, although if you don’t plan on doing something that will require a lot of attention then you should probably go with one of the smaller models instead. Inline paint sprayer units usually start at around $600 .

Best Handheld Paint Sprayer

Best Handheld Paint Sprayer

ProductsWeightDifferent ModesCompatible with Thin and Thick Paint
Homeright HVLP Paint Sprayer3.3 poundsYesYes
Graco Paint Sprayer4.5 poundsYesYes
Yattich High Power Paint Sprayer  3.85 poundsYesYes

Homeright HVLP Paint Sprayer

Homeright HVLP paint sprayer is our experts’ pick for the best handheld paint sprayer. Its ultimate specs sheet and amazing user experience is the reason why our experts chose it. Before talking about its performance, let’s talk about the company first.

Homeright is a famous company that is known for manufacturing top-quality DIY tools. It has manufactured some great products over the past few years. The Homeright HVLP paint sprayer is a brilliant addition to their products’ lineup. 

Talking about its performance, it’s all bells and whistles here. It’s an HVLP (high volume less pressure) paint sprayer, which means there would be less paint wasted than other ordinary paint sprayers in the market. It’s compatible with all kinds of paint, such as latex paint, chalk type paint, milk paint, varnishes, clear sealer, and whatnot? Buy this and you won’t have to use different paint sprayers for different paint types. Cool, isn’t it?

The Homeright HVLP paint sprayer is used by both professional painters and DIYers all over the world. It’s made to help you out on every kind of project. Whether you’re painting on a fence, deck, chair, table, or simply a wall, this ultimate paint sprayer has always got your back. You can also use it for your DIY projects. Use this versatile paint sprayer to tackle all kinds of projects. 

This heavy-duty paint sprayer has been designed meticulously for your convenience. It comes with adjustable settings that enable you to paint accurately however you want. Yes, it’s a powerful paint sprayer, but you can customize its spray to paint like professionals. Different spray patterns include horizontal spray, vertical spray, and circular spray. All you need to do is adjust the air cap.

Another cool thing about the Homeright HVLP paint sprayer is that it comes with many useful accessories. There are three brass spray tips to help you on every kind of project. These spray tips come into their own when doing DIY projects. You can use the 4.0 mm tip for latex paint, 2.0 mm tip for chalk-type paint, and 1.5 mm for stains. As a result, the paint output is consistent, powerful, and accurate.

The Homeright HVLP paint sprayer is an ideal choice for your large painting projects. It’s powerful and efficient, thus saving a lot of your time. If you use a paintbrush instead, it will take an eternity to finish a large project. Apart from that, it features a big container that has way more capacity than most other paint sprayers. This means that now you won’t have to refill the container too often.

The problem with cheap paint sprayers is that they’re not durable at all. Their built quality is ordinary and they are made of cheaper materials. Thankfully, that’s not the case with the Homeright HVLP paint sprayer. It has military-level durability and if kept with care, you can use it for years. Seriously, what’s the point of buying a paint sprayer if you can’t even use it for a long time. It’s backed by a 2-year warranty from the company as well, so fingers crossed for you!

Reasons to Buy It

Here are some reasons why you should buy a Homeright HVLP paint sprayer for your next painting project.

  • It’s Highly Versatile. You can use it to paint on chairs, tables, fences, decks, and pretty much everything that can be painted.
  • Using it is a piece of cake. You don’t have to be a skilled and experienced person to use it.
  • It will do your job quickly without compromising on the quality of the paint output.
  • There are different modes to help you paint accurately.
  • It’s highly durable and you can use it in the long run.
  • You won’t have to make your paint thin as it’s compatible with both thin and thick paints.

Comparison with Some Popular Handheld Paint Sprayers

Here are some other handheld paint sprayers that our experts liked.

Graco Paint Sprayer    

Graco paint sprayer is a popular paint sprayer and is used by many painters, but our experts didn’t recommend it as some users didn’t have a great experience. It turns out that they had a hard time customizing its spray output. Its heavy spray is not good for DIY projects and it ruins them more often than not. It’s also bulky and you can’t hold it for a long period.

Yattich High Power Paint Sprayer  

Yattich paint sprayer is also widely used, but couldn’t impress our experts for some reasons. Some users had durability concerns. Furthermore, its spray is inconsistent at times.

Advantages of Homeright HVLP paint sprayer

Here are some advantages of buying the Homeright HVLP paint sprayer.

It Saves Your Time

If you have a lot of projects, using this paint sprayer will hit the nail on the head. You’ll be able to finish the projects even within a tight deadline.

Excellent Spray Output

Its spray is powerful and consistent. There is nothing to worry about its performance.

Ease of Use

You can set a different mode just by adjusting the air cap. 


A home right paint sprayer is a great option for your small and large projects. Its spray output is great and it makes painting a hassle-free experience. It’s durable too, just buy it and rest assured that you can use it for a long time.

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