Best Mattress Topper UK

Best mattress topper UK

Are you looking to read best mattress topper UK market is offering? A mattress topper is fully capable of making your night sleep to “Wow,” and the next morning, you will wake fresh and ready to rock. Apart from offering the optimum comfort, the best mattress topper provides additional support to your body, gives aid from stress on your joints and back, provides new life to your old mattress, and you can easily customize your mattress if you feel it is too firm or too soft.

The Bettersleep Company Brand - Hotel Quality Supersoft Polycotton Box Stitched Quilted Mattress...
  • Brand - The Bettersleep Company
  • Cover: Luxury Polycotton Percale fabric Machine washable at home 40 degrees
  • Construction: Quilted Box stitch with bound edges & elasticated corner straps for secure fit. Filling: Siliconised Spiral Hollowfibre
  • Size: Double bed 135cm x190cm (54" x 75")
  • Manufactured In the UK & Sold to hotel chains throughout the UK

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Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper - Deep Thick Best Mattress Toppers Pad Breathable Cooling Soft...
  • BREATHABLE - Experience unparalleled breathability with Airmax technology for a comfortably refreshing night's sleep
  • HYPOALLERGENIC – Kind to skin and does not include any contents likely to cause allergies
  • MACHINE WASHABLE – You can wash your pillow to keep it fresh, fluffy and clean
  • MADE IN THE UK – Crafted with love in the UK and 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee for ultimate peace of mind
  • GUARANTEE – 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee for ultimate peace of mind

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Southern Foam 4 Inch Double Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  • BRITISH MADE – crafted in our family factory in West Sussex, UK
  • UK MARKET LEADER – best-selling toppers with the most 5-star reviews
  • UNBEATABLE VALUE – because we sell direct
  • TRANSFORM TIRED BEDS ¬– add more comfort to a mattress
  • PRESSURE RELIEVING – ease aches and pains for a restful sleep

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rejuvopedic New Double Bed Size Microfibre Mattress Topper,** New 3D Massage Bubbbles Fabric**, Box...
  • REJUVOPEDIC QUALITY:This supreme microfibre topper is made of the finest materials available-No compromises have been made in preparing this topper
  • REJUVOPEDIC FILLING: soft and comfortable microfibre. This provides gentle but ample support.
  • REJUVOPEDIC FABRIC: New improved premium 3D fabric to give a massaging effect while you sleep. The massaging bubbles assit in giving a more deepful sleep.
  • REJUVOPEDIC LUXURY: High filling content produces genorous loft and gives the topper that sumptuous cozy feel. Elastic straps on all corners to provide a good fit.
  • DOUBLE BED SIZE: 135cm x 190cm (53" x 75") + 5cms Depth, all approx , This is the original "Rejuvopedic" branded topper exclusive to The Linen Depot

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Tempur Mattress Topper 7 (King Size (150cm x 200cm)) - Ultimate Comfort and Support - Made from NASA...
  • 10 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee
  • Available in standard sizes: small single, single, double, king size and super king
  • 7cm deep layer of TEMPUR material for luxurious comfort, when used on top of any mattress in good condition
  • Removable soft jersey cover, washable at 60°C
  • Zero-rated VAT purchase available to all eligible customers

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To some extent, we can say that a mattress topper is a mini mattress. It features a thin cushioned layer that you can place on the top of your mattress. It will fully change the feel of your mattress. This will also change the amount of support that it offers to your spine and neck. There are various materials used in making mattress toppers, but the most common are made of foam.

Because there is so much variety and brands of mattress toppers on the market, it is possible that you might easily get confused. But don’t worry, we’ve made your shopping easier.

Here are the best mattress topper UK according to original buyers and our experts, and below, you will find detailed reviews of these mattresses.

Best Mattress Topper UK

Best Mattress Topper UK

Southern Foam 4 Inch Double Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Product Features:

  • The topper is proudly made in the UK in the family factory located at West Sussex.
  • Offers matchless value for your money.
  • It will convert tore mattress into a comfortable one.
  • The topper relieves stress and eases aches and pains from pressure points for a peaceful sleep.
  • The topper is machine washable.
  • Available in various sizes so you can find the best one as per your bed’s size.

Made by a company that is widely known for its excellent comfort, this Southern Double Foam Mattress Topper is made in the Sussex and features premium memory foam all over. The topper comes in various sizes, and you can buy it with or without an anti-allergy cover. These bed toppers are the perfect option for someone looking for a sleek and effective mattress topper that provides a peaceful and sound night sleep.

The memory foam used in the manufacturing of this mattress topper is highly durable and firm enough to offer adequate support to your neck and back while you are sleeping. This mattress topper is neither too soft nor too hard, and it will keep you comfortable and relaxed regardless of your sleeping position. Having said, the mattress is suitable for all types of sleepers.

Want to what’s more? It comes properly rolled, and you can easily place the topper on your bed without anyone’s help.

The thickness is decent up to four inches, and this topper will remove all the issues and problems you face during night sleep. Lastly, it is the best solution if you cannot replace your old mattress at the moment and want a reliable solution.


  • The mattress is dense and luxurious.
  • Features premium memory foam that provides excellent support to your body.
  • Easy to use and move.
  • Perfect to use in summer months.


  • It doesn’t have corner straps, so you might face slipping or sliding problems.
  • You will feel a strong “chemical” smell after unpacking the topper.

Rejuvopedic New Double Bed Size Microfibre Mattress Topper

Product Features:

  • This best microfiber mattress topper features only premium materials, and it is the most comfortable topper in the market.
  • Soft and comfortable microfiber offers gentle but sufficient body support.
  • It comes with high-quality 3D fabric that provides a soothing massaging effect when you are sleeping. The massaging bubbles give more peaceful sleep.
  • High-quality filling materials that form substantial loft and gives you a plush cozy feel.
  • Elastic corner straps on all sides offer a firm and nice fit.
  • Measures around 135cm x 190cm (53″ x 75″) + 5cms depth.

When buying the perfect mattress topper according to your specific needs, allergy sufferers find it difficult to get the topper that is safe to use as compared to the normal users. It’s not that simple if you have sensitive skin. Luckily, microfiber fillings can help you if you have this severe skin problem. This Rejuvopedic Microfiber mattress topper includes the materials that are safe for all users and the best for an allergy-prone lifestyle.

The Rejuvopedic mattress topper features premium materials that not only protect your skin and senses but also provide you a pleasant night of sleep. It features a premium 3D box design also provides the necessary and much-needed support to your body. In this way, it helps to relieve neck or lower back pain.

The thing that we loved in this mattress topper is the covering that comes with “3D massage bubbles.” These bubbles soothe your body muscles while you sleep and give you a more relaxing night all around.


  • The unique 3D bubble design gives you a massage-like feeling while you are sleeping.
  • Safe filling for all allergy sufferers.
  • It provides sufficient and reliable support to your body.
  • It comes with elastic straps that keep the topper in place.


  • Some people find it too soft, so if you like a firm topper, this is not for you.
  • Breathability is less than the others.

The Bettersleep Supersoft Polycotton Mattress Topper Double

Product Features:

  • The topper cover features premium Poly-cotton Percale fabric.
  • The cover is machine washable.
  • It features Quilted Box stitching and bound edges.
  • It comes with elastic corner straps for a proper fit.
  • The topper measures around 135cm x190cm (54″ x 75″)
  • Manufactured in the UK.

If a firm mattress topper does not live up to your expectations, switch to something a little bit softer. The Bettersleep super soft poly-cotton mattress topper is specially designed to offer you optimum comfort and supple sleeping. The topper features a silicon hollow-fiber fillings for reliable support and best comfort. Every part of the topper comes tightly packed with soft padding so that you can get a relaxing night’s sleep.

This anti-allergenic mattress topper also includes a luxurious cover that you can quickly wash in a machine at a temperature of 40 degrees. Furthermore, the quilted box stitch design ensures that it will remain in place, whereas the elastic corner straps also ensure that it will not move or shift while you are asleep.

The mattress topper is entirely safe for allergy sufferers, and it is resistant to dust-mite. Lastly, if you want a topper with premium offerings, then this is your safest bet.


  • The price to performance ratio is higher than the others.
  • You will not have any problem with cleaning this cover.
  • Machine-washable and resistant to dust-mite.
  • Safe for people who have sensitive skin.
  • The filling is extremely soft.


  • The lining will get vanished over time.
  • It is thinner than other mattress toppers.

Lancashire Bedding Hollowfibre Extra Deep 4 Inch / 10 cm Thick Mattress Topper

Product Features:

  • The mattress topper is anti-allergy & resistant to dust-mite as it features Hollow fiber filling.
  • It comes with high-quality and 100% Natural Cotton Casing.
  • The topper is highly breathable.
  • The topper is deep & dense up to 4 inches/10cms.
  • It measures around 150 cm x 200 cm (5 feet x 6 feet 6″)

Most people like hotel beds than their beds and sleep better in a hotel room than at home. This highly durable 4-inch deep mattress topper by Lancashire bedding can help you reinvent your most comfortable holidays. This extra-thick mattress topper is expertly made to change your sleeping experience; you will feel like you’re tumbling into exceptional comfort.

This Lancashire mattress topper is entirely safe for allergy sufferers, and if you have problems with synthetic materials. The toppers cover features 100% cotton, and the deep filling is highly breathable. So, it will remove all allergens from the mattress.

Moreover, this topper features a baffle walled cassette design that keeps the filling equal throughout the topper. Due to this unique design, there will be no need to pick and shake it out, unlike some other toppers. Lastly, it comes with straps on all corners that will keep it in place, and it will not shift or move.


  • It comes with pure cotton covering.
  • The filling and fabric are resistant to dust-mite and anti-allergen.
  • Depp and extra thick filling up to 4 inches.
  • Highly breathable topper.


  • Don’t try to wash it in a machine.
  • Difficult to wash.
  • As per some consumer reports, it is too warm.

Tempur Mattress Topper 7 (King Size (150cm x 200cm))

Product Features:

  • Ten-year guarantee by the manufacturer.
  • Available in various sizes such as small single, single, double, king size and super king size.
  • The mattress includes a 7cm deep layer for luxurious comfort.
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions and mattresses.
  • The jersey cover is simple to remove, and you can wash it at 60°C.
  • Breathability is excellent throughout the mattress.

TEMPUR is a well-known and trusted brand in the mattress industry. With this Tempur mattress topper, you can pick the thickness of your exact needs and sleeping style. Tempur seven is the most luxurious and firm mattress topper in UK that comes with seven centimeters of memory foam support.

The TEMPUR Mattress topper 7 includes a soft jersey cover that is machine washable at a temperature of 60 degrees; hence it will serve you for many years. Furthermore, the topper’s cover is stringently tested; hence it is safe for people who have sensitive skin or suffering from skin problems and allergies.

The makers have full confidence in this topper and back it by offering a ten-year guarantee so that you can have peace of mind. The memory foam topper will remain in its place while you are sleeping, thanks to the included straps. We also found this topper effective during hot summer months as the airflow is consistent, so it is perfect for hot sleepers.


  • The topper is suitable to use with all mattresses.
  • Perfect choice if you have orthopedic or back pain issues.
  • High-quality jersey cover is machine washable.
  • Long-term guarantee of 10 years.


  • Some users find it too firm.
  • A bit expensive.

Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper, Polyester, White, Single

Product Features:

  • It offers matchless breathability for a comfortable and refreshing night’s sleep.
  • Safe for all skins and does not include any materials that can cause allergies.
  • You can easily wash the topper.
  • The mattress topper is proudly made in the UK.
  • It comes with a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • Single size mattress topper measures around 91 x 190 cm.

Here comes the last pick of our list. If you want to convert your hard mattress into a soft one without spending too much amount, then look further than this Silentnight AirMax Mattress Topper. The mattress topper features a unique dual-layer design and adequate filling of polyester packed between two microfiber toppers. This results in an overall thickness of around 5cm.

This generous depth and thickness offer plenty of cushioning, and you will not feel like sinking into your bed. Another thing that you will definitely admire in this mattress topper is the mesh walls located on all sides of the topper. These mesh walls enhance the airflow and certify that you will remain calm even in hot months or if you sleep with your partner on the same bed.

Apart from being a delightful sleep, this Silentnight AirMax mattress topper is safe for a machine wash at 40˚C. The topper also features elasticated straps on all corners, and it is safe to use with an electric blanket. Moreover, these straps will firmly keep it in place while you are sleeping. All in all, it provides supreme value for bucks.


  • A two-year warranty by makers is a huge plus.
  • Highly durable construction.
  • Breathability is decent.
  • It will not sink or lose its original shape with time.
  • Suitable for all types of sleepers.


  • The price is high.

How to clean a mattress topper

Proper cleaning of your mattress topper, like other bedding accessories, will keep it bacteria-free. When cleaning your mattress toppers, the first thing is to check the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions. Nowadays, you can wash and clean most toppers in a washing machine. Never use abrasive cleaners when washing the toppers. You can also air dry it after washing, if possible, or tumble dry it after washing.

What is the difference between a mattress topper and a mattress protector?

In simple words, mattress protectors guard your mattress from various elements such as stains, dead skin cells, and dust mites. People only use them for a kid’s bed. These mattress protectors also save kid’s beds from night-time accidents. On the other hand, mattress toppers are all about comfort level. They make your mattress softer, higher, firmer, and cooler, it mainly depends on the type of mattresses, but they will never guard your bed against spills or allergens.


Sleep is delicate, and anything can easily break it, such as noise, weather, or uncomfortable bed. While an uncomfortable sleep environment disturbs your sleep, but you can improve your sleep regime by getting the ideal sleep environment. This also includes bedding accessories such as bed sheets, pillows, and room atmosphere, but we find a bed mattress topper above all. So, try to get the one as soon as possible if you want to improve your sleep regime drastically.

However, it might take some time to out the best mattress topper for you as the choices are many. When looking for the one, keep in mind your specific needs, likings, and budget.

Once you know what do you exactly want, your quest will become a lot easier and straightforward. Try to lookout for mattress toppers that are too firm, too soft, or lack the necessary support that you’re looking for. By doing so, you can narrow down your picks and buy the one that suits you the most.

Happy Sleeping!! Do share your opinion on our best mattress topper UK review.

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