How To Clean Wooden Garden Furniture?

How To Clean Wooden Garden Furniture

Did you know that many people don’t know the best way to clean their wooden garden furniture? It’s true! This blog post is about how to clean your wooden garden furniture without damaging it. Read on for more information on how to clean wooden garden furniture.

You could be one of those whose wooden garden furniture looks a little tatty after many years of use. You may not even know the best products for cleaning it without ruining your beautiful garden table and chairs.

I will tell you how easy it is to clean your outdoor wooden furniture with some help from Mother Nature herself.

How To Clean Wooden Garden Furniture?

One of the easiest ways to clean wooden garden furniture is to jet wash it. But if you are unable to do so, here are some tips for you on how to clean wooden garden furniture:

Wipe down all surfaces with a damp cloth and mild soap

Don’t forget to wipe down all surfaces of your wooden garden furniture, including underneath and between the seats if it has them. You don’t want to leave any dirt there because it’s easy for people to sit back down after you’ve cleaned, and they’ll end up with dirty bottoms!

Once everything is wiped down, let it dry completely before giving it another cleaning in a few weeks. If you live in a cold climate (e.g., snow) where dampness can still enter through cracks in the wood even when frozen, please cover your furniture during winter to prevent any damage.

If you own a canopy, use it! Be sure that the top is well secured, though, because it also supplies an excellent hiding place for pests and almost anything else that might be living in your garden.

Pests are especially likely when we live in places where there’s lots of rain or humidity.

Don’t forget to don a pair of gloves when cleaning your wood garden furniture – They’ll protect you from splinters (if possible) and also help avoid the risk of staining your hands.

Don’t forget to wash your hands when you’re done – wood stains are resistant but not impossible to remove! If you stain your hands with a harmful chemical such as turpentine, however, please don’t touch anything else without washing them off first because it could undergo transference onto other surfaces.

Spray-on furniture polish to bring out the natural beauty of your wood

Once you are finished wiping down your furniture, you can bring out some of the natural beauty of your wood by spraying on furniture polish.

It’s incredible how brittle and bleached wood can be restored to a beautiful rustic brown-to-red color with this simple home remedy!

To prevent future damage, ensure that you don’t leave drinks or food lying around on your wooden garden furniture. This is because any liquid will soak into the wood and could potentially cause rotting after a while.

If any surface has been particularly harshly affected by weathering or damage, apply some glue (e.g., PVA [polyvinyl acetate]) onto it to allow for quick repair – Don’t forget to smooth over the area with sandpaper. Afterward, to get rid of any roughness!

If you are looking for a chic touch to your wooden garden furniture, paint or seal it. Painting and sealing will make it last much longer than just letting them stay natural. It’ll also be more resistant to weathering and harmful UV rays from the sun (if you live in a primarily sunny climate).

As a side note, if there’s no finish on your wood yet, but you still want to paint or stain it, please use oil-based paint as soon as possible because otherwise, water-based paints could blend with the wood grain and stop adhering properly.

Use a dry towel to buff away any excess moisture or dirt from the surface.

It’ll be easier to remove any remaining residue that way, and you also won’t leave behind streaks.

Use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe it, because harsh rags can damage the surface of wooden items quickly even though they do more cleaning in one go! – This is important if you like to keep your garden furniture looking as good as new.

If you want something slightly different for your garden furniture, add some cushions and decorate with plastic flowers or artificial greenery instead! 

If you have pets, try not to leave their food and water bowls on your wooden garden furniture because it could damage the wood!

Always be careful when placing things onto your furniture too. Items like heavy vases can easily break handles, supports, and other weak points of the construction if placed on top with force!

Don’t forget to sand down any splinters that might get exposed after using this article’s instructions before applying paint or sealant.

The fibres of most woods are microscopic but sharp, so sanding them off will make a big difference in terms of appearance; without them, the paint or sealant will adhere better instead of being “grazed” by a splinter.

The last thing to remember is that if you use paint or sealant on top of your wooden garden furniture, it will be more protected against weathering and the sun’s UV rays but less resistant to scratches and other damage from human contact – So please take care!

Apply an oil-based sealant for extra protection against water damage, bugs, and other elements that could cause harm

It’s important to remember that the best way to protect your home’s furniture is by taking preventative measures. An oil-based sealant can provide extra protection against water damage, bugs, and other elements that could cause harm. This type of sealant should be applied on a semi-regular basis for it to be most effective. It’s also straightforward to apply this type of sealant, so you don’t have any excuse not to do it! Prolong Your Furniture’s Life And Protect It From The Elements!

To clean wooden garden furniture, you need to ensure that oil-based sealant is applied to the wood first. When you buy a new item of furniture, like garden tables, chairs, and day beds, they will all require an oil-based sealant to prevent water damage over time. This is usually applied to you when you purchase the furniture. It would help if you stored them away from rain and the full heat of the sun to protect your investment. Oil Based Urethane

When your items are kept in their original packaging or stored in a dry environment, then this type of sealant can last several years before there is a need to reapply it again.

However, if you do leave your wooden outdoor furniture out during wet weather or expose it to lots of sunlight, you will find that this type of sealant will wear out much faster than average.

If this is the case, you need to reapply some of the oil-based urethane again before it shows signs of wear and tear. This can be done by removing any dirt or muck from your furniture first, using soap and water on a scrubbing brush if necessary, and then drying off the area thoroughly. Once dry, you can put on a couple of layers of sealant depending upon how badly worn out it is already.

If you have had any bad storms that have left your garden furniture pitted with marks otherwise known as ‘blotches’ from the rainwater spotting them all over, you may find that adding more layers will fix up these areas for you they look almost back to new. It is straightforward, and it will save you a fortune on having to buy new furniture items if just treated regularly with an oil-based sealant.

Look out for flaws that are all over the place, these may be hard to get rid of as they can eat right through your sealant, meaning you need to apply more than once before it repairs itself entirely down the line. If blotches aren’t too bad, then only one layer is usually required; otherwise, it may not repair itself in time before excess damage has been done, which means repurchasing new wooden garden products!

If your wooden outdoor furniture does have any small holes in them or fragments that have come off from play, then it is best to fill them in with a wood filler that you can get from your local DIY store. This will typically be a white colour, so make sure it matches up with the rest of the furniture and apply two coats in order for it to look as good as new.

Don’t forget to use oil-based sealant now and again, perhaps once per season, depending upon how much your wooden garden furniture gets used.

If there are small children around, you may want to apply it more regularly, so they don’t start scratching or chewing on some areas where the sealant has worn away slightly. The same goes for outside pets such as rabbits which like to nibble at things sometimes!

How To Clean Wooden Garden Furniture

Let it sit for at least 24 hours before using your garden furniture again!

After applying the above, it is essential to let your furniture sit for 24 hours before using it again. This not only allows the sealant to dry correctly but also ensures that there aren’t any oil marks left to be rubbed off on your clothes and for small splinters or holes in corners to fill up completely.

Store during winter months so you can enjoy it year-round!

To increase the life of your wooden garden furniture, it is a good idea to store it during the winter months so you can come back to use it in the late spring, summer, and early autumn. This will also give your items a chance to ‘harden’ during those winter months, which helps them last longer too!

It is best to spray some waterproofing paint on the unfinished wooden furniture parts before storing them, as this prevents any excess moisture damage while it is put away for the colder months.

This may be an extra cost, but if you want your outdoor furniture looking good year after year, then it is worth spending that little bit more money to buy a few cans or polish off surface dirt each now and again!


If you want to keep your wooden furniture looking its best, you must do the right things. First, use a dry towel and then buff with another clean cloth before applying oil-based sealant for long-term protection. It takes work but is worth the effort in the end! What are some of your favourite tips when cleaning wood?

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