Pros and Cons of Memory foam Mattress Toppers

pros and cons of memory foam mattress toppers

Memory foam is a unique innovation in the foam industry. It radically changed the way we sleep and improved the quality of our sleep to a greater extent. What started as a NASA effort to provide comfortable sleeping for its astronauts quickly became a commercial success. In this guide, We will be sharing with you the pros and cons of memory foam mattress toppers and further detailed information on memory foam.

A mattress offers your body much needed support and comfort when you are sleeping, and it is one of the essential fixtures of your bedroom. But there’s another vital component of your bed that usually is uncommon the bed mattress and goes unnoticed most of the time. That additional bed component is a mattress topper.

Although it might not be necessary, a good mattress topper can keep you comfortable, maintains your body temperature, and provide you with the necessary support throughout the night. A well-chosen and well-made mattress topper will also enhance the working life of your mattress, and you can use it for an additional year or two before replacing it.

Memory foam mattress contains a material known as viscoelastic that absorbs energy and is exceptionally soft. Due to this unique substance, the foam responds to your body temperature and pressure, and moulds as per your sleeping position. It also distributes the weight of your body evenly and returns to its original shape with the movement.

Many sleepers like and appreciate memory foam technology, especially the memory foam mattress topper. They love to carry it even when traveling so that they can take rest irrespective of their place. But many people still ask whether a memory foam mattress topper is a wise investment or not. Here, we have advice for you; purchasing or replacing a mattress is expensive; instead, you can buy the best memory foam mattress topper that will keep you comfortable and extend the life of your existing mattress.

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What is memory foam?

Memory foam is a great innovation as it improves the quality of your sleep and also adapts to the body temperature. What makes memory foam different from spring-based foams is that it is made of polyethene and other chemicals, increasing its density and viscosity. A high density and viscosity makes memory foam ultra-comfortable and adapts to the contours of the body.

Memory foam is basically viscose elastic foam. Viscose elastic foams use the cushioning technology which is scientifically designed to support the body’s various parts during the sleep.

NASA developed this foam for its scientists who go out in the space, offering them a comfortable alternative to traditional spring-based foams. Memory foam forms hills and valleys and adapts to your body contours. It becomes a custom made mould which adapts to every curve of our bodies. The benefit of this is memory foam provides exact support to your body without putting any pressure on the spine or other parts of the body.

While using memory foam mattress toppers personally, I feel as if the memory foam toppers adjust to every curve and niche of your body. I always felt a lot more relaxed and provide you with support where it is needed most.

What Is a Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper, as the name state, is placed on the top of a mattress for additional cushioning and support. There are various types of memory foam topper, including latex, memory foam, feathers, and more. These toppers have a range of thicknesses and densities.

When should I get a mattress topper?

Mattress toppers are useful if you need a soft and super comfortable surface to sleep. This can also come handy if you feel that your mattress is too firm. Many people use a mattress topper as a fix for their mattress that is sagging and starting to lose its original shape.

But remember that mattress toppers are not a permanent answer for your old mattress. So, if your existing mattress is sagging, think about replacing it with a new memory foam mattress. However, a mattress topper can extend the life of your old mattress marginally.

A memory foam mattress topper can also help when you want to minimize motion transfer by up to 50%. The additional cushioning you get from a memory foam mattress topper will make your nights more cosy and relaxed.

Different Types of Mattress Toppers

Nowadays, you will find many different models in the bedding industry, and you should know that not all mattress toppers are the same. They feature other quality materials and various designs. So, when buying a new memory foam mattress topper, you should go for the one that offers 100% satisfaction. To get that much satisfaction, you must consider the designs and materials along with the pros and cons of each type of mattress topper. Some of the most common types of memory foam mattress toppers in the market are mentioned below:

  • Wool
  • Feathers
  • Latex
  • Memory foam


Wool mattress topper is not so typical nowadays, but these toppers are a perfect choice for those folks who need an extra pad that doesn’t retain heat. These toppers include natural wool fleece.


  • Includes antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties
  • Incredibly soft and highly comfortable
  • Long working life
  • Easy to move around


  • Uncommon than the other toppers
  • Expensive topper


The most vital thing about this type is that it is not suitable for those who are allergic to feathers. Moreover, these toppers are too soft to sleep on. Due to this, the comfort level is less. Lastly, they are also known as featherbeds.


  • Easy to move and shift
  • Affordable mattress topper
  • Does not absorb body heat


  • Noisy and wrinkled
  • Not hypoallergenic


Latex includes a liquid that you will find in the rubber tree. It is a natural mattress topper.


  • It will serve you for a long time.
  • It includes antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties.
  • Adequately firm
  • Gives relief from back pain


  • Retains body heat
  • Expensive than the others

Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

If you are searching for a memory foam mattress topper with a thick surface, the memory foam mattress topper is one of the best. Besides, it also offers reliable support that we need while sleeping. To be precise, it contains polyurethane material with chemically improved density.


  • Extremely firm
  • It offers reliable support and relief.
  • The most comfortable topper in the market


  • Not suitable for hot conditions

Here are the top Pros & Cons of Memory Foam Mattress Toppers:

Reduces Pressure on Joints and other Parts of the Body

Memory foam itself was expensive, and very few people use to buy it when it started to sale in the market. Gradually, its acceptance increased, and now with reduced costs, a lot of people are buying it frequently due to its various benefits.

One of the key benefits of memory foam toppers is that they relieve pain and pressure in joints and other parts of the body. Memory foam is incredibly easy on the skin, back and joints. The reason it helps improve your body posture and support your body during sleep is that it increases the surface area of the body. This increase in the surface area of the body provides all the necessary support to the body while sleeping.

Pros and Cons of Memory foam Mattress Toppers


People who use a memory foam mattress topper will agree with us that they make your sleeping space more comfortable than ever. The memory foam mattress topper works on your pressure points that cause pain while you are sleeping. Your body heat will make the memory foam mattress topper to get soften from the right spots. As a result, it will provide the necessary support to your body due to its natural curves and unique shape. This unique shape offers excellent support and also enhances blood circulation in your body.

Better Sleep

The comfort level offered by the memory foam mattress topper will improve your sleep regime. Additionally, suppose you are disturbed by the tossing and turning of your bedmate. In that case, a memory foam mattress topper can help to a great extent as they can isolate a person’s movement. When you pair it with doubles, a memory foam mattress topper will allow everyone to sleep comfortably!

Affordable Option

For many people buying a whole mattress can be expensive but purchasing a memory foam mattress topper is relatively less costly. You can buy the correct size topper for your existing mattress without changing your bed frame and mattress completely.

Increases the working life of the Mattress

When talking about the mattress’s longevity, it relies on many factors that impact your mattress’s overall working life that too, in the wrong way. The following are the biggest enemies of your mattress, and you can avoid all of these by getting a high-quality mattress topper:

Bacteria and Dead Skin: If these elements are present on your mattress, these will inevitably end up on your body. However, you can avoid these if you use a mattress topper. Furthermore, Latex, hybrid foam, and memory foams mattress toppers come with removable covers, so you can easily remove and wash them with your other clothing stuff.

Body Sweat: Our body produces 2 pints of moisture every night. And this sweat goes directly into the duvet, cover, and your mattress. That is where a mattress topper comes handy and avoids perspiration and sweat from entering and damaging your mattress. Moreover, your mattress topper has the tendency to absorb all your sweat, and as mentioned above, you can always remove and wash the topper. Lastly, you can also replace a memory foam mattress instead of changing your mattress.

Unwanted Imprints: Foam mattresses compress and lose their original shape eventually with the usage because of the foam’s nature and structure. So, when you are using a mattress topper, its top layer protects the mattress from sagging and bears all the pressure. So, in this way, your mattress remains safe. Lastly, the topper also protects your mattress from spills and tough stains. This is useful if you have kids at home.

A memory foam topper minimizes motion transfer.

Do you have a bed mate who turns here and there all night long? It’s not an issue if your mattress contains a minimal motion transfer. On the other hand, if you feel sprung, a memory foam topper is a reliable fix as it eliminates all that.

Memory Foam Toppers Make Life Harder For Dust Mites

Do you have sensitive skin, or do you have any type of allergy? In this case, you will find a mattress topper handy as it is dense, and the materials used in the making of the memory foam topper are less prone to dust mites. Memory foam topper also reduces mold and pet dander. You can also use it if your room suffers from dampness or moisture, or your pet loves to sleep on your bed.

Good Memory Foam Toppers Can Last Up To 10 Years

A high-quality and durable memory foam topper will serve you for many years or for up to 10 years in some cases. If you want to use it for the guest room, then the foam topper’s working life will be much longer.

They are suitable for every bed. 

Whether you have a single bed, double, or king-size bed, there’s a memory foam topper for your specific needs.

But what will you do if you have an adjustable bed? The solution is simple; you can always bed the Memory foam topper and use it on your adjustable bed, without sagging or sliding. It will still offer reliable support to you.

The Best Memory Foam Toppers Keeps You Cool

Are you a sweaty sleeper? Some memory foam mattress toppers are highly breathable, which means there will be no more hot sweats irrespective of the weather condition.

Here we want to clear a common misconception. That misconception is that many people think that mattress toppers overheat, and they are extremely uncomfortable at night time. But it is not the fact. However, the latest models of mattress foam disperse body heat and circulate air throughout the mattress that will keep you cool during the night. Similarly, if your body temperature rises, the foam topper will become softer and keep you comfortable.

Memory foam toppers are low maintenance.

Unlike some other mattress toppers, memory foam is not fluff. However, we will advise you to rotate it frequently. As for the maintenance, a random vacuuming will be enough.

Memory Foam Toppers Suit All Sleep Positions

Do you love to sleep by your side? Or your partner loves to sleep on his/her back? Another pro of memory foam is that it is suitable for all sleeping positions because it is made to support every body part perfectly. For back sleepers, the mattress topper will bend according to the curves of your back; hence it provides excellent lumbar support. For all side sleepers, it supports all your pressure points, and if you love to sleep on your stomach, it will keep your spine balanced.

Cons of having a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Despite of all these benefits, memory foam mattress toppers have some cons. Here they are:

Heat Retention

The memory foam mattress topper responds to the heat of your heat; it might retain some of your body heat; hence it might be a bit uncomfortable in the warm weather. However, you can adjust the thermostat or change your bedding according to the weather conditions, and this problem will not bother you.

Harsh Chemical Smells

Your brand new memory foam mattress topper will release a strong chemical odor. However, you can fix this problem by placing your new memory foam mattress topper in sunlight before using it for at least one whole day. The harsh odor will scatter rapidly. Moreover, there are no reports or incidents of allergic or medical reactions because of this strong chemical smell.

No Relief for Sleep-Breathing Disorders

Nowadays, many people suffer from sleep-breathing problems such as sleep apnea. Keep in mind that a memory foam mattress topper will not help you out in these sorts of problems. At the same time, the memory foam mattress topper will make your sleep much more comfortable and help you in other ways. But for sleep breathing disorders, we will advise you to consult your doctor.


A memory foam mattress topper can be your best effort to reduce the adverse effects of sweat and other sleeping problems.

A memory foam topper is an incredible way to enhance the comfort level of your mattress, and it also protects your mattress from daily wear and tears.

But the best memory foam mattress topper delivers much more than this. They protect your mattress from dirt, dust, spills, dander, and allow you to relax on your bed at a comfortable temperature. It is indeed a great and wise bedding investment that ensures reliability, comfort, and cleanliness in your mattresses.

While buying a topper for your mattress is a little bit expensive and requires little effort on your end. So, we will recommend you to do some research work and investigate a bit before finalizing your purchase. After all, you cannot go to the market and buy a topper. The right purchase will serve you for decades and will be worthy of your efforts.

When buying a topper, look for the right thickness, size, and density that suits your bed size, your personal preferences, and justifies your comfort level and requirements.

To make things simple, try to match the materials of the topper with your mattress’s materials. Lastly, don’t forget that the substitute for a mattress topper is to change your mattress totally.

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