7 Things to know before getting Car Insurance For a Day

Can you get car insurance for a day

Buying car insurance for a day is a practical way to remain insured if you are facing any of the following situations:

  • You have recently sold your car and borrowed a car from a friend to drive it for a few days before you buy your own.
  • You are test driving new cars
  • You cancelled your old insurance and planning to buy a new car in a month or two so you don’t want to have full annual insurance on an old car you are about to sell.
  • Do you have some points on your license? Temporary insurance can be handy to use before points are taken off from your license.

There are countless reasons to buy car insurance for a day or for a shorter-term as it is one of the effective ways to deal with any of the above situations.

If you are in any situation which requires to have temporary insurance, you are at the right place to read most practical and actionable guide on getting car insurance for a day.

Can you get car insurance for a day?

Temporary car insurance or one-day car insurance can be obtained for a variety of reasons.

Many people would need it while test driving a new car, borrowing a car from a friend or even for shared driving.

It is a legal requirement in the UK to have car insurance even if you are test driving a new car.

The car dealers would always ask you to show them the insurance before allowing you to test drive the vehicle.

If you don’t have one, you might have to arrange one through the dealer also but in that case, it could be costly.

Normally, people do not avail insurance from the day they sold their old car to the day they buy the new ones.

Why pay for extra when you will not be driving your car for the next 10 to 20 days?

Temporary insurance is the best solution for such situations.

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Avail All Discounts

Not all companies display all of their discounts online.

Some companies, though, provide all discount information online.

But some just provide the partial information and you need to dig deep to find maximum discounts.

To avoid any risk, simply call your insurance agent before choosing any policy.

Specifically, ask for any discounts which are not listed on the website and insist to get one if you are qualified.

To avail the best discount, you should first research on the competition of your company.

Call them and know how much discount they are offering if you switch to them.

Once you have all the data with you, go ahead and call your insurance provider to haggle.

Be firm and persistent- the person you will be talking too is trained in not allowing you any discounts so you need to be very very firm and assertive while haggling.

Insurance companies also offer discounts if you belong to a certain profession such as law enforcement personnel, lawyers, accountants etc.

You can also avail discounts if you are alumni of any university or college.

Such discounts are not advertised and to reduce your premium, you need to probe more to get the best deal.

Pay as You Go – Monthly Covers

Instead of buying temporary insurance, you can opt for pay as you go monthly covers also.

Temporary insurance is not cheap and some consumers get quotes as high as £457 per month making it extremely difficult for many to afford it.

A cheaper alternative could be to go for pay as you go monthly covers. Pay as you go monthly covers are based on monitoring of some aspects of your driving and premium adjusts accordingly.

Insurance companies can issue you pay per hour policies or even pay per mile policies on a pay as you go plans.

Telematics Insurance is the most common form of PAYG covers. Check out with your insurance provider and make a cost comparison between temporary and pay as you go plans.

Comprehensive Coverage

At a higher premium, insurance providers provide comprehensive coverage on temporary insurance.

But normally, the car is not covered comprehensively and you would need to pay extra on your car insurance for a day if comprehensive coverage is desired.

If the vehicle is uninsured, it is quite difficult to get a comprehensive cover on short term insurance. Even if any company allows it, it will be quite expensive to buy comprehensive car insurance for a day or two.

Hire a Car or get the annual plan and cancel it

You can avoid paying a high premium on car insurance for a day by hiring a car instead of using your parents or friend’s car and get temporary insurance.

Hiring a car for a short period of time can be more cost-effective as compared getting car insurance for a day.

Similarly, if you find temporary car insurance more expensive, you can get annual insurance and cancel it after some time.

In this case, all you have to pay is cancellation charges if you cancel your plan within 30 days.

Do not cancel your annual insurance before you actually sell your car

Probably, the biggest reason people buy temporary insurance is that they are selling their old cars.

Most, however, also cancel their annual insurance plans before they buy the new car.

One can save big on car insurance for a day by keeping the annual insurance valid until it is replaced with a new policy on a new car.

It is more easy to add a new car to your policy instead of getting new insurance for a temporary period.

No Claim Bonus and Temporary Insurance

Car insurance for a day or more is often taken on parents or friends’ cars.

Though most companies claim that it will not hurt no claim bonus of the original owner but it could be risky to take temporary insurance on someone else’s car.

There is a greater risk that the original owner of the car may suffer due to any mishap on your part.

Any claim on your temporary insurance may reduce the no claim bonus of the original owner and ultimately they have to pay a higher premium.

Before opting for this option, be absolutely sure that you can completely avoid putting other people in trouble.

Bundling up your Insurance

If you are not a student and already availing insurance on your home or other items, you can better negotiate a good deal.

Bundling up your insurance can save you money

Insurance companies do not want to lose business and if your existing provider also offers temporary insurance, you should consider approaching them first.

You can easily get a discount of 10 to 15% on car insurance for a day just by sticking with your existing provider.

Getting car insurance for a day can be easy and cheap. Follow the above tips and you save tons of money and get your desired insurance for a day.

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