10 Tips to Find Cheap Car Insurance For Woman Driver

cheap car insurance for woman driver

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Are you a woman driver who is trying to find out a perfect car insurance policy that is more suited to your needs and budget? Well, there are a few things which you need to know and understand before finding the best cheap car insurance for woman driver.

Car insurance premiums are always the big-ticket expense items draining your paycheck every month. If not managed properly, car insurance premiums can be costly and get you into a lot of paperwork and hassle when it comes to making and getting a claim.

We know that legally we can’t drive without insurance and despite the fact that it is one of the grudge purchases, insurance premiums are still one of the largest expenses we pay.

Carefully finding and negotiating an affordable and right insurance policy can be difficult. I have done some research and find out 10 classic tips to get cheap car insurance for woman driver.

Can You get cheap car insurance for woman driver?

Defintely.. According to Statistics, women are better drivers than men. Historically, insurance providers have charged less to women drivers because they are involved in less accidents.

Read on further…..

Do You have a good driving record?

Probably, the most important factor which can play the biggest role in getting a reduced quote is the driving record. A good driving record could be the most critical factor to get you cheap insurance for woman driver. Otherwise, you might end up paying more simply because of a poor driving record.

Without a good driving record, it is extremely unlikely that you are going to get a quote which fits your budget and also fulfil all your needs.

Accidents can happen mostly due to two reasons. First, accidents may be due to human error or the car may suddenly develop a mechanical fault like break fail or engine failure which can cause an accident.

To maintain a good driving record, it is extremely important to maintain the car in good condition. Having a car in good condition means it can be reliable on the road and will not get you in trouble due to mechanical faults.

To get cheap car insurance for a woman driver, it is utmost important that you do not have a history of rash driving or over-speeding tickets or other penalties which are imposed due to bad driving behaviour.

Start with Comparision Sites

Probably the best place to start finding the cheap insurance for woman driver is to look for comparison sites.

Comparison sites can provide you with a good estimate of the ballpark range of insurance premium you can expect for, given your car model and other factors.

Carefully review the quotes and in an excel sheet, make a ranking based on how cheap insurance quote is and what is covered. Your ranking can be based upon different factors such as coverage, premium level, how easily and quickly you can be reimbursed etc.

It is more advisable, however, not to buy through comparison sites because such quotes are standard quotes and may not suit your needs and you may end up paying more for insurance which does not fit your needs and budget.

Always Call Insurance Company

Most people rely on online quotes and comparison sites to buy insurance online. To get personalised cheap car insurance for woman quote, you need to call insurance provider.

This may be a good idea but it is not the best idea to actually buy through comparison sites. Such sites can serve as a good tool to have a ballpark view of how much your premium could be but they cannot provide you with a tailor-made quote.

See, the insurance needs of each of us differ. It does not matter whether one is a female or a male driver. The exact needs of each driver are different and online comparison sites cannot cater to this.

To better assess your needs and have a direct discussion with the insurance company, it is always a better idea to call the company and talk to one of its representatives.

Though representatives are also trained marketers, they can understand your needs in a much better manner. In order to have you as a customer, they will carefully review your needs and can offer you some really good practical tips to learn more about your needs and thus adjust your premium accordingly.

It is always a great idea to call up your insurance agent and discuss before making a purchase.

Carefully Assess Your Needs if You want to find cheap car insurance for woman driver

It is too easy to buy insurance which is either expensive or do not meet our needs. Most of the people buy insurance which is more than what they need and pay more than they should be.

When buying any insurance, need assessment is the key. You need to properly and accurately define your needs and precisely determine the overall objective of your insurance policy.

Car insurance can come in different forms. You may be offered comprehensive insurance, or you may be offered insurance with the different excesses included. It is also possible that you may be allowed to add an extra driver if you pay an extra premium.

Whatever you are being offered, calmly assess your needs. Ask yourself if you really need what is being offered or you can accept a more stripped-down insurance policy which caters to your core needs?

Do not overpay.. do not buy car insurance which does not meet your requirements and always apply common sense.

Check if Premiums are different from female and male drivers?

It is a proven fact that a woman driver is involved in fewer accidents as compared to male drivers.

Most insurance companies acknowledge this fact and charge premiums which are relatively less as compared to male drivers.

However, it is not always easy to get reduced premium unless you haggle around and clearly discuss this point with your insurance agent.

You need to ask for this discount and search for the company which offers the least considering your needs.

Pro Tip # If you are a young woman driver, the model and make of your car can matter a lot in finding the less expensive premium policy. Most Young drivers, especially in the UK have cars like 2008 Corsa, Polo or Golf which are considered as high-risk cars by the insurance companies. You need to have a model like Skoda or Dacia to get a further reduction in your premium.

Is Your Partner Covered?

Even if the premiums are high, you can manage the costs if your partner is covered in the same insurance policy. Having two persons on the same policy can reduce the overall costs therefore you need to find out if your insurance company is offering to add your partner on the same policy.

It is also possible to have your parents on the policy. If your parents have a clear driving history, adding them can actually help you to reduce the premium more.

Though both the options can reduce the premiums you should note that they may not be offered by default and you need to check with the insurance company explicitly

Remember, you can always get better outcomes if you know how to haggle properly and add as many benefits as you can without raising your cost.

Will you get a courtesy car in case of Breakdown?

Another benefit your car insurance policy can offer is providing a courtesy car in case of breakdowns.

Though most of the insurance policies offer this facility and you can get it by default when you sign up for the new policy. But as I stated above, you need to particularly discuss this option with your insurance company.

In the UK, you may get the breakdown covers packed with your current account also. Many banks offer current accounts which, for a small monthly fee, offer the breakdown covers. But most of such breakdowns, do not offer the courtesy car replacement so having an insurance policy providing such facilities might be handy in case you need a new car temporarily without getting new insurance.

Also, you need to read the fine prints clearly and closely as there may be different conditions attached to the use of this facility with your policy.

In case you are not provided with a courtesy car, you can always opt for car insurance for a day

Does it offer a telematic Insurance Facility?

Telematic insurance is also called black box insurance policies. If you are opting for such insurance policy, a black box will be installed in your car which will effectively be tracking your driving behaviour.

With real-time data available to the insurance companies through this black box, your insurance company can observe your driving behaviour and can offer lower premiums on renewals provided your driving has remained satisfactory as per the requirements of the insurance company.

Adding telematics to your policy can help you to get a more personalised cheap insurance quote. Since as a woman driver, statistically, you may get already reduced quote but adding that black box in your car can further reduce the premium.

To get cheap car insurance for woman driver, you can take advantage of this technological development and add telematics to not only get personalised renewal quotes but you can also get alerts in case of theft and accident alerts.

Check if you are getting comprehensive car insurance?

There are different types of insurance policies offered by insurance providers. Some insurance policies cover the bare minimum of the benefits while some are comprehensive enough to offer you all the required benefits.

cheap insurance for woman driver

Opting for comprehensive insurance policy can be expensive however, it also provides almost every cover a woman car driver can think of. Overall, opting for such policies may reduce the cost on the average and you may benefit from such policies in a longer period of time.

Opting for a bare minimum policy can effectively increase the excess. A small level accident can rack up your excess if your policy is not covering that specific outcome. In such situations, it is always a great idea to opt for the comprehensive insurance policies to have a bit of more peace of mind instead of getting yourself in a situation where you actually end up paying more in the shape of extra premiums.

Find out if adding named driver can reduce the premium?

As I have mentioned above, adding your parents to the policy can be effective as adding named drivers is one of the ways through which a reduced premium can be negotiated.

Adding a named driver simply means that you allow someone else to be added to your policy. That person would be entitled to the same level of insurance cover as you are. Keep in mind though that if that person gets into an accident while driving your car, you will be the one taking hit on your no claim discounts or bonuses.

Adding up a named person can save money and it is quite easy to actually to do it. At the time of signing up for the policy, most insurance providers would actually offer you this option. But you also need to be careful and read the fine prints before choosing this option.

Adding a named driver could get you cheap car insurance for woman driver but it comes with different conditions and you need to carefully review and read all such conditions before opting for this option.

Above tips can help you to better prepare yourself, assess your actual needs and better negotiate to get cheap car insurance for woman driver. All you need to do is to do some research through comparison sites, talk to the insurance provider and also use some word of mouth before deciding from where to buy your next car insurance for woman driver.

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