Your Smart Guide on Car Insurance for Learner Driver

Car Insurance for Learner Driver
  • Having Car Insurance for learner drivers is one of the legal requirements in the UK before anyone can start learning driving.
  • Almost all Driving schools add the insurance charges in the fee they charge you for teaching driving.
  • It is not mandatory to buy the insurance your driving school suggests you. You can choose your own.
  • You need to be less than 34 years of age to get learner drivers insurance.
  • Most Insurance companies charge excess over your premium.
  • You can use your friend’s or parents car to learn driving.
  • You can even ask your parents to teach you driving provided certain conditions are met.
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As a legal requirement to learn driving, learner drivers need to have learner insurance before they can take out their vehicles on road for driving purposes.

But before you start enjoying the new and exciting world of driving, you have to navigate through a complex world of learner insurance.

UK Insurance market is saturated and you can get a lot of automated advice and quotes with just one click of a button.

Before you choose any provider for your car insurance for learner drivers, you must learn some basics of choosing the right policy.

This guide will help you to choose the best insurance for learner drivers in the UK

What is Learner Driver Insurance?

Car insurance for learner drivers is a legal requirement. You have to have it to drive an insured car on your provisional licence. 

Insurance for learner drivers in the UK is an insurance policy which is created for inexperienced drivers – people who have restricted or learner licence and are not fully authorized to drive.

Learner insurance works almost the same way a normal insurance would work but there are some additional caveats which a learner driver has to fulfil to become entitled to this insurance.

For example, your instructor must have at least three years of driving experience, the car you are using for learning must have an L plate on it etc.

Car Insurance for Learner Drivers

If any of the extra conditions are not met, you may not be entitled to claim in case of damages.

In the UK, learner driving comes under the definition of private practice therefore, your instructor will not take you for driving lessons unless you are insured with a valid policy.

Your driving school will almost certainly sell you the learner driver insurance and normally adds it to the price of your lessons.

But instead of blindly accepting the insurance offered by your driving school, you may look for other options to get a better bargain.

Most insurance companies will also put an age limit for issuing learner driver insurance. You need to be at most 34 years of age to get the learner drivers insurance. 

If you are older than 34, check with your insurance provider.

What is Covered under learner driver insurance?

Under a normal learner driver insurance policy, the following is covered:

  • Death and bodily injury to others.
  • Damage to the property of others
  • Legal defence cost

Normally, your insurance will not cover the death or injury to the person driving the car. So if you are the driver and any injury happens to you or your car, you will not be compensated by the insurance provider.

You will also not be paid if you are involved in an accident while driving a car which is not covered under your learner driver insurance cover.

The excess over the normal premium

Every insurance company in the UK will charge an excess over the normal premium for a learner driver insurance.

This is supposedly done to share the cost of repairs for damages in case learner driver is involved in any type of accident…

Excess may be avoided if it is proved that the accident happened due to errors of other drivers. To minimise the risk, companies though however, charge the excess in almost every situation.

Learn about the Maximum Amount Covered

Your learner driver policy always covers the maximum amount it will pay in the case of any defined accidental events.

Normally, this amount varies from and depends on how much premium you are willing to pay

It is always a great idea to check the maximum amount first.

Apart from the maximum amount, you also need to check the maximum amount of the value of the car.

Most insurance companies in the UK offer learner insurance driving licence only for cars valuing at a certain amount.

If you are learning on a car which is expensive than the maximum value of car allowed, your claim may be rejected. Check out this link to know which vehicles you can drive.

Do you need to own a car before buying the learner driver insurance?

You can start learning on your friend’s car or use your parents’ car to learn to drive. It is absolutely not required to have your own car to buy a learner driver insurance.

If you are using your parents or a friend’s car for learning, make sure it is manual. By law, in the UK, you cannot learn to drive on an automatic car. 

Make a note that if you want to buy your own car to practice on it, you will need car insurance also.

Most companies though don’t offer car insurance while driver is on the provisional.

Before buying your own car, you need to learn if you can get a separate policy on your car or not.

You should wait before you get your full licence to buy your own car or else get someone with full license as the primary driver and be the beneficiary of that insurance policy.

Check out if this can work.

You Can add your parents and friends as additional drivers?

If you own a car with a provisional licence, you can add your parents or friends as additional drivers on the same policy.

Adding your parents as additional drivers can get you low premium also.

Some insurance companies require that your parents must also be insured if you are taking them as driving instructor on your own car.

Some would be just happy to know that the person who is giving you driving lessons must have 3 years experience.

If your provider allows, you can add your parents as secondary drivers on your car. This can reduce your premium also.

If you are adding your friend as an additional driver, check if he/she meets the criteria or not. Many insurance companies would require that the additional driver added to the policy must be at least 25 years of age.

These conditions vary from company to company and before you opt for any provider, you should ask and discuss with them.

Learning and Practicing – Manual vs Automatic

As per UK Law, you are required to learn driving on a manual car and the person supervising you has to have a manual car licence.

In many cases, parents teach their children how to drive or at least accompany them on shorter road trips. 

What if your parent has an automatic car licence only?

Generally, you may practice on the automatic car to develop your road sense and learn how to interact with drivers in the real-time.

But it depends on your insurance provider whether they count it as a violation. Learner Insurance providers would definitely want you to abide by the laws and follow their learner insurance policy rules.

It is better to check with them instead of risking anything.

Will your Policy be Effective if You pass the driving test?

Effectively your policy ends the moment you pass your test.

It is because of this reason that many insurance companies advise you to ask someone else to drive back home.

However, if your policy is for a full whole year and you pass your test before completion of one year, you can ask for the refund.

No Claim Bonus

Some insurance companies actually reduce the no claim bonus points of the owners whose car is being used for practice in case of any claims made.

No claim bonus points are given in the form of discount there exists no claim against the policy of the owner of the car.

More the no claim bonus points, lesser will be the premium. 

Check with the insurance provider if your learner driver insurance will have any impact on the current owner’s no claim bonus or your future no claim bonus points.

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