11 Things You Must Know before buying travel insurance for a child travelling alone

travel insurance for child travelling alone

Do you find it hard to pick the affordable and absolute best travel insurance for your child travelling alone?

I know it is a difficult choice to make and the chance of wasting money on the wrong policy is high unless you know inside out about how travel insurance policies work.

Things become complex when you are buying insurance for a child travelling alone. Travel Insurance for a child travelling alone is not only complicated but can be expensive also.

With no supervision or adult accompanying the children, the whole game changes.

Insurance companies do not see insurances issued for children travelling alone in a similar manner as they normally would do for any other policy.

Like learner drivers who have to buy mandatory insurance to learn driving, choosing insurance for children travelling abroad is difficult and complex.

You might not always get what you are buying.

  • Parents can’t be with their child if she is travelling alone but good insurance can provide you with peace of mind.
  • There can be various incidences where you will need insurance. What if the passport is lost, missing baggage, cancelled flights etc. There can be a lot of pain points to deal if your child is not covered.
  • In case of any emergency, with the right insurance, you know your child is protected and that you will not get into any financial mess.
  • What will you get under your insurance policy depends on different factors. Each insurance company evaluates you differently.
  • This guide explains to you everything you need to know before buying travel insurance for your child.
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Allowing your under 16 children to travel alone can be risky. The travel plan can be perfectly made by you or the group with which your kid is travelling with.

But there always remains a chance of getting into things which can increase the financial burden once the journey starts.

Travel insurance is something which can give you some peace of mind to control your financial burden in case anything adverse happens during the trip.
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But how do you choose great insurance for a child travelling alone? 

What do you need to know in advance? What could be the conditions?

How you will be covered? How much will be the premium? 

There are countless questions for which you need answers and this guide will help you understand everything you need to before buying travel insurance for your child.

Some Resources to Check for travel insurance for a child travelling alone

Travel insurance for children travelling alone

Check if Airline allows unaccompanied travel or not

Not every airline allows a child to travel unaccompanied. There are also certain rules which need to be followed in case a child is travelling unaccompanied.

Before choosing insurance, you need to know what are your options as for as the airline ticketing is concerned.

Not every airline will book a child under 18 travelling alone.

Though most airlines allow children to travel alone but there are certain restrictions.

Normally, without assistance travel is allowed from the age 12 but even if your child is above 12, 14 or 16, you need to check with the airline.

Booking Hotels

Even if accommodation is arranged by the school/college for the whole group, it is always a good precautionary measure to check if a secured accommodation has been arranged.

In case your child is going on a trip with just one or two friends, it is of utmost importance that you book for them a safe and secure hotel.

Generally, large hotels with very elaborated security must be preferred over the smaller hotel.

It is also sometimes suggested that the hotel room should be between 2nd floor to 7th floor just to avoid anyone entering the room from outside through windows.

This height is also sufficient enough to make sure that fire safety equipment can reach the room easily in case of any fire emergency.

Finding Necessary accessories Before Travel 

Travel with a backpack is what young travellers prefer. It is easy to navigate with little or no luggage on a trip.

But there are some accessories which must be packed to avoid any regrets later. Things like passport covers, secured wallets, water bottles (though may be bought on the trip itself), umbrellas, hats and boxes for camera shall be arranged first hand.

Having a lightweight sleeping bag is also a handy accessory at it can be of great use while your child is camping.

Having sorted out the necessary pre-departure smaller tasks, the real test starts when you try to find the travel insurance for a child travelling alone which not only provides you all the protection but is also cheap and affordable.

Travel Insurance- Some Pre-conditions

Teach your child to be responsible

If you check the fine prints of most insurance companies, they would suggest you to teach your child to be responsible at the trip.

Keeping mobile in hand all the time while out, sticking together with the group, having relevant and required accessories such as water bottles and sunblock creams are some of the precautions which insurance companies suggest.

These suggestions, though are good for the safety of children but following such tips also reduces the risk for insurance companies as they may end paying the insurance in case of any emergency happening due to negligence of the children.

It is also possible that you may be denied the claim if it is proved that damages were due to the irresponsible behaviour of your child.

Teaching your child to follow some basics of group travel would be a lot of handy. It would not only reduce the chances of being denied the claim but would also ensure the safety of your child during the trip.

Check if your Credit card can offer your child coverage for travel

It is quite possible that your credit card company may offer you a helping hand when it comes to delayed/missed flights, lost luggage etc.

Finding out if your family is also provided with the benefits by your credit card company could reduce a lot of premium cost for you.

If your credit card company is offering such complimentary services, it would be a great cost reduction.

All you will be left with will be to cover for medical insurance and insurance to cover for any interruptions such as strikes and political riots.

Check if your annual family insurance plan covers your child

Many insurance companies can offer you an annual insurance plan for your family where every member is covered.

Annual, multi-trip policies could save time and money and normally covers every single trip made during the year.

Though with annual plans, you can travel to almost every country and you will be covered but check out which countries are excluded from the list.

Normally used by frequent travellers, this insurance can also cover your child to travel alone with some conditions. 

If you are a frequent traveller and have annual travel insurance, talking with your insurance provider can save you a cost.

Talk to them and check if your family is also covered.

This guide by moneysavingepxert.com provides really great information on finding cheap family insurance. Read it carefully.

Never Trust online Quotes 

Probably the biggest mistake anyone can make is to rely on online quotes of insurance rates. It is a great idea to actually do the comparison shopping but trusting online insurance quotes will be a big folly.

Online insurance quotes are standard quotes which are pre-coded with certain assumed information.

They do not consider your personal circumstances and will never provide you with a reliable insurance rate quote.

Though you must search google for finding cheaper insurance rates for travel insurance before you hit the buy now button, it is always a great idea to pick up your phone and talk to the insurance company before buy.

A call centre agent on the other side of the phone can better understand your requirements and provide you with a customised insurance quote which meets your budget and requirements.

Electronic gadgets are normally not covered

Most of the consumers buying travel insurance often forget to take insurance for electronic gadgets.

More than anything else, the chance of losing mobile phones, ipads/tablets, MP3s is greater as compared to meeting any other serious emergency.

With kids going alone, chances are quite heavy that they will forget their mobile phone in the hotel room before checking out or leave it on some restaurant table in a mall.

What you should know is the fact that standard, general travel insurances for child travelling alone do not cover such things. 

In most cases, you will have to take separate insurance cover for such items.

Before buying, try to find out if you can get cover for electronic items also on the same policy.

By paying a little bit more, you can easily cover this risk also.

Be ready to pay a higher premium

Though not necessary, it is possible that you will be asked to pay a higher premium. Insurance companies consider children travelling alone as a greater risk and this reflects in their premiums also.

Statistically, children travelling without their parents are relatively low-risk customers for insurance companies.

To negotiate a better deal, it always preferred to talk to the insurance agent and discuss the risks.

Telling the company about how responsible your kid is, chances of future business with your child as she grows old could be some negotiation points to get an affordable deal.

You can avoid paying a higher premium with proper haggling and research.

Check the countries covered

Most UK based insurance companies cover the whole of the EU zone but post-Brexit, things may change. 

Countries like Portugal even now require written permission from parents to allow entry of children under 18.

So things vary a lot from country to country.

Still, you need to confirm if the policy covers all the countries of the trip and it is not restricted in manner.

Some insurance policies require you to provide a list of the countries of travel and time of stay in each country.

If your child overstays in any country due to any reason, it may be a reason for refusal of the claim.

Similarly, if a trip is multi-continent, the policy may not cover that aspect of the trip. 

Instead of buying worldwide insurance coverage, ask your child to carefully review the trip itinerary and inform you in advance for a number of days of stay in each country/city.

Check out how you will be paid

It is also quite common that the insurance companies would ask you to pay any expenses on any emergency with your child in another country and they will reimburse after certain days.

This is quite common practice and even after paying for insurance, you may have to keep a certain amount in cash in your bank account in case you have to pay for your child’s treatment/repatriation back to the UK in case of any emergency.

Of course, you can reclaim the expenses but initially, the policy may put you in difficult financial mess even after paying heavily for the premium. 

Checking on direct and indirect coverage is must otherwise you will end up paying more and may have to arrange a lot of things before you actually get your claim back.

Finding the right travel insurance for a child travelling alone should not be so difficult if you follow some simple rules. This guide provided you with some simple pre-buying tips to save money and gain peace of mind.

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