10 Things You Must Know Before Buying Shades Blinds

Shade Blinds

Shades blinds are an essential home accessory. Perfect shades blinds have many uses and can be really handy in various situations.

Shades blinds are commonly used in British homes as they not only offer beauty and aesthetics to the home but can also protect against dust and heat.

  • Carefully selected, shades blinds can improve the privacy in your home, reduce the sunlight and provide the required aesthetics also.
  • Window blinds and shades can be expensive but if you choose them correctly, you can save a lot of money.
  • Cordless systems are gaining popularity in the UK due to the ease with which they can be installed and operated.
  • But many people still prefer traditional shades blinds and search for quality information on how to buy them with confidence.

We have compiled the best features of shades & blinds for windows so that you can find the perfect fit for your home.

Types of Shades Blinds

One thing you should keep in mind is that there is a difference between the window shades and blinds.

Window shades are a fabric made which can be pulled up and down through a mechanism. Blinds are just coverings- fixed coverings which can be lifted up and down to allow light to enter the room.

Having said that, here are different types of shades and blinds

Vertical Blinds

Normally used for bigger doors or windows, vertical blinds are simple in design and can easily be handled.

They can be either opened sideways or can be parched through from the middle.

Mini Blinds

They have relatively smaller slates but they are operated in the same manner as the vertical blinds.

What makes them special is the fact that they can be easily adjusted on smaller windows which are usually installed in UK homes excluding the main windows of the house.

Panel Blinds

They are normally used on large windows and can easily be moved/controlled as they move along the track.

Panel blinds come in sections. Sections move along the track as you pull the cord.

Panel blinds offer you the flexibility to open them easily.

Perfect Window Blinds & Shades should offer light control

The best utility of perfect shade blinds is that they offer great light control.

During summer times when the temperature rises in UK and intensity of heat increases, shade blinds offer protection against rising temperature.

Better the fabric of the blinds, effective will be the light control through them. You should therefore always check the quality of the fabric and never compromise on it.

The fabric of the blinds should be such that it can filter the light, control the light levels within your room and must keep a balance between ensuring your privacy while at the same time filtering adequate light.

Check the Fabric of the Blinds

The curtain fabric of the window blinds ideally should be double fabric.

A double layer fabric should have a mesh as well as the opaque fabric unless it is a blackout shade.

Fabric is normally made up from polyester but you need to make sure that the polyester fabric is breathable.

The best use of good quality fabric is to ensure your privacy while at the same time ensuring that sufficient light crosses through to keep the room bright also.

If your blinds’ fabric is such that it can’t protect the privacy, it is of no use despite the fact that it may have the best fabric.

Your first priority should be to make sure fabric protects your privacy by blocking the view from outside.

Shades Blinds and Safety Hazards

Older models of shades used to have chain connectors posing a safety risk for children and pets.

Chain connectors in shades are roller based. Roller based shades are operated when the chain is pulled from one side causing the blind slates to move over the grill.

But such chain connectors can be dangerous for children as children can easily wrap them around their necks.

Pets can get caught in them also.

Avoid mechanical roller based blinds if you have children or pets at home. Rather choose the ones which can be lifted or rolled easily and automatically.

The glue should not be too strong

Most shade blinds suppliers in the UK sell their products by highlighting the ease with which you can install them.

Most of the times, glue applied is so hard that it can hardly be removed.

At the time of reinstalling hard glue may cause damage to your wall paint.

When selecting your next windows shade, make sure the glue applied is not so hard and easily removable.

When buying online, always specifically leave a note for the seller that you want the glue to be applied in a manner that it does not damage the wall.

Automatic vs Manual Shades Blinds

The new shades blinds also come as automatic blinds. They can be used without manually pulling the strings or chain connectors.

Automatic blinds are called power shades.

They are expensive but are convenient.

When buying motorized sheds, your top priority should be to check:

  • Are the shades rechargeable i.e. whether the battery is rechargeable or not?
  • How long the battery lasts? (Go for the one where battery gives you more than 1 year of power before recharge/replacement.
  • is the motor quiet?
  • User-friendliness of the app.
  • Is there any option to get wired shade blinds?

Free Installation

Never try to install shades blinds on your own. Rather ask if there is a free installation option available.

Since shades and blinds are sensitive material and can easily be damaged if not installed properly.

To limit this risk, ask if the free installation is available.

If the free installation is not available then haggle around and ask for a price reduction.

You can spend saved money by hiring any other professional handyman to install window blinds for you.

Easy Cleaning of Windows Shades & Blinds

Blinds are installed in kitchens also where they can accumulate dust, oil drops, smoke and other things used in kitchen.

Similarly, if the are installed in rooms, they can get dusty due to outside dust struck on blinds’ surface.

Whatever the case, you need to assure that the shade blinds you are buying can easily be cleaned.

Shade blinds made of clothing fabric will require different cleaning methods than the normal steel made blinds.

You should clearly read the manual if provided or ask the person installing the shades about how to keep them clean and avoid damaging them during the cleaning process.

Consider Buying Wooden Blinds

Besides the normal shade blinds, you should also consider wooden shades.

Wooden shades can be custom made and offer good ventilation.

They normally come with string finish and metal brackets which can be placed on either side of the blinds.

Wooden blinds are good if you simply want to have them for ventilation purposes. Since they are not retractable therefore they can’t be used for light control.

After-Sales Services

Shade blinds can be difficult to manage once installed. Recurring maintenance issues can be a real pain if you are not availing after-sales services.

Make sure that the company you are buying from in the UK is offering you good after-sales services.

Search for forums like Yelp and Facebook groups to read reviews of other users. You can also read reviews on Amazon to learn more about what type of complaints buyers make.

Through this simple research, you can have a greater idea of how to better negotiate with the supplier.

Order Free Samples

If you are not sure or cannot make your mind to select one of the brands/styles, you can always ask for free samples.

Almost every company in the UK selling shade blinds will send you free samples. Some of the sites where you can ask for the samples are:

These suppliers have a wide variety of samples for you to choose from. Make sure you pick the right one which fits your needs and budget.

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