9 Thing You Must Know Before Buying a Dog Gate (Oct 2019)

Dog Gates

Your Ultimate guide to buy a dog

  • A Dog gate gives your dog flexibility to move around the space.
  • Dog owners use it to restrict the movement of their pet to avoid risk and damage.
  • You can easily use a baby gate as a dog gate also.
  • Dog gates are readily available on Amazon for less than $50 for the right quality gate.
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Are you a dog owner who is worried about leaving the pet alone at home? Leaving your dog to stray inside home can be risky.

A dog gate is made exactly for this purpose to avoid damage.

This is your best and definitive guide on how to select a dog gate, what features to look for, ideal prices at which to buy and how to make sure it lasts longer.

Dog gates are actually taller versions of baby gates but can be effectively used to confine your pet to a certain area of your home.

The gate is used to ensure that when you are not at home or busy in some other rooms, your dog remains within a defined space.

So how do you buy an ideal dog gate? Here is your definitive guide to buying one:

Use a baby gate as a dog gate

A dog gate is essentially a taller model of a baby gate. You can easily keep the dog confined to a certain area.

But not everyone has babies at home so to get one you need to some research and invest in a good quality dog gate.

You can also make one your own and here is a really nice tutorial on this

The Size of the dog matters

Your first consideration should be to assess the size of your dog. Smaller pets can easily be confined through baby gates bought from baby stores.

If your dog is good-sized pet and you believe that it can go wild also, then you must make sure that dog gate size is taller enough to confine your puppy.

Size of the gate matters most because dogs can jump over and come to other areas where they can damage other things.

Normal dog ranges from 15 to 110 CMs in size.

So if you are buying a dog gate, make sure it is at least 24 inches i.e. 2 feet in height.

Walk Through Design

Your puppy can be easily intimidated by the new space. Confining him to a safer area can make him feel more secure and free to roam in a selected area.

However, you also need to make sure that the gate has a good walkthrough design.

A walkthrough design which is difficult for the dog to manage may ultimately be a wrong choice.

The walkthrough should be wide open to allow your pup to easily cross the gate when the gate is opened while at the same time restricting the movement of the dog also.

Breed of your dog matters also

Not all dog gates are for every breed of the dogs.

Some pets, due to their nature and characteristics, tend to behave differently from others.

Violent dog breeds like Chihuahua or Chow Chow can be really difficult to keep behind a dog gate.

So before choosing one, make sure you understand your dog and how it can react to being confined behind a gate.

One thing you can always do is to make sure there is enough water available for the dog. Other toys and things which your dog likes must also be within its reach.

Make Sure they are adjustable

A normal gate is mostly under a meter height however, you need to make sure you are buying the one which is adjustable.

Adjustable or retractable gates can be adjusted to the size of the dog. Such gates are especially great in situations where your dog can easily cross over.

You should also buy retractable gates if you understand that your dog will grow in size. By doing so, you can avoid buying a bigger gate later on as your dog gets bigger.

Dog Gate in UK - How to buy

Freestanding Dog Gates

If you want to give your pet some space to move around in the house, then the freestanding gate should be your choice.

As the name suggests, freestanding gates can be used in a number of ways and places.

You can place them in stairs as dog gate stairs or even place them in doorways and hallways.

Freestanding gates come in different sections.

It can be just one section gate or at maximum 3 sections in it. Depending on your choice, you can choose the one which best fits your needs.

Multi-section gates should be easily foldable and easy to carry inside the home.

3 sections freestanding dog gates are normally 5 feet wide.

Make Sure they have sticky pads on both sides

Dog gates are often placed against the walls or stairs. They can easily touch against the walls and remove the wall paint.

To avoid such instances, make you sure the dog gate you are buying has the double-sided sticky pads.

Sticky pads help provide a buffer against the wall and also protect the paint.

Similarly, also make sure that it has rubber feet to avoid slipping on the floor. This will protect not only your dog but the dog gate itself from falling.

Bars Should not be wide open

If your dog is small, make sure that bars of the dog gate are not wide open.

Wider bars can allow smaller pets to cross over them. Also, wider bars can easily be damaged with the paws if your dog tries to cross over the gate.

Also to prevent dogs from damaging the bars, check if the gate is woven with the see-through mesh fabric.

Mesh fabric can be really handy if your dog tries to cross over the gate frequently.

What is the ideal price

You can easily order gates online through Argos or Amazon. You can also buy them from baby stores.

A very high end, Scandinavian pet pen with the wall can cost you around 100 quid.

But the average gate costs no more than £30 to buy.

If you are buying online, make sure to avail free shipping. Though the shipping costs may be smaller it can save you $2 to $3.

PS: I will continue to update this guide with new information so please keep coming back to read latest on how to buy a dog gate.

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