How to Avoid Razor Bumps?

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Do you feel irritated by the shaving bumps on your face? Learn simple and effective ways on how to avoid razor bumps.

Having a clean and smooth shaved face is almost every male’s desire. Whether it is work or other social events, a clean-cut image is almost every male’s first priority.

Shaving is not just done for hygiene purpose. It is also aesthetic in nature. It prevents the build-up of oils and other contaminations on the skin also.

But all men are not alike… Not everyone can enjoy the pleasure of having soft and smooth skin after shave…

Some men can have a skin condition which can make it difficult to have a clean-shaven face. Such a skin condition can cause razor bumps…

A shaving bump or a razor bump or ingrown hair (all are same) is a small mass below the surface of the skin.

Razor hair bumps occur when new hair grows back into the skin. They continue to grow and create a bump on the skin.

Ingrown hairs are cut in a manner that they grow back into the skin causing the bump.

It can also be developed due to shaving or rather rash shaving with often cheap or low-quality razors. The cuts and subsequent opening of bumps due to razors are painful.

Reasons for Razor Bumps

This small mass below the skin forms mainly due to two reasons:

  • though the hair grows normally it can renter the skin causing itching and irritation on the skin.
  • Hair may not break the skin at all but may keep growing inside the skin

These two conditions besides other medical reasons are the key causes of the development of small masses on the face skin.

Black people tend to grow mass bumps more frequently as compared to others due to their curly hairs. African Americans or non-white males have a higher tendency to have razor bumps.

Note that razor bumps don’t just occur on the face. Razor bumps on legs and neck are common too.

Cure for Razor Bumps

Razor bumps can be a challenge to treat if you continue to make mistakes or avoid proper treatment.

The cure for razor bumps can be through traditional non-medical methods as well as through proper medical treatment also.

We will be discussing both options for you to choose what seems easy and affordable to you.

How to Avoid Razor Bumps?

So, what if you are suffering from this condition or your skin is such that you cannot avoid razor bumps?

Here are some simple, effective and easy to implement hacks for you to avoid razor bumps:

Don’t use a Razor if you are in your early teen days

If you are growing up and at the age of 16 or 17 when facial hair actually starts to grow, avoid using a razor on your face.

The worst side effect of using razors for shaving purposes in your early teen days would be razor bumps on your face.

It is quite common that teens of this age often go to barbershops for a shave. Unfortunately, the early advice they get on shaving is also through barbers.

So avoid using razors early on your shaving days. Instead, Use shaving clippers instead of razors to avoid building up razor bumps on your skin.

Grow a beard to avoid razor bumps

While this may sound like obvious if you are a male but believe me this is the best and the only proven method to provide 100% results in avoiding razor bumps.

It is natural that once hair grows to a certain length, they do grow back into the skin even if your hair is curly.

This prevents the formation of the little lumps of masses on your face and allows you to avoid or hide unnecessary and ugly bumps.

Another simple alternative to this is that you should stop shaving for at least 4 to 5 weeks. You need to, however, keep applying the prescribed lotion on the affected areas.

This will help your skin to soothe and also stop the growth of ingrown hair.

Shave after a warm shower

Most of us shave and then take a bath but if you are having razor bumps, it is a cool idea to have a warm shower first.

A hot shower will open your pores and make the skin softer to shave on. You need to dry it out though before the shave.

You may brush your skin with the hot towel to remove any dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin.

Exfoliation is probably the best natural remedy for this problem and can improve your skin.

Some experts suggest repeated rinsing the skin during the shaving but a warm water shower would be enough to avoid repeat application of water on your face during the shaving.

Use Quality Razors

There is no substitute for using a quality razor to have a smooth and clean-shaven face.

A good quality razor helps you avoid the razor bumps as multi-blade razors reduce the deeper cuts to open up skin pores further.

Along with using a quality razor, you must use a preshave lotion also. Moist your skin with hot or warm water and apply the pre-shave lotion for 4 or 5 minutes before a shave.

While it is a good idea to use warm water before shave but always use cold water after the shave.

Coldwater soothes the skin after a rough shave and if you can use ice cubes, it will greatly reduce the irritation on your skin.

Always keep your razors or shaving clippers clean and covered. The dirt stuck on their blades can be transferred to your skin while shaving.

This dirt can further aggravate your problem despite the fact that you may be using quality razors and shaving clippers.

Always keep them clean and covered.

Rinse them through hot water before use.

Avoid Products with alcohol or oil in them

Alcohol can quickly dry your skin and if you are using any post or pre-shave lotions with alcohol in them, it can worsen your condition.

Oil also can be harmful to your skin as products with oil in them can block your skin pores.

Blocked skin pores do not allow hair to come out of razor bumps. This would inflate the mass bumps and can cause bleeding due to deeper shaving cuts.

Try Laser Hair Removal for Razor Bumps Treatment

Another easy to follow method is to use laser hair removal for the treatment of your razor bumps.

Though this is expensive and would require a dermatologist as this is often the recommended method by experts.

While choosing the treatment, always make sure that you know the laser technology used.

It is quite common that small practising dermatologists may not have the latest machines and maybe using old technology.

Using old technology may be ok but be just careful as the side effects of such technologies can be difficult to handle.

Electrolysis is another option which could be explored along with laser hair removal. But both these methods should be tried when everything else fails.

Laser hair removal and electrolysis can cost a lot of money also so go for them only if you can afford.

Razor bumps can be cured easily. You need to avoid the above mistakes and focus on using quality accessories and treatment to cure them permanently.

How to Avoid Razor Bumps

Can razor bumps be prevented?

Razor bumps, or “razor rash,” are a common occurrence for people who shave.

The condition is caused by the hair under your skin being cut too short and curling back up to create a bumpy appearance on the surface of your skin. It can be prevented with proper shaving techniques and using products that help soothe razor burn.

One of the easiest methods to prevent razor bumps is to allow your hair to grow longer before shaving. Shaving at a right angle with the grain of the hair is also recommended.

If you’d rather not wait for your hair to grow, there are alternative ways of preventing razor bumps from forming on your skin.

Aftershave contains antiseptic and moisturizing properties which help close up pores and soothe skin affected by ingrown hairs. However, if you have a sensitive skin type it may be best to avoid directly applying aftershave as it can create stinging or burning sensations.

It’s important to know that razors don’t just go dull over time; they actually lose their sharpness faster the more they’re used because tiny metal particles off during use and stick to the blades, potentially causing minor nicks and cuts.

In addition, if you shave against the grain or repeatedly go over a spot with your razor, chances of getting razor bumps increase as the sharp edges on the blades scratch up your skin.

If you suffer from frequent shaving-related problems such as ingrown hairs and redness after shaving, there are some products that may help prevent further irritation:

  • Blade packs: If you’re experiencing discomfort with shaving and razors don’t seem to last long enough to please you, try buying new ones more often at stores that offer blade packs . These contain several double-edged razors that can be used until they become dull.
  • Disposableavers: While not as durable as standard razors, disposable avers can be used multiple times and replaced with new ones when needed.
  • Shave oil: This aids in the process of shaving and moisturizes your skin so that it doesn’t become overly dry or develop razor bumps every time you shave. The oil also protects your skin from nicks and cuts by creating a protective layer to prevent your blades from reaching your face’s sensitive inner layers.
  • Shave brush: A shaving mug, soap and badger hair brush can help soften hairs before shaving; however, make sure to use them in conjunction with oils and creams as they don’t lather like regular soaps do . These products come in different prices which vary according to their quality and materials used.
  • Aftershave: These contain moisturizers and antiseptics that help close your pores and soothe skin affected by bumps and ingrown hairs. If you have a sensitive skin type it may be best to avoid directly applying aftershave as it can create stinging or burning sensations.

How to avoid razor bumps on legs?

To avoid razor bumps on your legs, you can use an exfoliating scrub for dry skin before shaving. After shaving, apply an aloe vera gel to soothe the irritated skin.

If you shave your legs every day, it will become dangerous as the skin becomes thinner under the blade. It is recommended to shave once or twice a week. If you notice that your hair grows more than usual after shaving, consider using an epilator for wet and dry use to remove the hairs without damaging the skin.

An epilator can be used both on dry and wet skin. When shaving bikini area, apply baby powder first to prevent dark spots and corns from forming on your body parts around that area.

To avoid nicks and cuts while shaving, do not jam the blade into any hard angle of your skin. Move along with the shape of your body part when shaving . After do not touch or rub gently on the shaved area to avoid irritation.

Put on a moisturizer after shaving the legs. Avoid getting into hot showers as they will open your pores, which are already susceptible to infection due to being shaved off. If you have acne, consult with your dermatologist regarding shaving prior to their examination.

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