How To Charge A Lawn Mower Battery?

How To Charge A Lawn Mower Battery

In this post, I will be answering your question of how to charge a lawn mower battery so read on…

Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, lawn mowers are essential pieces of equipment for you. Still, unless you live in a tropical or subtropical climate, you likely park your mower for months at a time. When you park, you risk a dead battery. It is a known fact that lawn mower batteries are effective at holding a charge, but they drain over time. You can be certain your mower is ready to go when the grass starts to grow with a lawn mower battery charger and a bit of careful planning.

Older battery charger problems

You should understand just how far battery chargers have come before you set to charge the battery. In the past, chargers mostly lacked the power to stop overcharging. The result of an overcharged battery is the release of toxic gasses from the power source. 

These days there are better batteries with built-in systems to prevent overcharging. Sometimes you plug in the charger and forget about it. So, when you return after several hours, you don’t have to worry about it. No harmful gases are harming either you or the natural environment.

Features of modern battery chargers

Old chargers had health hazards linked with them. But they are no longer a concern. Suppose you selected a distinct model. Based on that model, you can choose a variety of modern features, including the following:

  • Multiple mode settings which may include slow charge, fast charge and jumpstart
  • Hookup failsafe to prevent improper plugging
  • Integrated charging timer feature
  • Automatic shutoff provided
  • Clamps for more than one types of connections
  • Optimal charging needing float modes
  • Amp rates in a controlled range

Advantages of using a battery charger

  • In regulating the pace of charging, battery chargers are very effective and useful. They communicate with the target battery and reduce the input current once the target charge is reached.
  • A quality battery charger prevents overheating or overcharging batteries.
  • Chargers under no circumstances can produce lead chemical spills.
  • The battery mustn’t charge up too quickly, so the charger regulates the input charge.

Instructions for battery charging

A correct charger is very important to make sure you are charging the battery in the right way. If your mower has a 12V battery, be sure you connect a 12-volt charger. If you use a battery charger with greater output, you risk damaging your mower’s battery. 

How To Charge A Lawn Mower Battery

When to charge your mower’s battery

You may drive your mower for months without ever having to charge it. However, there are some common times when you should hook your battery to a charger to ensure it has full juice. Some instances when you may need to charge your riding mower are given below:

  • Charge your battery for the first time early in the spring before starting the mower.
  • Charge your battery for the cold winter months before storing your mower.
  • If the battery is unexpectedly dead, charge the battery before mowing.

You likely do not need to charge your mower’s battery following some routine. If your battery is unresponsive or planning for startup or storage, that’s when you need to connect the charger.

How to charge a lawn mower battery

You do not need to remove your mower’s battery before you are going to charge it. Instead, leave your battery in a place where it is already and follow these steps given below


It would be best if you stayed safe so put on protective clothing, including gloves and safety glasses. 

Unplug the charger

Disconnect the battery charger from the electrical outlet.

Find the battery

Reach the mower’s battery. The battery is present under the seat on most lawn tractors. Consult the battery operator’s manual if you are having trouble locating your mower’s battery.

Connect the positive side first

After finding the battery, connect the red positive charging cable with the red positive battery terminal. 

Connect the negative side second

As the positive terminal is connected now, connect the black negative charging cable to the black negative battery terminal.

The voltage between the mower and the charger

The 12-vote option is the correct setting for most mowers. So, toggle the charger’s voltage setting to match it with your mower’s battery’s voltage.

Connect the charger

Lastly, connect the battery charger to an electrical outlet. Before unplugging the charger, wait until the battery has a full charge.

Now notice the time it takes to charge the battery. Your mower’s battery should charge in approximately one hour if you are using a 10-amp charger. The charging time can be extended by connecting the battery to a lawn mower battery charger with fewer amps.

Now try starting the mower. Before you do this, you don’t have to turn your car on. If the mower doesn’t start, it’s fine and safe to leave the batteries connected for a minute or two. By doing so, you partially revive the dead battery. Then try again. Once the mower is going, unplug the cables in the reverse order in which you connected them first.

The prolonged storage of winter can lead to the death of a mower battery. So, lawn mower owners are faced with the challenge of charging mower battery. The jumpstart technique is also pretty useful if you don’t own a battery charger or have a riding lawn mower with a compatible battery.

The safest of all is to purchase a battery charging kit.


Can you charge a lawn mower battery with a car?

Most riding mowers that are made after 1980 have 12-volt batteries. You can use your car to get the mower going assuming the battery is in a good enough state to accept a charge. The best way to charge the battery is to jumpstart the mower. Then, leave it running to allow the alternator to do the job.

Can you recharge a dead lawn mower battery?

Usually, you can recharge a battery by charging it for a few hours. If that doesn’t work, test it with a multimeter, which will determine if it is dead or if another part of the electrical system is problematic. The battery life can be extended for four to five years if you maintain a fully charged lawn mower battery.

How long does it take to charge a dead lawn mower battery?

12 Volts is the standard in the industry. Please set it to 12V. That is very reliable in a way to keep consumers safe from any shock. That is why most lawn and garden devices have this voltage rating. It would help if you allowed the charger to power up the battery for up to eight hours. By this time, it should have a full charge.

Why does my lawn mower battery keep dying?

There is an electrical system that recharges a riding mower battery. An alternator and a voltage regulator are part of that system. If the parts failed, try replacing them. That may restore power to the battery the next time you run the mower. Resultantly, the battery can die between mowings. 


The best way to charge a mower battery is by jumpstarting it with the right instruments. After that, allow it to run for some time while the alternator system does the recharging job. The two of the most important ways of charging up the mower batteries are either using a battery charger or jumpstarting with a car battery. Hopefully, this short guide on how to charge a lawn mower battery must have answered your question.

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