Oyster Card for Students- How to Get Maximum Benefits

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Are you a student in London and want to max your benefits you can get on your oyster student card? Here are some super simple and effective tips for you to get the best out of your oyster card.

If you have ever been to London, I am sure you must have used the oyster card because you can’t use public transport without this card.

It is simply the cheapest method to travel within London and a great source of saving for students using the oyster card to travel to their campuses.

Over 500 Million Journeys have been made since this card was modified and issued as a contactless card back in 2012.

It is that smart blue card which is issued by Transport for London which you can use on almost every travel mode in London.

Students living in London use the oyster card frequently as they frequent between campus, residence halls and their workplaces.

Using Oyster card for the students, however, comes up with a lot of benefits also.

How to get Oyster Card for Students?

Before you can enjoy the benefits of the oyster card, you need to get it through Transport for London.

Simply go to Transport for London oyster cards page and apply online.

When you will log on to this page, you will see this screen

Oyester Card Login

If you are applying online, you have the option to choose whether you want to pay as you go, Bus & Tram pass or Travelcard.

Once you make your choice, you can create an account, fill in the details and card will be delivered to your postal address.

How to get a Student Oyster Card?

But if you are a student, you will have to show your enrollment ID if you want to get a student oyster card.

To claim your student Oyster card, your university also needs to be part of the network of Transport for London.

Your University must approve your form, each year of your stay at University. Without university endorsement, you won’t be able to get an oyster student card.

There is also a small fee to pay for each year application.

If you are unable to get University approval in time, you always have the option to buy an ordinary/standard oyster card.

How Much discount you can get on your student oyster card?

Compared to adult oyster cards, student oyster card offer some discounted fare.

Though it is not much but still students can get a small reduction in the fare when they use their card.

Compared with the adult oyster card, student card gives you over £20 savings per week.

Having described all the so-called theory, here are some really great and simple tips to maximise your benefits on student oyster card:

Use Tube in off-peaks and Use your 16-25 railcard

If you can limit your travel during the off-peak times, your best bet is to go to Tube office and get your 16-25 railcard loaded onto your Oyster card.

This will give you a 33% off on all your off-peak journeys.

What is good is that using this card can actually reduce your daily cap to £4.90 against a normal daily cap of £8.80.

You can get this card for free if you open Santander 123 current account.

Santander 123 student current account offers you a free 4 years Santander 16-25 railcard.

This card can help you save 33% on all your train journeys in Great Britain but it can be an excellent source of saving if you are using it within London along with your oyster card.

This card also offers other discounts and benefits including holiday attractions discounts and some discounts in restaurants also.

Get Contactless card to get Refunds easily

TFL has issued contactless cards and many students have the option to either get a contactless oyster card or continue with traditional one.

The benefit of using a contactless card is that you not only track your travel history but can easily get refunds.

It is super easy to get refunds on contactless cards as compared to conventional cards.

Due to some small loopholes in TFL fare pricing, there are some really small savings on using contactless cards also.

You might save an odd £ 1 or 2 on your contactless against the same top-up.

Get Benefit of Capping if you travel frequently

If you are using your student oyster card as pay as you go, you can get the benefit of capping.

Capping works in a really simple way.

You simply pay the fare for one-day journey i.e. 24 hours and if your funds topped up on card are used up during the day, the remaining journeys become free.

For example, if you are travelling in zone 1-6, you can pay a maximum of 6.5 quid for the whole day of travel. If you used up this amount on individual journeys then you can have all your remaining journeys during the day for free.

Capping works best if you travel frequently during the day otherwise it may not benefit you.

Use 18+ Oyster Student Card

16-25 is a national railcard but there is also 18+ oyster student card which can also offer you discounts.

Unlike 16-25 card, this card offers 30% discount on other travel passes and railcards. With 16-25 you get 34%.

Remember that you will not get discounted fare if you use 18+ card as pay as you go so you need to select appropriate pricing top-up options to enjoy maximum benefits.

Link your railcard with student Oyster Card

Your benefits can increase further if you link your railcard with your student oyster card.

To link both the cards, all you have to do is to ask underground tube ticket staff to do it for you.

You can also get them linked through National Rail ticket offices.

You can get off-peak discounted fare if you link both the cards. This combo is also good as it offers you the flexibility to travel outside London on discounted fare by using your railcard.

If you follow above mentioned simple hacks, you can save tons of money on your student oyster card.

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