Best Bike Storage For Small Spaces to Buy in 2020

best bike storage for small spaces

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Being a cyclist myself, I fully understand the nightmare most of us go through for not finding the best bike storage for small spaces. We don’t have large spaces outside our homes to properly store our bikes. The last thing we want is to leave the bike outside and pray that it remains there till the next morning.

Having lost two of my own bikes to thieves due to lack of storage space, I have learned a hard lesson to always invest in decent quality bike storage which is fit for the small spaces.

bike storage for small spaces

My search to properly store my bike led me to do some really painstaking research to find out the best bike storage for small spaces. After sifting through a lot of technical details, reviews and forum posts, I found out that the following 5 are the best bike storage available in the UK right now.

Best Bike Storage For Small Spaces

When you look for bike storage, there are normally two options available to you. Firstly, you can opt for a traditional shelf type storage box which can be expensive but more secure as you can lock it properly and will shield your bike from weather conditions also. In this category, you can even find extra-large waterproof garden storage boxes which are large enough to even store two bikes.

The second option is to go for bike storage racks or stands. They are cheap and can easily be fixed even inside the corner of your room to store your bike there.

Both have their positives and negatives and as such, the decision to buy one ultimately is based on affordability and budget.

In this post, we will be sharing with you both types of best bike storage for small spaces:

Keter Store-it Out Ultra Outdoor Garden Storage Shed
Simple to assemble and easy to take out- This is probably most affordable, durable and elegant bike storage you can ever buy.
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This is an absolute best to store bikes, garden tools, cushions and other toys. Easiest to assemble, this bike storage provides a wood-like effect with 2000 L capacity.

It has two wide-open front doors and its top lid opens effortlessly too. Either way, you can use both the openings as per your requirements. Since you can use this bike storage for other purposes also, the top lid can be quite handy to use.

Though this is bit heavy-duty bike storage shed if done correctly, this is quite easy to assemble.

I have also noticed that one can easily fit in additional compartments in the box. Additional compartments can easily accommodate bike-related tools such as wrench sets, floor pumps, helmets etc.

Since this bike storage is also lockable, you may need a good quality padlock. Every good quality and best bike storage for small spaces should come with a lockable lid to protect the bikes from theft and other damage. We would outrightly reject any bike storage box which is without lock and is not mobile in nature.

Relaxdays Bike Stand For 4 Bikes
A great choice for bike storage for small spaces- can be used indoor or outdoor. Nice, sturdy and weather resistant bikestand.
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Though not covered bike storage this bike rack is good for 4 bikes and can easily be wall or floor mounted.

This stand easily saves a lot of space and is also suitable for bikes with wider tyres and can lock up to 4 bikes though spacing can be a bit close in case 4 bikes are fitted in. Further, the positioning of wheels matter too as you may have to put rear wheel in the hole otherwise bikes can fall.

No matter whether you have a mountain bike, a road bike or even hybrid bikes, this bike stand can be used for all types of bikes. The maximum tyre width should not greater than 2 inches otherwise fitting in more bikes won’t be possible. Accordingly, if your bike has disc brakes, it may not be possible to fit in such bikes due to their size.

You might be disappointed not to get assembly instructions with the package but this bike stand is relatively easy to assemble. Since it is made for the floor or wall mounting, you also need to fix it hard so that the stand itself does not come out when you remove your bike.

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Pro Bike Cover for Outdoor Bicycle Storage
This is pro quality, portable and lightweight solution for outdoor storage of your bike.
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Pro Bike covers are the heavy-duty bike storage solution for any type of space. They are not only benchmarked against the competition to maintain the quality but it is made from the material which is resistant to tearing and ripping of the cover.

We found out that the instructions on how to use this cover are quite clear and all the features are mentioned also. One of the best features of this cover is the buckle clips which tightly hold the bike during the windy season especially.

The cover is made in such a manner that it has built-in rings to be used for locking the bikes easily. We have also found out that the handles at the top of the cover are strong to pull off bikes easily. The cover is waterproof so can easily shield the bike from rainy British weather.

The cover comes in different sizes and if you want to store two bikes, XL size would be sufficient. Even the bikes with wide bars and other fully loaded bikes can easily fit in in the normal-sized cover. It is, however, advisable to measure the dimensions to avoid buying a cover which does not fit your requirements.

Relaxdays Set Of 2 Bicycle Holders- Wall-Mount
Ideal for two bikes, secure and can easily be used anywhere in your home for secure locking and storage of your bike.
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With just screws and wall plugs, you can easily fix this wall mount anywhere you want. It allows holding of both the rear and the front wheels easily and a special plastic coating can keep your tyres protected also.

Since they come in a pack of two, therefore, you can easily hang two bikes. Two bikes can easily be mounted closer to each other if one bike hangs from the back wheel and the other one from the front wheel.

This set of bicycle holders can easily be the best bike storage for small spaces, however, they are just wall-mounts. This means that they expose the bike to the harsh weather conditions which may not be suitable for long term use.

Keter Store It Out Premier XL Plastic Garden Storage Box
Made from durable, weatherproof plastic, this bike storage is ideal for storing kids bikes.
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This box is considered as ideal for storing kids bikes and other stuff such as two wheelies. Since the lid is lockable and the front doors can easily open therefore, this garden storage box is good to store small-sized bikes.

The good thing about this box is that it is quite easier to actually take out the bikes from this box thanks to its sloped threshold.

Like most of the keter boxes, the material used in this box is also weather protected and made from UV-protected resin. This makes this unit almost maintenance-free with little assembly effort required.

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How we do our Research?

Above reviews of best bike storage for small spaces are based on our extensive research. We have gone through expert opinions, user feedback and testing to make sure the above reviews are up to date and offer maximum information.

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