Best Colour to Paint Fence in Small Garden- Top 5 Products to Buy

Best Colour to Paint Fence in Small Garden

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Seeing paint peeling off the wood or greying out to a colour which you never imagined is what we can call absolute frustration and utter disappointment.

And one must be more critical of the quality of paint if you are going to apply it on outdoor wood stuff such as fence and garden furniture. 

So, if you are worried about what we just described, then hang on, you are at the right place to get a complete insight into the paints and find out best colour to paint fence in small garden recommendations as well.

We have done a thorough and detailed search based on quality, coverage, durability and responses by the real users about the product.

The five winners of this category will be featured in this article and we will also provide you with a complete buyer’s guide. 

Based on our expert research, we suggest Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Oil buy from Amazon.

Are you in a hurry? If you don’t want to read the complete article you can quickly view the following table of five best colours to paint a fence in a small garden. 

ProductvolumeCoverage per litreweightLatest Price
Roxil wood protection cream1 L4 – 5 m2 per litre1.2 kgCheck price
Ronseal ultimate protection5 Lup to 8 m2 per litre5.48 kgCheck price
Timbashield premium protection5 LUp to 12m25.4 kgCheck price
Ronseal one coat fence life5 LAt least 6m2 5.5 kgCheck price
Roxil fence protection cream3 L3-5 m2 / L3.2 kgCheck price

Painting is a vast field but one thing stays common on all levels and that is the adsorption and durability of the protective film.

The better and deep it adsorbed, higher will be the threshold of resistance against water and moisture ingress. Moreover, It will inhibit algae and mould growth if the protective film left no pore for them to penetrate. 

On the other hand, comes the technical specifications like coverage and assistance in the application.

There are paints with very small coverage per litre volume of the paint that will look super expensive but they offer good value for the money in terms of quality.

Similarly, the assistance in the application would be that either these paints can be used in a spray, or by a roller? In this blog, we are going to dissect the top five recommended products. 

Best Colour to Paint Fence in Small Garden
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Best Colour to Paint Fence in Small Garden

So let’s start:  

Roxil Wood Waterproof Paint 

This cream/paint is an emulsion of silicone with ten years of waterproofing lifespan. This advanced chemical formula cream can be used in a single coat to all kinds of soft and hardwood stuff.

It provides a quick and smooth application without any splashback or run-off on vertical or horizontal exteriors. After the application of this cream, it will be absorbed on the wood surface to create a barrier against water and moisture which ultimately provides exceptional resistance against moulds and algae growth.

The ingress of moisture blockage leaves no chance for any such algae growth, especially in rain falling areas. 

It preserves softwood timber for at least 10 years. Softwoods are more prone to algae and mould growth compared to hard and compact wood, and in most cases, people use softwood timber for fences that need protection from the water and moisture in the air as well. 

In addition to that, Roxil Paint cream doesn’t change the texture and appearance of the wood (for example stains and sheen in normal cases), rather it gives a natural look and maintains the wood texture. 

The emulsion formula also permits a fast and precise treatment, with no splashback or run off on vertical or flat surfaces. To guarantee the best outcomes, treatment exteriors should first be washed completely. 

Main Features

  • Manufacturing material: Silicone cream (Emulsion)
  • Weather Proof timber for 10+ years
  • Dimensions: 14.6 x 12.4 x 12 cm
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Coverage: 4 – 5 m2 per liter
  • Preserves normal breathability
  • Shower-proof application – directly waterproof at first coat
  • Single coat – no drip formulation
  • Reduces warping and cracking
  • Reduces mould and algae growth


  • Waterproofing ability is certified and guaranteed
  • Inhibits mould and algae growth
  • Protects soft timber for 10+ years
  • One liter is enough for the 5m2 area 
  • On the first coat, it doesn’t make drops, stains or sheen


  • One  consumer complained about customer service and delay supply

Ronseal Ultimate Protection Oil Natural 

This is a water-based linseed oil technology formula for the long-lasting protection of outdoor fence, furniture, doors, and windows.

This unique formula helps the paint to penetrate the wood thoroughly and cover every micro-pore in it. This absorption at the micro-level enhances the resistance against mould and algae growth and provides foot traffic protection versus standard decking oil.

It has better adhesion compared to the conventional oils and creams for wood which increases the durability and span of protection. 

It doesn’t create dips and stains and gives a natural look to the wood. On application for the first time, It makes the wood waterproof within 90 minutes, you can do the second coat after 4 hours.

It is a 5L tin as a single package while 1L is enough for 6-8 m2 area. However, for treated, untreated, and new wood application different guidelines (on the box) should be followed for better results. 

Irrespective of the type of wood, It has strong adhesion and offers maximum protection within the first hour of application.

Compared to the other product with light tint oil- It is the most affordable and less expensive yet offers maximum results. 

Main Features

  • The water-based formula of linseed oil technology
  • Coverage: up to 8 m2 per liter
  • Dimensions:18 x 11 x 29 cm
  • Weight: 5.48 Kg
  • Waterproof in 90 minutes
  • Light tinted finish
  • Gallon Volume: 5 liters
  • 3 times better adhesion and absorption on new wood


  • Easy to apply
  • Offers deep and micro-level adhesion
  • Waterproof on the first coat within 90 minutes
  • Half the price of actual features and volume
  • More coverage i.e 8 m2 in one liter
  • Easy to clean


  • A couple of users complained about dents in the package

Timbashield Premium Solvent Based Protection

This is a unique formula based on mixing oils, waxes and resins for water protection and pigmentations for colour.

The combination of both makes a high-quality and durable waterproof paint for the outdoor fence, doors, furniture, and windows. The formulation is really thin which facilitates rolling, dipping, and brushing. 

The adsorption, on the other hand, is very deep and sound which makes a barrier to resist water and offer UV resistance as well.

The biggest threat to outdoor woods is algae and fungal growth which is completely secured by this formulation which has strong resins, wax, and oil.

The semi-translucent end results don’t mask the timber grain. It gives the deep color appearance to softwood and lightning touch to hardwood. On smooth and planed wood it has coverage about 12m2 while on rough wood 1L covers approximately 8m2 area.

However, it depends on different variables and can change accordingly.  It offers film protection of biocide which inhibits all kinds of fungal and algae growth. This can also be applied to decking and already treated surfaces. It is available in various colors. 

Main Features

  • Manufacturing: Wax, resins, oil + Colour pigmentations
  • Dimensions: 18 x 11 x 29 cm
  • Weight: 5.4 kg
  • Thin formulation and fast drying
  • Coverage: Up to 12m2 ( less coverage in case of rough surfaces i.e 8 m2)
  • Film biocide protection
  • 3 times better waterproofing
  • No fungi or algae growth
  • Waxes and resins provide complete waterproof film


  • Easy to brush, dip and roll
  • More coverage with less paint
  • The thin formulation offers better adsorption 


  • None

Ronseal 5L One Coat Fence Life Paint

This paint by Ronseal is tailor-made for fence, sheds and outdoor woods. It has coverage of approximately 6.0 m2 and is easy to brush, spray, and roll. It has very good adsorption and makes a protective film within an hour of the first quote.

It inhibits water and moisture which helps in reducing chances of algae and mould growth. However, by the manufacturer, it is not advised for benches where algae and fungi may grow. 

It has an opaque matt finish and is available in 6 different colours. After application, this has quick and swift drying time (1-2 hours) and can completely dry within 3-4 hours.

Only one quote is enough for the waterproofing, however, for appearance and texture it depends on the surface nature i.e if it is hardwood, softwood – smooth or planed. 

In sunlight, It doesn’t grey, unlike conventional paints. It can stay without greying for a couple of years (1- 2 years at least).

It can easily be sprayed or brushed depending on your need and area you want to paint, however, spraying can save time and paint both. It gives a clear tint to timber and leaves no stain or sheen. 

Main Features

  • 100% water and moisture-proof in 90 minutes
  • Preserves  timber from greying
  • The volume of one package: 5 Litres
  • Coverage: 6m2 approximately
  • Areas of use: fences and sheds
  • Finish: Opaque matt
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Can stay for at least 1-2 years
  • Reduce algae and fungi growth 


  • Easy to make for an application
  • 100 % water-proof
  • Protection against sunlight
  • Can be sprayed and brushed
  • Only one quote does the job well 


  • Few users complained about package and delivery but the same feature was made okay by the majority, so can’t think of it as a con but you should check it before ordering. 

Roxil Wood Protection Cream 3L- Fence, sheds, decks

This is a silicone cream emulsion which offers 10 years of waterproofing covering for all kinds of outdoor and indoor woods. The application of this cream is a single coat based and can be applied by brush or roller.

The adsorption on the wood surface is quick and deep which creates a fine and strong film barrier for protection against water and moisture.

It has no splashback or run-off compared to conventional paints, rather it gives at least ten years of protection. 

Softwoods are easy to target by Moulds and algae in high rainfall areas, but with this silicone-based emulsion, the wood will get a complete waterproofing layer which will leave no chance of any mould or algae growth.

However, If any small growth is there on the surface, this protective cover allows you to clean it normally without using heavy acids which damages the wood and paint. 

There is hardly any moisture ingress with just one coat which avoids wood swelling and softness. Moreover, It maintains the appearance and texture of the wood and doesn’t leave any stain or sheen compared to other oils and creams.

It has 3-5 m2 coverage per litre on average which can vary from surface to surface and the condition of the wood. 

Main Features

  • Material: Silicone-based emulsion
  • Waterproofing for 10+ years
  • Dimensions: 21.3 x 21.3 x 21.3 cm
  • Volume per package: 3 litres
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Coverage per litre: 3-5 m2 / L
  • Resists algae and moulds growth
  • Inhibits moisture ingress
  • Brushing, Rolling and dipping 
  • No splashback, No run-off
  • Reduces warping


  • Maintains normal breathability 
  • Can be brushed or rolled depending on the nature of work
  • No greying, splashback or run-off
  • No cracking with this one and no dip formulation
  • Excellent coating against algae and moulds


  • It is expensive, almost double the price but offers a good return in quality

Buyer’s Guide for Best Paints for Fence 

So, If you have decided to buy paint for the fence or sheds of your garden then here are the things to know and understand before placing an order. 


Paints are normally made up of four basic components i.e solvent, pigments, additives and binders and all of these components come from different sources for example resins and waxes are used as a binder and additives which is non-toxic, natural and highly durable.

Also, the adsorption rate and breathability is determined by the material it is made of. So it is very important to know the chemical formula it is based on. 

Base of the paint

Without knowing the base of the paint, It is useless to buy a paint. For simplification, water-based paint uses water as the main solvent while the oil-based uses the oil. Simple?

But here is the trick that changing the base entirely changes the properties of the paint. 

For example, a water-based paint has 60-90 minutes drying time while oil-based paint takes at least 6-8 hours.

Oil-based paints offer great sheen level but greys down over time while the water-based paints offer moderate level of sheen but can stay over a longer period of time and the list of these differences is way bigger. So do count the base in your lessons. 


Adsorption rate determines the drying time while the level of  adsorption i.e how deeply it penetrates into the wood determines the durability of protective film. 

Some paints offer waterproofing within the first 90 minutes of a single coat which shows the quick adsorption rate, while others as in case of oil-based paints take hours to show waterproofing.

A paint with better adsorption won’t require multiple coating at all. 

Dents and touches in the wood

If you have a fence which has dents, pores and touches then a thin and light paint won’t cover it well and a dense and high-quality fence paint will get rid of those patches and rough appearance.

On the other hand, smooth wood can be painted with less paint and more coverage. If you have a new fence, make it sure you give it a smooth appearance before painting.  

Protection Against Algae, moulds and moisture ingress

Fence and sheds in rainfall areas are more prone to algae and moulds attack and fences are always exposed to water and moisture. You need to make it sure if the paint has complete protection against water and can reduce algae and moulds growth at great extent.

In addition to that, you may find light growth of algae and moulds even with high-quality paints so always look for one which has easy cleaning and doesn’t require acids which can damage protective layers and timber as well. 


In order to avoid shortage or wastage of the paint, you have to calculate coverage of the paint per litre of the volume.

In case of the plane and smooth woods, the paint will offer 25% of more coverage than mentioned while in rough woods it will have 25%-35% less coverage than mentioned in the description of paint. Secondly, do consider the number of coats you are going to apply. 

Breathability and safety for pets and plants

As you will be applying these paints in the garden and you don’t want a cringy bad odour there. In many water-based paints some additives lead to stingy odour while in some cases the ingredients are poisonous for pets and animals.

So always check for a safe and normal breathability of the paint before buying one. 


The decision to choose one of the five best products will depend on your fence nature, size and your budget.

The purpose of the buyer’s guide was to make you do your calculations and choose the best one. 

Good luck with buying and painting!

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