Here Is The List Of Best Cordless Garden Tools You Can Buy To Improve Your Gardening Skills Tremendously

Best Cordless Garden Tools

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The world is going wireless, and the garden tools are going cordless day by day. But hang on, If you have endless hours of operation or you are a professional gardener, who works daily, then going cordless isn’t the cup of tea made for you.

But on a smaller scale and for compact gardens, cordless tools are ideal for increasing productivity and saving time. 

If you are in a hurry, you can quickly go through the following table to read the summary of 5 best cordless garden tools!

ProductBattery TypeVoltBattery timingLatest Price
Swift cordless lawnmowerLithium-ion battery40 V350m2 per chargeCheck Price
Makita circular sawLithium-ion battery18 V2-3 hoursCheck Price
Bosch cordless hedge trimmerLithium-ion battery18 V2 hours approxCheck Price
Bosch cordless edging shear setLithium-ion battery3.6 V3.5 hoursCheck Price
Swift Garden Leaf BlowerLithium-ion battery40-V15 minutes Check Price

There are different kinds of tools which are available in the cordless design with a rechargeable batteries system, but what are the best cordless garden tools?

We got the answer after a detailed research and compilation process which ended up on filtering the top five best garden tools.

These products are chosen independently by our experts based on the features, durability and users response and feedback. 

By the word durability, in the case of cordless tools would be primarily focusing on battery run-time, lifespan and its speedy and straightforward charging.

The secondary focus would draw the light on the features which augment the garden operation, e.g.. Leaf blowing, shearing, lawn mowing, cutting branches and bushes etc.

In this article, we will dissect five daily life useful best garden cordless tools in the field of gardening. 

Best Cordless Garden Tools
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So let’s start:

Best Cordless Garden Tools

Swift Cordless Digital Wide Lawnmower

A lawnmower is one of the essential tools. On the large scale of gardening, you need to have a garden tractor for mowing, but mowing in a small garden needs a compact and sturdy machine for easy work and better maintenance.

This cordless lawnmower by swift is highly durable and well tested for its performance. It has a 40V lithium battery and 37 cm of cutting width which is made of heavy-duty plastic.

It has a 40L capacity of grass catcher and mulching which makes it a multi-functioning tool. 

It is equipped with an innovative digital brushless motor. The cutting time with a fully charged battery will amuse you, and that is 250m2 which ensures a single cut in one charge for an average garden.

Majority of home gardens range in between 200-300m2, however, If you have a big size lawn (more than 300m2), then you would need extra batteries and recharge time.

Two wheels at the base have the adjustment of height within the range of 25mm-65mm to work easily on different surfaces. It comes with two years of warranty against any manufacturing defect. 

Main Features

  • 40V – Lithium battery
  • Cutting width: 37 cm
  • Deck material: Plastic 
  • One charge cutting capacity: 250m2
  • 5 different height positions- 25mm-65mm
  • Collection box capacity: 40 L
  • Control button just one touch
  • Sturdy and strong handle


  • The lightweight material is easy to use for every age family member
  • Adjustable heights allow you to work according to the surface and grass size
  • Battery timing is huge compared to many- which helps in single cut with one charge


  • Not recommended for bigger lawns and rough surfaces
  • Slows down on heightened grass- keeping grass low is the key t

Makita Brushless Circular Saw 

A cordless saw will augment your gardening by saving much time and adding more productivity. This model by Makita is the top-rated cordless saw in the market with an 18 v- lithium-ion battery.

It has a no-load speed of 5000rpm. The automatic speed control helps in controlling the cutting speed according to the condition of operation. It is equipped with an electric brake and offers a smooth start while the current limiter protects overload.

The brushless motor offers two times better run time while the charging would take just 20-25 minutes with a DC18RC charger. It has a robust lock-off lever while the base is large to enhance stability.  

The base is at 45, and 50 degrees for cutting and the blower function helps in clear line view of the cutting during operation.

Two LEDs lights are designed for better visibility while the rear dust exhaust cleans it properly. The vacuum cleaner is connected to an attachable dust nozzle.

The lock-off lever is easy to handle and operate. 

Main Features

  • Automatic speed control
  • 18V- Lithium-ion battery
  • No-load Speed: 5000 rpm 
  • Blower function to clear view of the cutting line
  • Blade diameter 165mm
  • Electric brake
  • Bore 20mm
  • Electronic current limiter for overload protection
  • Cutting capacity: Maximum cutting capacity at 0 degrees 57mm, at 45 degrees 41mm, at 50 degrees 37mm 


  • Large base for better stability 
  • Lock-off lever for safety and better operation
  • Different angle cutting and capacity
  • Higher revolution per minute (rpm) i.e 5K
  • Highly durable and high standard of ergonomics


  • Battery timing can be improved, but so far better for small scale operations

Bosch Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Every gardener is familiar with the Bosch manufacturing quality, and this cordless hedge trimmer has got all the features that you would look for in a cordless tool. It is an 18V – Lithium battery device for fast and swift hedge cutting.

The battery doesn’t discharge quickly, and the charger is universal for all other tools. Two unique frontal teeth help in the smooth cutting of branches in the range of 20-25mm in diameter.

The blades are protected by blade guards to facilitate cutting along walls and walkways. 

It is equipped with a control button in the arch of the handle for better control and easy manoeuvrability. A D-shape handle is designed just above the base handle to support stability during operation.

The grip of the handle is soft for a comfortable experience of the user. 

It has the unique feature of the anti-blocking system which means that when a branch is not cut with one press the trimmer will change the direction rather than leaving or giving up which makes this hedge trimmer more efficient than the conventional trimmers. 

Main Features 

  • Battery voltage/type: 18 V- Lithium-ion
  • Anti-blocking system
  • No-load stroke rate: 2600 min-1
  • Stroke length: 20 mm
  • Weight (with battery): 2.5 kg
  • Tooth spacing: 20 mm
  • D-shape handle and Highly durable ergonomics


  • Anti-blocking system helps in clear and clean trimming 
  • Lightweight material, so easy to use for all age groups
  • The better grip of the handle and strong base for better balance
  • Easy to use and highly manoeuvrable 


  • Not recommended for thick branches
  • The battery is a bit expensive in the product package overall

Bosch Cordless Edging Shear Set 

This edging shear set has an 8 cm multi-click grass shearing blade and a 12 cm shrub shearing blade. It is a perfect edging shear set for trimming of small bushes, hedges and lawn edges. 

There are different range of attachments option to the multi-functional motor unit which includes a sprayer and a spreader.

The lithium-ion battery in this edging shear set has long run-time(i.e 3.5 hours) compared to the other models. 

This is truly lightweight stuff i.e 550 g and the standards of ergonomics are really high. It has a slightly bending handle with soft grip while a control button is designed just near the thumb place for better control and quick reactions.

The anti-blocking system won’t disappoint you in the middle of the operation. The blade length comes with a length of  120 mm with 8 mm tooth opening while the grass blade has a width of 80 mm.

The sprayer helps you in spraying fertilizers and different liquids while the spreader can be used for seeds spreading.

The long telescope attachable tube helps in comfortable operations without bending your back or taking pain. 

Main Features

  • Battery: 3.6 V / 1.5 Ah / Li-ion
  • Charge time: 3.5 hours
  • Versatile accessories (Telescope, spreader, sprayer)
  • Anti-blocking system
  • Innovative Multi-Click System
  • 8 cm multi-click grass shearing blade and a 12 cm shrub shearing blade
  • Weight: 550 g
  • Double-sided soft-grip handle 


  • Multi-Click System for quick, easy changing of attachments
  • Lightweight – can be used with no physical fatigue or strain
  • Two different size blades for grass and shrubs
  • Extra accessories like spreader and sprayer offer great versatility 


  • Not effective against heavy shrubs
  • Limited range of batteries system 

SWIFT 40 V Cordless Garden Leaf Blower

A garden vac or leaf blower is an essential tool but adjusting cable and to reach every corner is what makes the job tough in some cases and that is where a cordless leaf blower or vac comes in to play.

This leaf blower by SWIFT is based on Axial fan design with complete cruise control for convenience in the operation. It is a lightweight blower i.e 3.1 kg (Battery included) with an airspeed of 121mph. It offers 660m3/h air volume transfer on a full battery charge for 15 minutes continuously. 

Struggling with wet leaves in the garden? Read our article on ‘‘Best garden vac for wet leaves’’

The ergonomics are well taken into consideration for the anti-vibration design, so you will get three times less of the vibrations compared to the conventional blowers.

With the lithium-ion battery of 2Ah, It saves energy up to 35% and has zero emissions and no carbon footprint. You can expect a trigger start and less noise.

The company offers 24 months warranty for blower and 12 months warranty for the battery. 

Main Features

  • 40 V blower
  • 2Ah battery
  • Axial fan design
  • Quick exchange multi-nozzles
  • Airspeed of 121mph
  • Safety switch
  • Balanced handle with a comfortable grip
  • Battery time on a continuous run: 15 minutes
  • Weight: 3.1 kg
  • 35% energy saving


  • Lightweight, easy to operate
  • Less noise, fewer vibrations
  • Axial fan design enhances the blowing power


  • Not too powerful  for long hours operations

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Cordless Garden tools

Cordless tools enhance productivity and save time but choosing the right product is what can offer you good value for the money.

So, here are the things to take into account before buying a cordless tool.

One battery is not enough

To further explain this, always choose a package which includes two batteries if you don’t like those restless small breaks which lead to mental exhaustion.

That being said, don’t compromise on the quality of the machine in terms of features and durability because you can buy an additional battery with the same specifications from the market. 

Lithium-ion battery 

Gone are the days when nickel-cadmium batteries were leading the industry as Lithium-ion batteries are replacing them as quickly as never before.

However, Lithium-ion batteries are a bit expensive but are more promising in terms of durability and who knows the future may replace lithium-ion with even more advanced batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, charge quickly and discharge slowly and can stay charged for months without use, hardly any chance of swelling or bursting. 

In extreme weather conditions, lithium-ion batteries have a record of low key performance but the innovative techniques and market competitions are evolving and we are getting better and better performance at subzero temperatures as well.

This downside is a con but it still is the best choice compared to nickel-cad batteries. 

Set is better than a single piece

Cordless tools are offered in the form of a complete set by the majority of manufacturers which take away the headache of keeping different batteries and chargers for different tools.

In addition to battery and charger issues, it helps in customer service communication in case of a manufacturing defect or technical one later on.

Brushless motors

Brushless motors reduce friction by distancing the parts physically which lead to the energy-saving system. Brushless motors offer twice the run-time compared to the conventional mechanics.

Majority of brushless motors users are well satisfied and have approved the 50% extra run-time claim. In the beginning, this technology was limited to some tools and was a bit expensive but now 90% of the tools are available in the brushless technology-based system.

So, go brushless for a better experience and save energy. 

Better charger- better performance

A smart charger like in the case of Makita saw will help you to avoid overheating and sparkling. The manual chargers with low-quality transformers or adaptors will cause overheating and can lead to uneven charging which either could take two hours for charging or even 20 minutes.

In, addition to that following are the tips for charging cordless tools:

  • Always buy new batteries instead of used one
  • Charge it at the adequate temperature- Avoid extreme temperatures
  • Discharging it completely will lead to the early death of the battery
  • Keep it at least half or ¼ charged and at cool temp but not freezing (In plus degrees of Celsius)
  • Use tools more often or at least use the battery- long term inactive battery will eventually get dead

Battery Marks- A bit Plus

It would be a benefit if you have fuel gauges or battery %age marks from where you can estimate the remaining battery time.

This can save you from abrupt awkward breaks when you are in the mood to get the job done but your battery decides otherwise.

So check it out while buying a cordless tool. 


You may have noticed that we stuck to the charger and battery-related features in this buyer’s guide. And the reason for that is we can’t discuss general features of cordless tools as every product in our article has different utility in gardening.

So, in order to master the buying of a cordless tool you need to understand the general features of a product e.g, it can be a saw, tiller, trimmer or a blower which all of them are different from each other.

After that, you need to understand the common thing among all cordless tools i.e batteries, their run-time and charging which we discussed in this buyer’s guide. 

We hope this guide was helpful to you. Good luck with buying!

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