The Best Fence Paint Colour

Best Fence Paint Colour

A fence around the garden is the dressing of that garden. No matter how beautiful a lawn you have, a dim and dull fence will hide all its beauty. Moreover, if you don’t paint the garden fencing, it will deteriorate with time and you may end up planting the new fence. This brings us to the conclusion of taking good care of the fencing and for that, you would require the best fence paint colour.

We have penned down the reviews of best fence paint colours after an extensive and independent search based on features, durability, prices and users’ feedback. Quickly jump to the following table and view the summary of 5 best fence paint colours with key specifications and latest Prices.

ProductVolumecoverageweightBuy from Amazon
Ronseal Fence Life9 Litres6m2 /Litre9.5 kgCheck price
UK Paint for fence and shed20 Litres15 m2 /Litre20 kg Check price 
Cuprinol silver copse 5L5 Litres6-8 m2 / Litre5.47 kgCheck price
Ronseal one coat fence 5 litres6m2 / Litre5.5 kgCheck price 
Cuprinol Garden shades2.5 Litres10m2 / Litre3 kgCheck price

A garden fence without being properly painted will not only deteriorate within a few years but also the dull and dim appearance makes your whole garden less attractive despite all the efforts you made. Good paint for outdoor should have better adsorption and great retention value. The better and sound it adsorbed, the higher will be the gate of immunity against water and other weather’s hazards. Furthermore, It will hinder algae and mould mass if the shielding layer has covered the timber very well. 

On the other side, comes the specialised specs like coverage and support in the applicability. Some of the paints will have very small coverage per litre volume of the paint that will seem super pricey but they extend good value for the money in terms of quality.

In this article, we are going to discuss each and every aspect of the best fence paint colours and will provide you with a buying guide at the end. 

Best Fence Paint Colour

Best Fence Paint Colour

So let’s start:

Ronseal Fence Life Plus

This is a 9L midnight blue colour for fencing and sheds. The good news with this fence paint is its variety in colours. It is applicable on all new and coated rough sawn and smooth planed wood. 

Coverage? Well, in just 1-litre volume of this paint you can cover 6m2 area. So 9L tin is huge enough for your whole garden fencing but if you have small fencing you can order 5L tin as well. It has a special formulation which resists all weather’s hazard and extreme conditions, unlike the conventional paints. 

Coat time? Just four hours while the shower proofing is 1 hour. To dry it completely you need to wait for four hours at least. The colour won’t fade away as it has complete UV protection you can expect longer-lasting colour.  Available in different colours i.e Medium Oak, Country Oak, Dark Oak, Harvest Gold, Red Cedar, Forest Green, Willow, Sage, Cornflower, Slate, Tudor Black Oak, Warm Stone, Charcoal Grey, Teal, Midnight Blue. 

Application is simple without any additional formulation. It hinders water and moisture which assists in reducing risks of algae and mould growth. It has an opaque matt finish. It can easily be sprayed or brushed depending on your need and area you want to paint, however, spraying can save time and paint both. It gives a clear tint to timber and leaves no stain or sheen. 

Key Features

  • Volume: 9 L
  • Multiple colours
  • Finish: opaque matt
  • Showerproof time: 1 hour
  • Comp Drying time: 4 hours
  • UV resistant
  • No stain or sheen


  • UV Protection 
  • 5-year long-lasting colours
  • Waterproofing within one hour after application


  • Expensive but offer good value for the money

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UK Paint for fence and shed

This is a water-based paint ideally made for fence and sheds. One litre paint is enough for a 15m2 area without any dilution. However, it also depends on the kind of surface you are going to apply. A rough surface will consume more paint while the smooth will increase the coverage. A rough estimate is that it can cover up to 8 fences panels (6*5) with one litre.  Drying time is just 1-2 hours. 

Durability and life span is well tested and trusted by consumers across the UK.  It is tough, durable and can stay long with the great value of colour retention. It is excellent in water-repelling and resists frost and heat. 

There is barely any moisture access with just one painting which avoids timber swelling and plasticity. Furthermore, It maintains the appearance and composition of the wood and doesn’t leave any spot or sheen compared to other oils and emulsions. The adsorption, on the other hand, is pretty deep and profound which creates a wall to resist water and offer UV protection as well. The most significant threat to outdoor timbers is algae and fungal germination which is absolutely secured by this formulation.

Key Features

  • Volume: 20 L
  • Coverage: 15 m2 area
  • Formulation: water-based
  • UV resistant 
  • Showerproof: 1 hour
  • Drying time: 3-4 hours


  • Resist weather’s hazards
  • Can last long with a great colour retention value
  • Huge coverage so very economical as well


  • Sometimes the product is out of the stock 

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Cuprinol Silver copse 5L

This is Cuprinol’s best selling product in the fence paint category. It is a wax enriched composition for excellent water-repelling characteristics. This is a non-drip formulation, exclusively made for outdoor fencing and sheds. 

No question on the durability, as it can stay on the wood surface without any peeling off or dimming up to 5 years. This intake at the micro-level improves the protection against mould and algae growth and gives shower proofing within 90 minutes. It offers better adhesion compared to conventional oils and creams. 

It has a quick drying time. within 1 hour it is dry on touch and dries out completely in 3-4 hours. However, for double coating, it is recommended to apply the second coat after 2-3 days for better results. 

Adhesion is thoroughly the same and fills micropores with great affinity. However, the performance of this paint will reduce if applied to a grey or weathered smooth wood. 5L of tin covers up to 7 panels of fencing. 1L is sufficient for 6-8 m2 area. Still, for treated, untreated, and new wood application you can repeat coating according to the guidelines on the box. 

There is no or low odour at the time of application. You can use brushing, spraying as per your ease. It doesn’t require further additives on the time of dispensing. A good product for fencing and sheds longer life. 

Key Features

  • Volume: 5 litres
  • Coverage: 6-8 m2 with 1 Litre
  • Colour: Silver copse
  • Drying time: 1 hour
  • Wax-enriched composition
  • Non-dip Formulation
  • Dimensions: 23.6 x 18.3 x 18.9 cm
  • Weight: 5.3 kg


  • Quick-drying time
  • Ready to apply- no need for additives
  • Deep and strong adhesion hence better waterproofing


  • Gets dull after two years
  • Not ideally good for already painted surfaces, best for new raw wood

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Ronseal one coat fence Life

It gives an opaque matt finish and is available in six different shades. After treatment, It has quick and swift drying time (1-2 hours) and can completely dry within 3-4 hours. Just one coat is sufficient for the shower proofing. However, for presentation and touch, it depends on the surface nature i.e if it is hardwood, softwood – smooth or planed. This paint by Ronseal is ideally made for fence, sheds and outdoor woods. It has coverage of about 6.0 m2 and is easy to brush, sprinkle, and roll. 

The adsorption is very deep and strong and makes a shielding film within an hour of the first coat. It restrains water and dampness that helps in reducing the chances of algae and mould. Still, by the manufacturer, it is not suggested for benches where algae and fungi may grow. 

It has great retention value and can stay without getting grey or dull for a couple of years (1- 2 years at least). You can easily apply this paint with a brush or sprayer depending on your need and surface you want to paint. Though, spraying can save time and paint both. It gives a clear tint to wood and leaves no discolouration, strain or sheen. 

It is safe for pets and kids and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. The formulation is ready to be applied and doesn’t need any additives or further dispensing. The colour is red cedar and only a coat is enough for outdoor fencing and sheds. Overall, a good product and more economical. 

Key Features

  • The volume of one package: 5 Litres
  • Coverage: 6m2 approximately
  • Areas of use: fences and sheds
  • Finish: Opaque matt
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Reduce algae and fungi growth 


  • 100% water-proof in 90 minutes
  • Preserves timber from greying
  • Only one coat is enough 
  • Can stay for at least 2 years without greying 


  • A few users complained about leaked tin, make sure you ask the seller about return policy

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Cuprinol Garden Shades

Last but not the least, one more best selling product by Cuprinol in this category. This is water-based paint and tailor-made for garden sheds and fencing. The formulation is enriched with waxes and produces an opaque matt finish at the end. 

This fence paint by Cuprinol offers a swift and uniform application without any splashback or run-off on upright or flat surfaces. Following the application of this paint, it will be absorbed on the timber surface to form a blockade against water and condensation which eventually provides excellent protection against moulds and algae. The entrance of moisture’s barrier leaves no chance for any such algae growth, particularly in rain falling states. 

This is a silver birch colour and the coverage per litre is approximately 10m2. So, this tin of 2.5L is enough for 4-5 fence panels. A clear opaque matt finish will appear on the first coat, however, two coats are advised for the better results. You don’t need any additional chemical for further formulation. 

It is Suitable for wood, terracotta, brick and stone. You can brush or spray this paint without any splashback. Doesn’t contain any bad odour however, there are chemicals in the paint which cause allergy but not to every individual. A good product with an excellent waterproofing quality.

Key Features

  • Volume: 2.5 L
  • Formulation: Water-based
  • Coverage: 10m2 per Litre approximately
  • 6 years of weather protection
  • Package Dimensions: 15.7 x 15.7 x 16.6 cm
  • Weight: 3 kg


  • Great durability with excellent colour retention
  • Easy to use
  • Good and safe packaging 


  • Limited colours

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Buying Guide to the Best fence Paint Colour

A garden fence is only secured when it is well shielded against the weather’s challenges and good paint can do that for you. So, here are the things that you have to consider before buying a fence paint colour. 


Paints are usually manufactured from four basic elements i.e solvent, binders pigments and additives. Almost all of these ingredients come from various origins. For instance, resins and waxes are utilised as a binder and additives that are non-toxic, natural and very long-lasting. Furthermore, the adsorption speed and breathability are decided by the substances it is made of. Therefore it is very essential to know the chemical specifications, it is based on. 

Rate of adsorption

Adsorption rate decides the drying time while the level of adsorption i.e how deeply it enters into the timber determines the durability of the protective layer. Some of these paints provide shower proofing within the first 1 hour of a single coat which tells the quick adsorption rate, while others as in the example of oil-based paints, need hours to exhibit waterproofing. A paint with better insertion at the surface won’t need an added coat at all. 

Water-based? Or Oil-based?

It is important to have knowledge of the base of the paint. To explain it in a simple way, water-based paint utilises water as the foremost solvent while the oil-based uses the oil. Easy right? But, here is the ‘know-how’ that by switching the base you change the entire attributes of the paint. 

As an illustration, Oil-based paint needs at least 6-8 hours to dry it completely while water-based paint has 1-2 hours of drying time. Oil-based paints provide great sheen value but grey down over time while the water-based paints give a modest level of sheen but can last over a longer duration of time and the account of these differences gets further complicated. So do consider the base of the paint. 

Rough and smooth surface

In case if you are dealing with a fence that has dents, orifices and rough surfaces, then a thin and light paint may not cover it adequately. While a compact and dense fence paint will fill the pores and rough surfaces quite efficiently and effortlessly. However, if you are using water-based thin paint, you may cover it but do consider multiple coatings. On the other side, smooth wood can be painted with less paint and more coverage. If you have a new fence, make it sure you give it a smooth appearance before painting.

How much paint do you need?

It is important to negate the deficit or wastage of the paint. For that, you have to determine coverage of the colour per litre of the volume. In case of the plane and smooth woods, the paint will offer twenty to thirty percent more coverage than stated while in rough timbers it will have 25%-35% less coverage than specified in the information of paint. Moreover, do consider the quantity of coating. Most of these paints have their calculating formulas on the box or in the description on the site. 

Weatherproofing and protection

In areas and states where there is more rainfall season around the year, the garden fences and sheds are predisposed to algae and moulds attack and fences are always inclined to water and moisture ingress. You need to make it sure if the paint has complete protection against water because that is what will contribute to the longer retention of the paint. Similarly, you may notice a slight growth of algae and moulds even with good paint colours. Check out this video on how to do outdoor fence colouring.

Aroma and safety 

We know that you will be applying these paints in the garden and you don’t crave a cringy bad smell there, right?. In many water-based paints, some additives lead to stingy odour while in other circumstances the ingredients are dangerous for pets and kids. Therefore, do check for an eco-friendly and non-toxic paint with naturally enriched ingredients. 


Painting a garden fence is an activity that can boost those small molecules of happiness in your blood. At the same time, it shields the timber against the microorganisms and weather’s hazards. 

We have reviewed the top 5 best fence paint colours for you. Based on our survey, we recommend Ronseal Fence Life Plus and Cuprinol Silver copse for the excellent formulation and great colour retention.

Good luck with gardening!

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