Best Garden Fencing For Rabbits with Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best garden fencing for Rabbits

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Rabbits are cute but destructive if they get access to your garden bed. If you want to protect your plants and grass from the garden destructing rabbits which you have put effort into, then you might need a proper garden fencing around your yard. We have compiled a list of best garden fencing for rabbits after a detailed and independent search based on features, durability, prices and users’ feedback. 

In a hurry? Don’t worry; we have summarized the whole article in the form of the following table. Check out the key specifications and latest prices. 

Product Dimensions Mesh sizeSize Material Check Price on Amazon
YARDGARD Galvanized Fence
14.57 x 14.57 x 24.02 inches

2 x1 inch

24 in. X 100 ft

Galvanized zinc coating
Check price
WamBam Fence147.5 x 0.13 x 25 inches2-½ x 2-½ inch29.5in x 25 inMetalCheck price
Amagabeli Hardware Cloth 7.5 x 7.5 x 48 inches
½ inch

48 x 50 in

Galvanized welded wire

Check price
G & B Mesh Hardware Cloth
11.14 x 27.56 x 11.14 inches

½ inch

2 feet X 100 feet

Galvanized welded wire

Check price
Zippity Garden Metal Fence
36 x 0.25 x 42 inches

3 inches

42 x 36 in


Check price
YARDGARD Garden Rabbit Fence
6.49 x 6.49 x 27.84 inches

Bottom  4″ x 1″  Top      4″ x 4″

28″ x 50′

Galvanized welded wire

Check price

High-quality fences can keep the rabbits out of your garden as well as other pests like groundhogs and gophers. Garden fences are usually made with galvanized welded wire to create a mesh with the holes measuring one or ½ inches. Some walls are welded before galvanizing and some after. Often, the cables welded after stirring are more durable and rust-proof. Fences need to be sturdy and rust-proof so that rabbits can not gnaw through it. 

Rabbits can jump as high as 3 feet, but they rarely do so. And they can get through from any hole more prominent than their neck. And as we know, rabbits are natural diggers, so the depth of fence matters too. Fence with a height of 3 feet and the mesh of 1 inch can do the job for you. Let’s review our top picks in the best garden fencing for rabbits category. 

Best Garden Fencing For Rabbits

Best Garden Fencing for Rabbits

YARDGARD Galvanized Fence

This 2 feet height of a fence would keep the rabbits out of your garden. Although rabbits can jump up to 3 feet chances of happening that are very rare so 2 feet height is good enough. The length of 30 meters or 100 feet is a good area to be covered in this price range. 

Because these fences will be out and get in contact with direct sunlight and extreme weather, it needs to be rust and weather-proof. Galvanized zinc coating is used to build this fence which is very durable and rust-proof and you will not be needing a new fence after a while.

The most important feature to look for in the fence is the mesh and its size. Because that is the reason rabbits can be kept out of the garden. Mesh size makes a lot of difference too. Any hole which is big enough to allow rabbits to pass-through makes the whole fence useless. YardGard’s fence has 2 inches of the mesh size. It is small enough to keep the rabbits out of the garden but if you are encountering pests smaller than rabbits, then this might not be a suitable product for you. 

Let’s talk about the installation process of this fence. Installation of the fence can be a bit tricky as this fence does not come with the poles you need to hang or weld this fence on. You will be needing mounting hardware for this fence. And metal posts are required to mount the fence. 

If you have a fence and the metal posts and just want to change the current one then it won’t be a problem, but if you are going to install fences for the first time with no experience then you may require the right person for the job. 

Key Features 

  • Product Dimensions:14.57 x 14.57 x 24.02 inches
  • Weight: 25.3
  • Height-24 Inches
  • Length-100 Ft
  • Mesh size: 2 x 1
  • Material: Galvanized welded wires


  • Heavy-duty and robust
  • Rust-proof 
  • Covers big area 
  • Longer life


  • Height is not enough to bury the fence into the ground

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WamBam Garden Fence

If you want to quickly fence your garden without the need for posts or mounting tools, then WamBam fence is ideal for you. It comes in a pack of 5 panels and 6 stakes or posts. With its beautiful and simple design and classic black finish, it gives a great value. 

It has 29.5 inches of width and 25 inches of height. If you have a very large garden then this fence might be an expensive option for you. Mesh size of 2 ½ inches is too big for a rabbit and it can pass through it easily. But if you want to keep your pets and toddlers inside the garden then it might work for you. 

To assemble, you just need to place a stake on the desired area and use a rubber mallet to drive it into the ground until it can not go further. Repeat the same with the second stake but just make sure to align it with the first one. Repeat the same for all and you have an enclosed area within an hour or so. 

Metal is used to build this fence and is rust-proof as the manufacturer gives a 3-year guarantee. It is a perfect fence for those who want a quick, stylish and sturdy fence for their pets or children.  

Key Features 

  • Product Dimensions: 147.5 x 0.13 x 25 inches
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Mesh size: 2 ½ inches
  • Height: 25 inches
  • Width: 29.5 inches 


  • Easy to install 
  • Stylish look
  • Strong and durable
  • Rust-proof 


  • Not ideal for keeping the rabbits out of the garden 

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Amagabeli Hardware Cloth Garden fencing

This 19 gauge galvanized fence can keep almost any type of pests out of your garden and protect your vegetables and plants from getting destroyed. From big ones like raccoons and rabbits to snakes and gophers, no one can pass through this fence. 

It is 50 feet long and 48 inches high meaning that a very big area will be covered as well as a good amount of height. Mesh size is an important part. Its mesh is about a half-inch which can keep pests of very small size out of your garden. In a season, snakes can also cause damage to your plants and grass but this fence can keep them away too. 

It is made with galvanized welded wire. But the main thing is that it is galvanized after welding so that all the welded points are galvanized properly and nothing is left to rust. It makes this fence very rust-proof and durable as it has to bear rain, sunlight and other extreme weather. 

It is somewhat easy to install but not very easy for the first-timers. Just measure the area where you want to install the fence and mark them. Cut the fence using a cutter following the marks. Then hammer the fencing nails on all the edges of the fence. Keep the fence from the bottom L-shaped for the best results. 

Bottom line, it is an ideal fence for any kind of uninvited guests. And it is not only used to fence the garden but you can make a lot of things out of this like a chicken tractor, grazing frames, tree guards, raised beds, etc. 

Key Features 

  • 19 gauge
  • Mesh size: ½ inch
  • Length: 50 feet
  • Height: 48 inches
  • Weight: 15.4 kg


  • Keep rabbits as well as small pests out of the garden
  • Robust material
  • Rust-proof 
  • Long and high 


  • Not easy for beginners to install

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G & B Mesh 19 gauge Garden fencing

This is also a 19 gauge fence with 100 feet of length and 2 feet of height. The ideal fence for protecting your vegetables, fruits and grass from all types of pests. Not only for gardens but also used for doors, tree guards, drain, gutters and many more. 

2 feet of height is enough to keep the rabbits from entering your garden. And 100 feet of big length can cover a big area of the garden and if you have an average-sized garden then you might need three of these fences. 

This fence is also made with galvanized steel but galvanized after welding to ensure the rust-proof welded points. The coatings are applied in a way that the fences can endure the direct sunlight and all kinds of weather. Its mesh is the same size as the previous one, ½ inches which is the smallest you can get and safest from all kinds of pests. The size is ideal for chicken coops as well. 

Although it can contain rabbits out of the garden the problem arises with squirrels as they can jump more than 2 feet and can easily jump over this fence. 

Key Features 

  • Product Dimensions: 11.14 x 27.56 x 11.14 inches
  • Weight: 17.3 kg
  • Material: Galvanized steel (after weld)
  • Mesh size: ½ inches


  • Heavy-duty and robust
  • Long-lasting
  • Can be used for various purposes
  • Weather-proof 


  • Squirrels can jump past over it 

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Zippity Garden Metal Fence

This fence is designed for semi-permanent residential fencing. It can be easily installed as well as removed and installed somewhere else. Perfect for drawing boundaries to your property, keeping your dog in your garden or for hanging a “No trespassing” board. 

This purchase includes 5 panels and 6 stakes. Each panel has 36 inches of width making it 180 inches (15 feet)  wide and 42 inches high at its highest point and 37 inches at its lowest point. It is fully scalable and more of them can be bought for fencing bigger gardens. 

Mesh size of this fence is 3 x 3 inches, which is very big if you want to fence the garden to keep rabbits out. They can easily squeeze past through these holes. This size is ideal for keeping your children and pets like a dog in your garden. 

Installation of this fence is quite easy as compared to the previous one as you do not have to cut them or need any tools besides rubber mallet. Insert the stake through the 4 eye-holes and use the hammer to drive it into the soil. Align the second panel with the first one and repeat the same process. You can fence the whole garden of yours in a couple of hours and remove them too if you leave the place. 

Black metal fence with a subtle design gives your garden a classy look and protection as well. 

Key Features 

  • Product Dimensions: 36 x 0.25 x 42 inches
  • Item Weight: 39 pounds
  • Height: 42 inches
  • Width: 36 inches 


  • Easy installation
  • A stylish and subtle look
  • Easy to remove
  • Keep the pets and children in the garden


  • Not suitable for keeping the rabbits out because of its mesh size; 3 x 3 inches

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Buyer’s Guide For The Best Garden Fencing For Rabbits 

Rabbits can cause severe damage to your garden and eat vegetables and fruits and leave you with nothing. If you want to protect your garden, your efforts and the money you spent on your garden, then you might need garden fencing. 

There are liquid fences available which are deer and rabbit repellent made with a number of ingredients like thyme oil and putrescent egg solids to keep rabbits off of the garden. But spraying the liquid every now and then can be a headache and worse than that if you forget to spray the liquid, it will only take one night for a rabbit to destroy the garden.

Due to various reasons, a physical fence is recommended if you want a permanent solution to your problems. There are different features and points to look closely while buying the fence for your garden.  

  1. Durability and construction 

It is obvious that the fence will be out in the open all the time and will be exposed to direct sunlight, rain and other weathers. So it is important for the fence to be durable so it does not get rusty and weak because rabbits can gnaw through it. 

Usually, the fences are made with galvanized steel wires which are welded to make a mesh. Some of them are galvanized after welding and some are before, we recommend the ones which are galvanized after welding because if it is galvanized before welding then the points of welding are more likely to get rusty. 

So, always look for weather and a rust-proof fence so it can be there for a long time. 

  1. Mesh size

Mesh size is the most important feature to look for in a fence. The holes should be small enough to not let the rabbit squeeze past through it. Normally the size between ½ and 2 inches is enough to keep the rabbits out of the garden. 

  1. Height 

Rabbit can jump up to 3 feet but that is very rare. So the fence with the height of 2 feet is ideal (above ground). Make sure the height is long enough to bury it in the soil like 6 to 10 inches to keep the rabbits from digging and entering the garden from under the fence. 

  1. Installation

Installation of the fence can be a tricky part. Some of the fences come with the stakes and panels which can be installed very easily with rubber mallet only. But some of them are just wire cloth which has to be cut according to the garden’s measurement and then fencing nails are used to hook the fence. The ones with stakes have a bigger mesh size than the other ones.

You have to choose according to your needs. If you need to keep your dog or children inside your garden then the fence with panels and stakes are perfect. But for rabbits and other pests, a chicken net with the size of 1 or 2 inches of mesh size is ideal. 

It is a bit of a hectic job to do but sometimes you have to put efforts to protect what is important to you. 


We all love gardening and adopting pets at the same time. The love for one hobby damages the other. Pets like rabbits damage plants and flowers. A garden fencing for rabbits can keep them out of the game so that you can count on both of your activities with equal zeal and enthusiasm. 

We have discussed and reviewed the top-rated and best garden fencing available in the market. All you need to cross-check your needs and requirements with the features of these different products and choose the best one. Based on our survey, we recommend YARDGARD galvanised fencing and Amagabeli galvanised welding fencing for their higher durability and outclass rating by the users. Still, you need to choose it wisely and we hope this article was helpful for you in this regard. 

Good luck to you!

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