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Best furniture covers

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Garden furniture needs protection from weather hazards such as rain, snow, and heat. In summer, it goes well, but the regular season of rainfall and snow in the winter can damage the garden furniture. In modern times of advanced manufacturing, there are waterproof, durable garden covers that you may never come across before. So, we decided to take you on a journey of reviewing the best garden furniture covers available in the market. It will be an independent survey based on features, durability, and consumers’ feedback.

Are you running out of time? If that’s the case, you can quickly view the following table for the best garden furniture covers with critical specifications and prices.

Product Size Material Tie-down typeLatest Price on Amazon

Oxbridge Garden Patio Furniture Set Cover

 227cm(89″) (L)     100cm (39″) (H)

600D PVC woven polyester

Eyelets and drawcord

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SORARA Protective Cover

123cm(L)  x 70cm(H)

Polyester 180 g/m² with PU coating

Bungee drawstrings

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Bosmere Protector286cm (left side), 222cm (right side)PVC Backed PolyesterEyelets and cord locksCheck price
Tvird Garden Furniture Covers242 L x 162 W x 100 H cm600D hydrophobic material4x BucklesCheck price
SORARA Protective Cover for Sofa Couch
86 x 178 x 90/61 cm (L x W x H).

Polyester 180 g/m² with PU coating


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VonHaus Waterproof Garden Bench Cover
L134cm x D70cm x H60-88cm

600D polyester


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Outdoor garden furniture is destined to stay out in the open dealing with wind, rain, snow, dust, pets, and many more elements. Sometimes they survive but not for too long. And you will not want to waste the money you spent on your expensive garden furniture, will you? So the best thing you can do for your furniture to be protected from all the elements mentioned above, get a furniture cover and put it on your furniture when it’s not in use or there is a possibility of heavy rain or snowfall.

Furniture covers are made with high-quality fabrics that are water-resistant as well as robust enough to not tear apart by a strong breeze. Adding to their features, they also do protect the furniture from UV rays (maybe the cover itself gets faded, but the furniture will be safe).

If you have decided to get one for your garden furniture, then don’t rush. We have made it amazingly easy for you to choose the best cover from different varieties and sizes of covers. For that, we will provide you with a buying guide at the end of this article.

Let’s get started for now.

best garden furniture covers

Best Garden Furniture Covers

Oxbridge Garden Patio Furniture Set Cover

If you want to protect your outdoor furniture with just one cover and don’t want to cover all chairs and tables separately, then this Oxbridge furniture cover is the best choice. Outdoor furniture remains outside all along the year, and although they are waterproof and all they need a cover from extreme rough weather.

It is designed to fit a broad set of furniture set with its large dimension i.e., 227cm of diameter (89”) and 100cm of height (39”). It can protect furniture from rainwater, frost, dirt, grime, bird waste, etc. One large table and six chairs can be easily covered by this product even if the chairs don’t tuck under the table.

Black colored 600D PVC make sure water does not go through and make raindrops floating on the cover. It is made from woven polyester, which has taped seams to create it water-proof. Double sewn covers provide extra strength against the water and dust. A stiff breeze can blow away the cover but thanks to rust-resistant brass eyelets and sturdy draw-cord that secures the cover. This cover is designed from heavy-duty materials and will last for many seasons, which means your outdoor furniture will last for many seasons too.

Overall, a pretty heavy, robust, and economical cover for your expensive and lavish furniture to protect it from all kinds of damaging elements with a five years guarantee.

Key Features
  • Diameter: 227cm (89″)
  • Height: 100cm (39″)
  • Material: 600D PVC woven polyester
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Strongly water-proof
  • Built-in vents to prevent condensation
  • Double sewed for extra strength
  • Eyelets and draw-cord for secure fitting
  • It gets faded under the direct sunlight.

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SORARA Garden Furniture Cover

If you have a middle-sized furniture set, then big covers like the previous one can be oversize for you. And it will not protect the furniture very efficiently. This Sorara protective cover can be an ideal one for your need. But keep in mind that the size of a sheet can be slightly bigger than advertised because of rounded corners and reinforced materials to ensure superior protection.

With 123cm of diameter and 70cm of height, it can fit on your furniture easily to provide maximum protection from the dust, water, frost, and other elements, which can be damaging for your garden furniture. High-quality weatherproof materials are used to craft this sturdy cover, including high-grade PU coated plastic, which resists the cracking, fading, or scratching due to the UV rays. Also, water-resistance makes it more protective. Double-stitched seams make the waterproofing more durable and capable.

With all these features, it is still easy to use with the bungee drawstrings that can be tied with the chair legs to prevent it from blowing away with the breeze. Despite it being made up of sturdy and durable material, the weight is still very light and easy to put on and off or store when not needed.

Sorara outdoor cover is designed to keep your furniture in good shape while you are out of home for days or when it is not in use. The manufacturer promises a 2-year warranty, so you don’t have to buy a new one for a long time.

Key Features

  • Colour: Grey
  • Material: Polyester 180 g/m² with PU coating
  • Dimensions: 123 x 70 cm (L/W x H)
  • Weight: 0.8kg


  • Water-resistant
  • High-quality weatherproof material
  • Bungee drawstrings for secure fitting
  • Lightweight


  • Discolouring issues

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Bosmere Garden Furniture Cover

After dealing with the round-shaped furniture, now we have a protective cover for the L-shaped dining set. This urban and chic black cover will protect your furniture without compromising the style and shape of the set.

It is a large cover for ‘L’ shaped furniture set to protect it from the corrosive effect of bird waste and harsh weather conditions and general grime and dust. Also, super protection from windy conditions as well as winter protection. UV stabilized fabric prevents fading and protects the furniture from direct sunlight.

Top-quality PVC backed polyester with UV stabilized material is used to affirm the water-proof fabric to ensure that the rainwater does not absorb in the fabric and drops on the furniture. Brass coated eyelets and cord locks keep the cover from lifting off in a breeze.

This cover provides an easy to wipe feature with which you can wipe off the water or other dirt from the cover easily. The cover is available in 3 different colors, green, black and grey, so you have the choice to go for a colour which suits your interior best.

Key Features

  • Weight: 4.4kg
  • Material: PVC Backed Polyester
  • ‘L’ Shaped
  • Length: 286cm (left side), 222cm (right side)
  • Height: 64cm


  • Waterproof fabric
  • UV stabilized
  • Eyelets and cord locks for better security
  • Cons
  • Slightly expensive

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Tvird Garden Furniture Covers

If you want to protect your patio furniture table and chairs with only one cover, this is the product to go for. Whether you have plastic furniture or metal, wooden or rattan, it will protect any of them to solve the wear and tear problems. It is a water-proof cover which is tested by filling it up with the water for 48 hours, and no leakage or cracks were shown. It prevents getting the furniture wet due to rain and frost. 600D heavy-duty material is used to craft this robust cover for full protection of the furniture with double-bonded edges which prevents the cover from cracking. The inner layer has a UV resistant coating that ensures high protection under the direct sunlight.

Tvird cover size: 242 L x 162 Wx 100 H cm, is large enough to fit all kinds of outdoor furniture, tables, benches, chairs and more. If you want it to be perfect according to your furniture’s size, then measure your furniture correctly to avoid a bad experience.

For the secure fitting, there is a drawstring rope at the edge of the furniture cover, and four nylon buckles are also provided for keeping the cover at one place. So even under the extreme weather conditions, your furniture will be safe and not exposed to the rain or sunlight. However, if the wind is too strong (like a hurricane), then it is recommended to put some heavy object on the top of the cover for extra protection.

Sometimes the protector needs to be protected. For that purpose, covers are usually cleaned by water or just by wiping off. With this cover, it is made accessible to clean the cover by just splashing with water and then dry it in the sun. They are storing it while not in use is also very easy as it comes with a zippered storage bag to keep it compact.

Key Features

  • 600D hydrophobic material
  • Size: 242 L x 162 Wx 100 H cm
  • Anti-UV
  • Water-proof
  • Snow resistant
  • 1-year warranty


  • 4 buckles provided are very helpful for keeping the cover at one place
  • Made with high-quality material
  • Comes with a zippered storage bag for easy storage


  • Size is too big and not suitable for average outdoor furniture

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SORARA Protective Cover for Sofa Couch

After reviewing the covers for a whole set of furniture, we have arrived onto the cover which only protects the sofa couch. If you have a cover for your big furniture set and it does not fit on the sofa couch, this is one of the best garden furniture covers that you need.

This grey coloured cover which can go with any kind of interior design is designed to keep your outdoor sofa safe and sound from heavy rain or frost and other grime to give it a look as if new. PU coated material (180 g/m2 polyester) is highly crack, scratch and fade resistant while providing exceptional protection.

What’s the purpose of the cover if it is not water-resistant? These covers are highly water-proof providing the ultimate protection against the water and dirt or other damaging elements. Fading of the colour remains an issue with this furniture cover too due to the direct sunlight but it will still protect the furniture. With 86cm of length, 178cm of width and 90 cm of height, it can fit almost any kind of sofa but for ideal fitting, take the dimensions of your furniture properly. The 2-year warranty of the product is proof of the durability of the cover.

If you need a small cover for your sofa couch, then it is the best you can get on the market.

Key Features

  • size: 86 x 178 x 90/61 cm (L x W x H).
  • Material: Polyester 180 g/m² with PU coating
  • Product weight: 1 kg
  • Colour: Grey


  • Water-resistant
  • Sealed seams
  • Drawstrings for better fitting
  • Value for money


  • Not UV resistant as the manufacturer claims

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VonHaus Waterproof Garden Bench Cover

While reviewing outdoor garden furniture, how can we forget about the beautiful garden benches? They need to be protected from rain and dust too, and that is why we have VonHaus garden bench cover to keep your garden benches as good as new.

The 2 seater bench cover helps to protect the bench from the damage caused by wind, rain, frost, UV, grime, bird droppings and many more. With its grey colour, it gives a pure classic look to your bench when covered.

The universal size of this cover would fit benches of different styles and designs with ease. Full size of the cover is: L134 x D70 x H60cm (front) 88cm (back). For a better experience, note your bench’s size properly before ordering the product.

Heavy-duty 600D polyester with water-resistant PVC lining provides ultimate protection from any damaging elements. Elasticating drawstrings are very handy to fit any size perfectly by tightening them. Handles are provided on the sides of the covers for easy to put on and take off and store when not in use. Covered air vents reduce the condensation, growth of mould and ballooning without compromising the waterproofness of the cover.

Bottom line, this is the best cover for your outdoor garden sofa couch with all the features it needs to be the best.

Key Features

  • Size: L134cm x D70cm x H60-88cm
  • Colour: Grey
  • Material: 600D polyester


  • Easy to fit
  • Side handles for comfortable handling
  • Adaptable size with the help of drawstrings
  • Heavy-duty fabric


  • Only suitable for 2 seater sofa

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Buyer’s Guide For The Best Garden Furniture Covers

If you are investing in high-quality garden furniture which is expensive, then why not spend some extra quids for their protection? It can, of course, be a difficult task to choose which specific type of cover to go for but you don’t have to search for small details because we have this buying guide for you, so you can get what you want and need.

Properly measuring the dimensions of your furniture

This step is most important while shopping for furniture cover. If the size of the cover is not according to your furniture, it won’t be of any use.

For measuring your furniture, take all the chairs and tuck it under the table and then measure the diameter. If the chairs do not tuck inside the table, measure it without tucking. Take 2 or 3 measurements for satisfaction. And you are done with the dimensions.

Observe the potential threats

If you want to cure any disease, you have to find a cause of the disease first. In the same way, if you’re going to protect your furniture, you have to observe what it is from which you want to protect your furniture. If you live in an area where it rains frequently, then you need a waterproof cover. If your environment is sunny and dusty, then anti-UV covers are best.

Normally the furniture covers are made up of material which can protect from all problems at once.


Material is the core of the covers and should be chosen with utmost care. It should be a solid water-proof material with no leakage. The UV-resistant feature is also included in some of the fabrics, try to look for them. The material has to be breathable, so the furniture does not get damp after a rainfall.

Must be water-repellent

Are these covers made of high-quality polyester or PVC layers? Parachute clothing? Well, you better choose the one you like but make sure it is well protected from the hazards of blind rain and sleepy snow. Some of the low-quality PVC layered covers may protect your furniture from moisture ingress, but within a few months the elasticity gets weakened, and it can shred off with minor force.

Reinforced seam or?

Make sure the covers you are buying, have the double-stitched seam. The safeguard and protection of your covers much depend upon the double stitched-seam. This may not affect the design and beauty of your covers but surely increase the lifespan and durability.

Tie-down feature

The cover must not touch the ground while covering the furniture because it can increase the chances of cover to be blown off by the stiff breeze. It would help if you always looked for the tiedown feature, which you think is the best for the purpose. There are interlocking clips, bungee drawstrings, eyelets, buckles and other types of tie-downs. Some offer a combo of these tie-downs for better security.


Your outdoor furniture isn’t safe without the cover. The best garden furniture covers described here will show great durability, absolute water protection and easy maintenance. In this article, we reviewed different best garden furniture covers. It will purely depend upon your need and sizes’ to choose the suitable cover out of this list. Crossmatch your needs and features of these covers and we hope you will hunt the best garden furniture cover.

Good luck with buying!

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