5 Best Garden Gloves For Cactus

best garden gloves for cactus

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Cacti or cactus is a simple plant but anyone who has worked them before knows that it is difficult to avoid getting spines in your fingers. Using gloves can be the most effective way to handle cactus in any garden.

Purpose of this post is to help you find the Best Garden Gloves for Cactus so that you can be more confident and handle the cacti easily.

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best garden gloves for cactus

Top 5 Best Garden Gloves for Cactus

This summary table presents the main features of some of the best garden gloves for cactus:

ProductSizeMade ofPrice
Professional Puncture Proof GlovesMedium- LargeLeatherCheck Price
Thorn and Cut Proof Garden Workxs- LargeBreathable LeatherCheck Price
NuoWen Heavy dutyXs- LargeLeatherCheck Price
Thorn Proof Goatskin Leather Gardening Gloves Xs-LargeGoatskin leatherCheck Price
Parva Garden GlovesSmall- X LargeLeatherCheck Price

It is difficult to handle cactus and it is sure going to hurt your fingers and hands, if you do not handle it properly in your garden. For that reason various gloves brands mentioned above protect your fingers and make it easy for you to handle them.

One of the key considerations before buying the best garden gloves for cactus is to ensure that gloves are leather made. Best quality gardening gloves are leather made. Leather is not only durable and effective in handling cactus but it is a lot softer on hands.

Another important requirement any best garden gloves for cactus should fulfil is that they must be elbow high. Protecting not only your hands and fingers but your arm up to the elbow is must too. The good gardening glove must have a long gauntlet to protect your arms also.

While doing our research, we have observed that it is also absolutely important from safety point of view that the gloves must be puncture proof. If they are not puncture proof, they will hurt your hands and fingers as you use them.

So it is useless to buy such gloves which are not puncture proof.

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Having described the three most important features you must look for in any best gardening gloves for cactus, we now describe each of our best picks and why it should be your choice to buy.

Best Garden Gloves for Cactus

Here are some of the best features of the garden gloves which are ideal for handling cactus in your garden:

Professional Puncture Proof Gloves

Made by GLOSOV, these gardening gloves are made from the cowhide and pigskin full grain leather. Due to the quality of its leather, this pair of gloves is puncture proof meaning that spines will not enter the glove under any circumstances.

The palm of the glove is made from the cowhide to ensure durability and sturdyness.

The beauty of these gloves is that you can use them to handle rose thorns, thistles and cactus. They are genuinely multipurpose gloves suitable for both the thin and strong arms.

This feature makes these professional puncture-proof gloves our most prefered pair of garden gloves for cactus handling.

Main Features

  • Long gauntlet with adjustable cuff
  • You can air dry them easily
  • Comes in medium to large size
  • comfortable and durable

Before buying, make sure you take the proper measurement of your hands. If you have got got big hands, the normal large size may not fit you very well specially if you are a male.

Thorn and Cut Proof Garden Work

Legacy Garden’s thorn and cut proof gardening gloves are heavy duty with long gauntlet. They are excellent for handling cactus along with rose thorns and other thorny bushes.

Made from A- grade goatskin leather which is breathable, these gloves are durable and long lasting. The manufacturer also offers 30 days money back guarantee which is ideal.

The best about these gloves is that they come in all sizes. Right from extra small to extra large, you can get the right size easily. The design of the gloves is made neutral so it is suitable for both men and women to use.

Main Features

  • Cut proof material
  • Lightweight
  • Double-stitched thumb and two fingers to provide extra protection
  • Soft and buttery texture

Legacy Garden’s gloves are ideal as they are unisex and are of every size. The guantlet is made from heavier leather so it is super safe to use them with even deeper vines.

Thorn Proof Goatskin Leather Gardening Gloves

Made from goatskin, these leather gloves are perfect with long gauntlet ensuring that you get puncture-free gloves. The premium quality leather combined with buttery texture created through lanolin makes it gloves of choice.

The thumb is desinged ergomically to improve the grip on the garden tools. Improved grip help to easily use the garden tools with these gloves without any difficulty.

One thing which you might experience is that the color might bleed on your hands while using. To avoid this, simply use some latex gloves underneath to avoid your hands getting coloured.

Main Features

  • Super Longevity
  • Thick and supple leather
  • Washable with warm water (do not wash in washing machine)
  • Best for succlulents and cacti

NuoWen Heavy duty

This comes with a quality guarantee as refund will be made if the gloves delivered are either defective or if there arise any quality problem.

These gloves come in all sizes and you can get from extra small for your kids to extra large if you have big hands. All sizes are offered at the same price so it will be real bargain for you to get your desired size without paying more.

These heavy duty gloves have a long gauntlet and the extended cuffs are sufficient enough to provide you protection up to your elbow. You can use these gloves without any fear of being hurt.

Major Features

  • Made of high quality grain cowhide
  • Puncture resistance
  • Excellent to deal with any type of vines, thorns and cactus
  • Sturdy and durable

Parva Garden Gloves

Parva garden gloves are made from synthetic leather as 40% leather used in manufacturing is original while 60% is synthetic in nature. Combination of pure and synthetic leather gives this pair of gloves a puncture-proof quality along with durability.

It comes with a canvas gauntlet which is thick and sturdy enough to protect your forearm and fingers from handling cactus. What you need to know however, is the fact that thin cactus needles may penetrate your hands if you are not good enough to use these gloves properly.

Since these gloves are made to ensure hand dexterity while handling cactus and other flowers, you need to be more cautious while using these gloves.

Main Features

  • Made of Synthetic leather
  • Durable
  • Works well with cactus but you need to be careful
  • Not fully thorn proof

Handling cactus can be difficult and need some practice. While the 5 best garden gloves for cactus are our best choice but we suggest to use caution when deadling with cacti.

Watch this video to learn more about how to handle cacti easily

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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