The Best Garden Shredder For Composting

best garden shredder for composting

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There is always a lot of debris left after you finish your gardening work. And you have to get rid of that obviously but carrying the debris for the disposal can be a very hectic job and costly too.

A best garden shredder for composting is an ideal and time-saving tool to have in your store. What are the best garden shredders available on the market? A question that we took upon us to answer in detail in today’s article.

The compilation of choosing the best garden shredders was made after an independent search based on features, durability, price and users’ feedback. 

If you are in a hurry, quickly view the following table and check out the best garden shredder for composting with key specifications and prices. 

Product DimensionsPowerCutting CapacityBoxCheck Price on Amazon
Bosch Shredder AXT Rapid 2200
7.5 x 4.3 x 3.7 cm

2200 W

40 mm

Not Included

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Ryobi RSH2545B
48 x 35 x 54 cm

2500 W

45 mm


Check price
55 x 38 x 49 cm

2500 W



Check price
Qualcast SDS2810
96.1 x 49.6 x 60.1 cm

2800 W

42 mm


Check price
Tooltronix 2500W Electric Garden Shredder
62.5 x 29.5 x 37.5cm

2500 W

40 mm


Check price

Hence, shredders came into existence for the rescue. You just have to put the pile of twig or dried stems into the shredder just like shoving the carrots into a juicer machine. And the result will be small pieces of debris into the collection bag. You will just have to empty it into the trash can or you can also use it for composting.  You can rent a shredder easily but again, it will be costly and you won’t be working in your garden for the last time (most probably). So why not get one of your own shredder to solve the problem once for all. 

There are various models available in the market. Some are good for small and soft greens and heavy-duty ones are used for hard and bigger materials. Choosing the best from the market is always a dilemma but if you are reading this, you don’t have to search the whole market for the best choice as we have compiled a list of 5 best garden shredders for you.

Best Garden Shredder for Composting

Best Garden Shredder For Composting

Bosch Shredder AXT Rapid 2200

The first one on the list is Bosch’s AXT rapid shredder which is probably the best shredder available in the market. It can shred hard branches and twigs without any trouble. 

Double-edged blades are made up of hardened steel to provide swift cutting so there are no bigger pieces left. Blades are reversible, so you can reverse the blades time to time to get best out of them. It can handle 90kg of waste per hour so there is a time-saving option as well. You won’t have to spend a whole day disposing of garden waste. 

The collection box is not available in this model (generally every shredder has one). It can be counted as a bit of a set-back but you can place any bin or garbage bag under the shredder and it can do the trick. 

Talking about the design, it has 2 rear wheels so you don’t have to lift it to transport one place to another considering its weight which is 11.5kg. The biggest advantage of wheels is that you can take the shredder to the waste rather than carrying the waste. The practical plunger is provided for safety purposes and fast filling. On the bottom of the shredder, a U-shaped stand makes it a firm and balanced machine to work on. 

Possibility of blades getting jammed is always there when you are feeding the shredder with the hard stuff like dry branches. But it is easy to remove the waste which causes jamming. You just have to open the compartment on the backside of the feeding area. Fast and powerful shredder, ideal for soft green material. Big and hard waste than 30 mm should not be fed to avoid blunt blades. 

Main Features

  • Wattage: 2200 W
  • Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 4.3 x 3.7 cm
  • Cutting capacity: 4,0 cm Ø
  • Torque: 12 Nm
  • Material throughput: approx. 90 kg/h
  • Weight: 12 kg


  • Reversible blades
  • Practical plunger for increased throughput 


  • Blades are blunt prone. 

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Ryobi Electric Garden Shredder

This beautifully designed, 2500 W powerful shredder can take care of shrubs, branches and other soft green materials. Knife cutting system gives it a little edge over blades for finer cutting of greens. You can feed the plants thicker up to 45 mm (approximately 2’’). 

A 40 Litres capacity, plastic catch box is included in this model (thank God). Although it is shaded with a dark colour, you can see through it when it gets full. And the large rear wheels make this shredder transport easier. Because who wants to lift a 13kg machine after all? 

Ergonomic handle for comfortable portability. You can take this shredder anywhere and do not have to carry the waste. Practical safety tamper is also provided for safety and increased throughput to get the job done quickly. 

However, if you live in a populated neighbourhood then you have to be careful. It can be noisy when you feed it hard sticks. It produces the sound power of 106.5 dB. So you have to work on respected authorized hours for neighbours. And don’t forget to use ear protection as well. Overall, good value for money product, suitable for soft shrubs and other greens and standard size of garden (1000 sqm).

Main Features

  • Power: 2500 W
  • Weight: 13.4 kg
  • Sound Power: 106.5 dB
  • Cutting capacity: 45 mm
  • The capacity of catch box: 40 litres 


  • Extra-large rear wheels
  • The solid plastic catch box
  • Value for money


  • Bit high noise level

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POWERPLUS 2500W garden shredder

This 2500 W shredder is another one among the list of the best shredders in the market. Suitable to shred branches and shrubs. The maximum thickness it can shred is 40 mm (which means you should not feed branches thicker than 30 mm).

Steel blades rotate at 4000rpm speed to provide easy cutting without any jam. But there is always a possibility of jam, so it is easy to stop the shredder, open up by using the clip on the feeder and remove the blocked piece. 

Sliding, strong collection box with a capacity of 50 L allows shredding a good amount of waste without a break to empty the box. If you forget to attach the collection box after emptying, the shredder will not operate until the box is locked in. Ergonomic feed hopper and push stick comes with the purchase for increased input and to ensure the safety of the hands as well. 

Easy to assemble, transport and use, shredder which offers good value for money. 

Main Features 

  • Collect box/ bag volume: 50 l
  • Max cutting diameter: 40 mm
  • Cutting system blade
  • Rotation speed (n): max 4050 min-1
  • Rated power (pn): max 2500 W


  • Sizeable collection box
  • Easy to assemble
  • Manoeuvrable


  • Can get blocked easily 

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Qualcast SDS2810 Garden Shredder

This 2800 W powerful shredder is Ideal for shredding branches, hedge cuttings and other woody garden waste. This shredder can reduce the size of garden waste to a suitable size for composting or disposing of. Composting can reduce weed growth and helps nutrients to reach the soil easily. 

Steel blades rotate at a speed of 4500 rpm to give quick and clean cutting of the waste. It can take branches and twigs up to 42 mm in thickness. 

It is obvious that whenever you are shredding, it will be away from your home or wherever you store the shredder. So you have to take the shredder to the waste. Its lightweight and large rear wheels make it easy for you to transport it wherever you want to work. 

Safety is also ensured by providing a safety plunger so you don’t have to push waste into the shredder with your hand. Onboard storage for the plunger to keep it close to hands. In case of a jam, there is an extremely easy-to-use reverse function to clear any kind of blockage by using the control buttons. 

60 l of a huge collection box is provided which see-through to keep an eye while operating. For extra safety, the box can not be removed while the machine is being operated. A good combination of accessories and the power it comes with makes it a considerable choice. But remember! It does not like to be fed a huge amount of wet greens to its throat and if you do, then make sure to cleans it after the use so it does not get dried in there. 

Key Features 

  • Power: 2800 W
  • Box capacity: 60 Litres
  • Cutting capacity: 42 mm
  • Weight: 24kg
  • Cutting mechanism: Rotating Crushing Drum


  • Quiet operation
  • King-size collection box
  • Sturdy frame and wheels 


  • Gets slow with time

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Tooltronix 2500W Electric Garden Shredder

The last one on the list is the 2500 W Tooltronix powerful shredder. If you want compostable material out of the garden waste, then it can do the job for you. 2 steel blades with the cutting capacity of 40 mm. And the speed of 2500 rpm (without load). Just feed the cuttings into the shredder and wait for reduced size compostable material. 

Every shredder clogs up once in a while but removing the clog is the real issue. With this one, you just have to shut down the shredder (unplug for more safety), unscrew the big plastic screw in front of you, tilt the upper part of the shredder and remove the piece causing the blockage. 

It does not come with a collection box but a plastic bag with a capacity of 50 l. If you can work with that, well and good but we recommend using a bog-standard bucket. 2 large wheels and U-shaped stand are also included in this model. 

There is a little flaw which is important to highlight for the safety purposes that this shredder does not have a capability of self-feeding. If you drop a wooden stick or a branch into it, it will not go into the blades rather bounce off. So you have to push the waste into the shredder. 

Ideal for small gardens and little amount of waste.

Key Features 

  • Power: 2500 W
  • Cutting capacity: 40 mm
  • Speed: 4500 rpm
  • Sound power: 110 dB
  • Weight: 11.5 kg


  • Easy to assemble
  • Portability 
  • Sharp blades


  • Removing blockage from blades is time taking

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Buying Guide for Best Garden shredder for composting 

If you have a garden and you often find yourself pruning trees, hedges and bushes then you may be left with an amount of waste to deal with. Unfortunately, this waste can be difficult to deal with even if it’s lightweight. 

Some shredders are good at cutting leaves and green material into mulch that can be used for composting, while others are better at shredding woody branches and sticks. You have to choose garden shredders considering the material you are going to shred. 

These are some points you should pay attention while buying a garden shredder: 

  • Electric vs Petrol-powered shredders?

Electric-powered shredders are ideal for relatively smaller gardens. Power of these machines is around 2000-3000 W which is enough to cut 45 mm diameter of waste. 

Petrol-powered shredders are more powerful and suitable for large gardens so you don’t have to worry about the power cord while working far away from home. These shredders are more powerful than electric ones as they offer the equivalent of 3300-6600 W. 

These shredders can get through bigger and thicker waste up to 75 mm in diameter. 

  • Blades system

There are various systems of blades these shredders come with. We will try to break some of them down. 

  1. Blade disc

If you don’t plan on chipping any hard material through the shredder then a blade disc system can be good to go for you. It is suitable for occasional cleaning and shredding the small branches, leaves around 30 to 35 mm. Perfect for producing mulch. 

Blade discs can rotate at RPM of 2500 to 4500. The only setback of these blades is that it is noisy.

  1. Rotor Blades

This system is designed for large gardens and waste material up to 50 mm in diameter. It has comparatively lower RPM but it is suitable for creating the chippings for the compost heap. 

  1. Roller Blades 

This one is the most powerful blade system. It can shred down big and hard branches up to 50 mm of diameter. 

  • Other characteristics in a shredder to look for
  1. Weight

With higher power, the weight of the machines gets higher too. Generally, the shredders weigh around 12 to 25 kgs. So transporting them without wheels is kind of impossible. We recommend that you always look for a shredder with large wheels. 

  1. Collection box

Some of the shredders do not come with a collection box. If you still wanna go for those shredders (if you find other features suitable) then good for you. But going for the one with a collection box can be a better option. Because using a trash bag or a bucket as a collection box has its own disadvantages. 

  1. Level of noise

Noise is always an issue with shredders. It is measured in decibels (dB). Electric shredders are said to be less noisy than petrol-powered shredders. Normally they have a noise level of 100-115 dB. 

No matter what the noise level is, always wear hearing protection. 

  1. Compactibility 

One can always appreciate extra room in the shed after having a shredder. We suggest you go for a foldable model if available. 


A best garden shredder for composting is a necessary tool to save time and help you in being more efficient and productive in the garden. An Ideal garden shredder shouldn’t clog and must offer great durability and easy maintenance. But, all these things vary for every user according to the nature of work and choice of the Gardner. We recommend Bosch garden shredder and POWERPLUS Garden shredder if you are looking forward to placing an order. However, do check features, pros/cons and your budget and then choose the one that suits you well. 

Good luck with buying!

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