Our Expert Review Suggests This is The Best Garden Vac For Wet Leaves

Best Garden Vac For Wet Leaves

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A garden covered up with wet leaves is a headache in the morning for a gardener. Gone are the days when people used to gather every leaf in a garden truck to clean it.

Nowadays, A garden vac cum blower is a necessary tool to have in the store. 

Based on our research, we recommend Bosch Universal Garden Vac as the best garden vac for wet leaves.

So, today we will discuss the top five garden vacs.

We have gone through a detailed analysis and compilation to choose the best of the lot, based on Manufacturing Quality, features, and consumer’s feedback.

Are you in a hurry? If that’s the case, you can quickly view the following table for our top five picks in the best garden vac category. 

ProductPowerFunctionsweightLatest Price
Fox 4 in one Garden vac3000 Blower, Vacuum, Macerates and Rakes7 kgCheck Price
VonHaus 3 in one garden vac3000 blowing, vacuuming and mulching4.2 kgCheck Price
Handy THEW electric garden vac3000 Blower, vacuum4.9 kgCheck Price
Hyundai electric garden vac3000 leaf blower, vacuum and mulcher3.3kgCheck Price
Bosch universal garden vac1800 Vacuum, blower4.7 kgCheck Price

A garden vac is a time-saving tool to get rid of leaves and grass debris by picking them up through a vacuum tube and dumping them off easily.

The first and foremost feature that a gardener will look for in a vac is that it shouldn’t clog or block the leaves. The market is full of such products which failed to satisfy customers as far as blockage or clogging is concerned. However, clogging isn’t absolutely avoidable.

So, a vac with easy access to the fan box is a must thing. 

These garden vacs are of different types, e.g. vacuum plus blower, 3 in one (vacuum, blower, mulcher) or 4 in one (Blower, Vacuum, Macerates and Rakes). Mulching helps in better composting the shape of the leaves and keeping the bag’s capacity maximum by shredding, but vacuuming and blowing are two must feature in a good garden vac. 

Best Garden Vac For Wet Leaves

So, Let’s discuss the top five products in the best garden vac category with their pros and cons:

Best Garden Vac For Wet Leaves

Fox 4in1 Leaf Blower Garden Vacuum 

This garden vac is powered by a 3000W motor for an efficient suction of wet leaves. It has variable speed control to facilitate manual operation according to the situation.

The 4 in 1 refers to its multi-functions (Blows trash from the yard, vacuum leaves from walkways, macerate to decrease decay by increasing compaction, and gathering the leaves from the lawn while vacuuming them up.

This garden vac is easy to hold for all kinds of height people as it has an adjustable telescopic tube for height adjustment according to the situation.

As for as speed of air is concerned, it has two modes gentle which have an airspeed of 100KM/hr and high force speed of 300KM/hr. The Rustproof stainless steel blades mulch leaves at a ratio of 15:1. It has side access to fix any blockage during suction.

It is equipped with a leaf rake, which specifically collects wet leaves and the vacuum sucks them inside. A pair of wheels at the bottom helps in moving around in the garden. On smooth surfaces, these wheels help in better and quick suction of leaves.

The two modes, i.e. vacuum and blower, offer control, and you can easily switch to either way. Size of the bag for leaves is big enough for extended operations, without any mental fatigue of dumping on and off. With a 12-meter power cable, you can cover every corner of the garden easily. 

Main Features

  • 3000 Watt
  • 11,500 rpm- 15,500 rpm
  • 4 in 1 ( Blows, Sucks, Macerates and Rakes)
  • weight: 7kg
  • Bag capacity: 45 L
  • Airspeed: 100-300 KM/h
  • 12 M power cable
  • Anti-vibrant system design
  • Adjustable length up to 300 mm


  • Powerful than many in the market (3000w- 11500- 15500  rpm)
  • Two modes- switchable
  • Side access to fan inspection area for quick blockage resolve
  • Anti-vibrant system helps in better grip
  • Adjustable telescopic tube to avoid back pain
  • Comfortable shoulder strap


  • Some consumers complained about Clogging
  • Wheels may stick on rough surfaces (use shoulder-Aid in that case)

VonHaus 3 in 1 Leaf Blower – Garden Vacuum & Mulcher 

This garden vac by VonHaus has a powerful 3000w motor for 3 in one functioning design i.e blowing, vacuuming and mulching leaves into better shape for soil composting. It has a variable speed of 8000 – 14000 RPM but with a minimum vibration which ultimately helps in better grip (which is made up of durable rubber) and comfortable operation in the garden.

The bag with this garden vac has a capacity of 45 Litres, so you don’t need to carry an extra bag with you. With a 15:1 ratio of shredding, It is quite easy and less time consuming to empty the bag.

A soft grip and pair of wheels will make the activity less tiring for you. The ergonomics of this vac are highly durable and attractive. It has a shoulder strap that helps in holding the vac.

The power cable is 12 M long, which is enough for an averaged size garden to reach all corners easily. Also, portability and blockage clearing is easy. However, it is very efficient and exceptional in a performance that you will face blockage very rarely. Two years of warranty by the manufacturer is the icing on the cake. 

Main Features

  • 3000 W
  • 3 in one functioning design i.e blowing, vacuuming and mulching
  • Weight: 4.2 Kg
  • Dimensions: 43 x 32 x 23 cm
  • Anti-Vibrant design with a rubber handle grip
  • 15:1 shredding ratio
  • Bag Capacity: 45L
  • 12 M power cable
  • Variable speed of 8000 – 14000 RPM


  • Powerful and efficient than single based vacs
  • 45 L of capacity of bag 
  • Anti-Vibrant system helps in better grip and operation
  • Inexpensive yet multi-functioning
  • Easy portability, Easy use and maintenance


  • Wheels are smaller; shouldn’t be used on rough surfaces
  • Clogs sometimes with too much damp leaves

Handy THEV Electric Leaf Blower/Vacuum

This handy garden vac has a powerful motor of 3000W for efficient blowing and vacuuming. The two modes are switchable and have better control without going noisy. And the assembly is straightforward for every layperson to turn it on and work.

High quality plastic ergonomics are used, and the handle design is decent with a strong and firm grip, but the system is already designed with minimum vibration. The capacity of the bag is 45 L which is huge enough not to open it again and again. 

It blows, vacuums and shreds at the ratio of 10:1 while the base of the vac is equipped with a nozzle support wheel to work easily on the garden surface. The neck of the bag doesn’t detach easily from the body. It may not shred the leaves well as you would expect, but picking up the wet leaves is well featured in the responses and feedback by the consumers. The shoulder strap is attached, and the power supply cable is 10 M. 

Main Features

  • 3000w Motor power
  • Weight:  4.9kg
  • Dimensions: 46 x 33.5 x 21.1 cm
  • Bag capacity 45 L
  • 8000-14000 RPM
  • Multi-modes functioning
  • Shredding ratio – 10:1
  • Power supply cable: 10 M


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Anti vibrant design with a firm grip
  • High suction power
  • Easy to assemble
  • Controllable power button without stopping the vac


  • Emptying bag isn’t that easy ( empty it without detaching)
  • Zip opening is too small, covering a corner of the bag only

Hyundai Electric Leaf Blower/Vac

This garden vac by Hyundai is one of the best selling garden vacs in the market. It has a 3000W motor for fast and powerful suction of wet leaves. This lightweight garden vac has an airspeed of max 266km/hr. 

The three in one functioning refers to blowing, vacuuming and mulching leaves for the composting. The ergonomics of the vac are durable and of good quality, while the shoulder support strap helps in long and tiring hours of blowing or vacuuming.

Also, the design and ergonomics are anti-vibrant which helps in better grip, hands safety and long-run activity.  

The modes are easily switchable with speed and power controller, which allows you to select blowing or vacuuming without turning it off. The blower option can be used for many other related purposes such as drying vehicle parts, picking up garden trims, clearing snow or drying a surface. 

This garden vac is equipped with a bag of  45 L capacity, easy to assemble, remove and empty. This bag stored the leaves or grass in a shredding ratio of 10:1. This bag is made up of a robust canvas which is highly reliable.

It has 9 positions telescopic chute which is extendable from 70 cm to 100 cm. A 12 M power supply cable is enough for moving around without wire tension or removal. 

Main Features

  • 3000W motor 
  • 3 in one:  leaf blower, vacuum and mulcher.
  • Weight: 3.3 Kg
  • Dimensions: 112 x 29 x 112 cm
  • 9 position telescopic chute 
  • 45L detachable collection bag
  • max. airspeed of 186mph (299km/h)
  • anti-vibration technology 
  • 12 M power cable


  • The telescopic chute that can be extended from 70cm to 100cm
  • Anti-vibrant technology helps in better grip and operation
  • Comfortable to reach function switch enables you to choose between vacuuming and blowing easily
  • Bag is made of robust canvas which is highly durable and reliable 


  • Suction is 100% but blowing is marginally less than that

Bosch Home and Garden universal Vac

This garden vac by Bosch is a 1800W powered machine which can work as a blower, vacuum and shredder, all in one. It is lightweight and compact with easy assembly and manoeuvrability.

Modes are interchangeable with just a switch, and you don’t need to turn off or change the entire assembly. The range of airspeed for this garden vac is 162 km/h – 285 km/h. This massive range of airspeed gives you the variability of speed control to use it according to the situation. 

It has 4.7 kg weight in the vacuum mode while just 3.4 kg in blower mode. The vibrations are very less than you would imagine, thanks to an anti-vibrant design by bosh. The shredding ratio is 12:1, and you have easy and quick access to the fan to resolve blockage (If any).

It isn’t noisy while operating, courtesy; its Prosilence technology by Bosch.

It is fitted with a dirt deflector. The two tubes-system is for blowing and vacuuming. The bag is comparatively easy to empty. 

Main Features

  • Power: 1800 W motor
  • Weight: 4.7 kg 
  • Dimensions: 50.5 x 35.5 x 29 cm
  • Bag capacity: 45 L
  • Airspeed: 162 km/h – 285 km/h
  • Quick-release grass raker
  • Anti-vibrant technology
  • 12 M power cable 
  • Shredding ratio: 12:1


  • Speed variability for different operations
  • Bag is robust and easy to empty
  • Handle is adjustable 


  • A bit heavy in the vacuum mode 

Buyer’s Guide For Best Garden Vac for Wet Leaves

If you are thinking about buying a garden vac, following are the things to take into account before going for it. 

Motor Power 

There are products with different ranges of power, but the majority will be powered in the range of 1800W to 3000W. Higher the motor power, better efficiency and strength it will show in suction and blowing the leaves. Apart from that, MPH is an important feature which has a direct correlation with motor power. 

Choosing for a strong motor or light will be determined by the nature of stuff, leaves and debris. Harder, heavy and wet stuff require better energy and hence high motor power. 

Size of the Area

For a small to average size garden, a lightweight and compact garden vac is the best option, taking easy assembly, portability and maintenance into consideration. While for larger and expansive gardens you need well-powered vacs and a pair of good wheels should always be considered. 

In addition to that, power supply cable length should be according to your lawn size and the nearest supply switch in the garden. There are cordless vacs in the market, but they may stop in the middle of operation so check out the run-time before buying those. 


It usually ranges from 100-200 mph, but you may come across less or more. Airspeed determines its efficiency. Lighter substances don’t need very high-speed mph, but it can affect efficiency. Anything between 120- 180 mph is highly recommended in leaves and light debris suction and blowing. 

Bag Capacity 

Smaller bag capacity is never recommended as they fill up quickly and you have to empty them again and again. A 45L bag is enough for better operation. You may think of bigger than 45L, but that’s not ideal either as it becomes hard to carry and it would shred along the surface. 

Moreover, Easy emptying is a must feature that many people ignore. If a bag is designed for an easy emptying and easy pull back, that’s the best to help you in a stressless activity.  


The ergonomics of the vac must be according to your comfort, control and better grip. The switch and control button should be designed with the handle to offer easy access and quick mode switchability. 

The modern innovative vacs have telescopic tubes for height adjustment, which are very popular these days and the reason for that is its adjustability according to the situation and the user’s height. 

A third thing to consider in design is anti-vibrant technology. A machine with heavy vibrations will offer no assistance in hand grip and will feel you tired in just a few minutes. Also, high vibration damages the parts of vac itself. 


If you are only concerned with wet leaves, then Bosch and VonHaus made garden vacs (mentioned in our best garden vac for wet leaves category) are ideal to choose. If you want additional functions such as macerating and raking, then Fox 4 in one garden vac is known for its multi-functioning ability. 

That being said, it still depends on your nature of work, size of area and your budget as well. So, we hope that our guide was helpful in giving you an insight into the features that you may look for, before buying a garden vac. 

Good luck with your gardening!

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