The Best Lawn Edging Tools

best lawn edging tools

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A good and beautiful lawn is only possible when you provide them with all the necessary services such as water, mowing, fertilizing, weed pulling and lawn edging.

Lawn edging is like the haircut for us. No matter how healthy the lawn you have built up, a proper and clear edging is the need of its added beauty. There are many ways of edging and gardeners always look for durable and effective edging tools.

So we went on an extensive and independent search and survey and brought you the list of best lawn edging tools available in the market. 

Running out of time? You can quickly jump to the following table and view the best lawn edging tools with key specifications and latest prices. 

Product Length (cm)Weight Material Check Price on Amazon 
Spear & Jackson Carbon Steel Edging Knife
92 cm

920 g

Carbon steel

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Goliraya Garden Lawn Edger
125 cm

4.54 g


Check price
Bulldog Premier Edging Knife
74.2 cm

1.36 kg


Check price
Flymo Contour Electric Grass Trimmer and Edger
118 cm

3.1 kg


Check price
Wolf Garten RMM Multi-Change Iron Lawn Edger
31.5 cm

599 g

Galvanized steel

Check price
Ambassador Stainless Steel Edging Iron
87 cm

848 g

Stainless steel

Check price

Having a tidy edge of the lawn separating it from the driveway can directly reflect your way of living. Like our hair, grass grows quickly and it looks messy when it comes out of the garden boundary and reaches the driveway or pavement. 

This problem needs a proper solution. There are a number of types of lawn edgers, a manual one and an electric and gas-powered. If you are looking for an eco-friendly tool for your lawn, then, manual lawn edgers give an old school yet very effective experience. 

Some of the electric edgers also provide great value for money as well as do the job quickly. But there are some technical features which have to be considered before buying one. For that matter, we have provided you with a buying guide at the end of this article. 

best lawn edging tools

Lawn Edging Tools

A lawn edging tool can be manual or motorised gardening equipment used to make boundaries between lawn and any other ground surface. The manual and the motorised edging tools are then further divided into certain different types such as speed/roller based and single/multiple wheels purpose-designed edging tools.

Real lawn edgers can be simple and straightforward to use. If you look at different varieties available in the market, you will find that the simplest lawn edging tools are step-on tools with a blade. But step on lawn edgers can be difficult to operate and can pose a risk also.

So I always use a rotary edging tool.

My experience of using various lawn edging tools suggest that the edging tools with rotary edger perform better than others. Though weed killers are also good lawn edgers, especially with rotary edgers, tend to perform better than others.

Best Lawn Edging Tools

Spear & Jackson Carbon Steel Edging Knife

This manual lawn edger is made to create a clean and tidy lawn edge on a grassed surface. Its half-moon shaped blade makes the penetration into the soil easy and clean. 

This edger has a head and socket are made with carbon steel which is heat-treated for extra robustness and durability. The half-moon shaped blade is pushed into the ground with the help of foot to cut the grass and separate it from the sideways to create a clean edge. Its shaft is also made with steel to provide a strong tool. 

Since the manual edgers work with a force of hands and a push of feet, the handle is made with an ergonomic design which provides a non-slip and comfortable grip. The T-shaped handle is easy to grip and exert a force without slipping from your hands. It is a lightweight tool which can be used for a long period of time without getting your back worked out. 

Garden tools are always directly linked with weather conditions so they have to be made with long-lasting and strong materials to keep them working for long. This tool’s head is epoxy coated to resist against the rust, scratches, humidity and soil. This “grow your own great British growing 2018” winner tool is perfect for manually edging your garden quickly and efficiently. 

Key Features 

  • Weight: 920 grams 
  • Length: 92 cm
  • Carbon steel head
  • Tubular steel shaft


  • Strong and durable 
  • Rust-proof 
  • Creates clean and tidy edges


  • Blade loses its sharpness with time 

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Goliraya Garden Lawn Edger

Do you hate lifting the edger again and again to create an edge? Or are you facing a difficulty to make clean and straight edges? Then don’t worry, we have a tool which can be a lifesaver. 

With this lightweight yet strongly designed tool, you can create a straight and tidy lawn edge in a quick time. The blade of this tool is designed like a wheel and you do not have to push it into the ground with the force of your hand or foot but simply wheel it along the edges of your garden like a shopping cart and you will see the magic. The non-skid footrest on the bottom makes it easy to cut through the grass. 

It has a long shaft which can be used without bending down to avoid back strain. 2 ergonomic design handles gives the comforting and controlling experience while edging. One handle at the top and the other one is on the shaft to exert the extra pressure of both hands to edge the hard soil. 

Built with high-quality steel, this tool is strong enough to be useful for a long time. 

Key Features

  • Length: 125 cm
  • Disk blade
  • Disk diameter: 14.5 cm


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Double handles can be used to provide extra pressure when required


  • Could get out of control while using 

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Bulldog Premier Edging Knife

A traditional tool to edge your lawn without any complexities. If you like things to be simple and single-purpose then this tool would be a best choice for you. 

Half-moon designed blade is made with solid and sturdy material to penetrate the soil with ease. The thick and strong forged blade gives it an extra strength allowing easy and clean cuts in the lawn. The heavy blade can cut through the roots of grass and other plants below the soil.

The handle and the shaft of this edger are built with FSC ash. The T-shaped handle provides an easy grip while using it. The tool is lightweight and easy to carry if you are working from a distance from home. 

It is ideal for tidying up and creating neat edges of your lawn. 

Key Features

  • Half-moon designed blade
  • FSC ash T-handle
  • Length: 74.2 cm
  • Weight: 1.36 kg


  • Simple design
  • Strong and heavy 
  • No welds and weak points
  • The wooden handle can be broken

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Flymo Contour 500E Electric Grass Trimmer and Edger

After all these manual edger tools, this electric edger is on the list of the best lawn edgers. It provides 2 in 1 service as it is trimmer as well as an edger. 

500 W powered this tool is best for medium-sized gardens to edge and trim the grass as well with a 25 cm of cutting width. With a simple twist to the head, you can convert from trim to edge. It has an edging wheel with a plant guard to keep the plant away from the blades in case you mistakenly get too close to the plant. 

It has an adjustable soft-grip telescopic handle and on the shaft which can be adjusted for edging and trimming separately. 10 metres of cable allows you to work far from your socket and quick release storage button store the cable by just pressing the button. 

It has a weight of 3.1 kg which can be easily carried while working. Height adjustable shaft can be adjusted according to your height or a preferred position to provide you with control over the tool. 

Key Features 

  • Weight: 3.1 kg
  • Cord length: 10 metres
  • Wattage: 500 W
  • Telescopic handle


  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to grip handles
  • Adjustable shaft
  • 2 in 1 


  • Fiddly to assemble

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Wolf Garten RMM Multi-Change Iron Lawn Edger

This is actually just an edger’s head and not a complete edger and you have to buy the handle separately. 

This self-sharpening blade will create a neat edge and cuts through your garden like a hot knife through butter. Knife sharpeners are positioned that way with the knife slots, that when you tuck the edger into the soil it sharpens the blade. 

Traditional D-shaped blade gives an extra sharp cutting through the soil and creates tidy edges. ZM-AD aluminium D-handle is most suitable for this blade head if you don’t have one. The working width of the blade is 22.5 cm. 

Weight of this head is just 599 grams and after attaching the handle, it is still very lightweight.  Transportability is easy with this tool. 

Wolf Garten provides 10 years of guarantee of this blade head. A good product which provides great value for money. 

Key Feature 

  • Weight: 599 g
  • Material: Galvanized steel
  • 10 years guarantee
  • 22.5 cm working width


  • Self-sharpening blade 
  • Sharp and hardened blade
  • Long life


No handle included with the purchase

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Ambassador Stainless Steel Edging Iron

This classically designed lawn edger is easy and simple to use. With its moon-shaped blade, it is very strong and sturdy. 

Stainless steel high-quality blade will not only edge your lawn but can reach the hidden roots under the turf easily. 87 cm of length is enough for an average-size person to use it comfortably.

Wooden made handle and shaft bring forth a classy and elegant look to this tool without losing its sturdiness. But having said that, the wooden shaft is prone to the breaking if used on hard soil. So you have to use it carefully. 

Overall, an ideal tool for the ones who like to have classy and good looking tools as well as efficient. 

Key Features 

  • Length: 87 cm
  • Weight: 848 grams
  • D-shaped blade
  • Wooden shaft and handle


  • Classic look
  • Easy to use
  • Sharp and sturdy blade


  • The wooden shaft can be damaged if extra pressure is exerted 

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Buyer’s Guide For Best Lawn Edging tools

Keeping the lawn clean and well managed is a wish of every individual but to actually do that, there is an amount of effort that has to be put into the garden. To keep your lawn edges straight, tidy and in their boundaries, you have to edge your lawn frequently. 

For edging the lawn, there are countless edger tools available in the market but choosing the best of them all is a challenging task. You have to watch out for the details, even the smallest ones. But we have made that easy for you as we will guide you to the best lawn edger available on the market. 

  1. Electric vs Manual edgers

As technology is advancing, everything is becoming advanced. Lawn edgers are no exception as there are many electric edgers available in the market. If you are looking for a lawn edger which can do the job quickly and without putting any effort, then electric edgers are suitable for you. 

But if you are an old-school person who likes things simple and the one who does not mind putting the body energy into your lawn, then manual edgers are ideal for you. 

  1. Time 

Time also has an important part in this whole process. If you are willing to spend as long as it takes on your lawn, good for you. But those who want to get things done quickly should look at different options like going for electric edgers or choosing a tool with a big working width to cover more area in one sitting. 

  1. Comfortability 

You are going to use the lawn edger with your hands so comfortability should be considered. There are many tools which provide ergonomically designed handles which are easy to grip while applying pressure on the lawn edger. 

Height should also be kept in eyes while buying an edger because short length of a tool will make you bend your back while working and cause back-strain. So try to go for height according to your own height to get a comfortable experience. 

  1. Blades 

There are some popular blade types and one of them is a traditional moon-shaped blade which is used in most of the blades. It gives an extra edge over others that you can push it with your foot as well as your hands. It cuts through the soil easily to create a neat and tidy lawn edge. 

Other types of blades include rotary blades which are not popular as much as moon-shaped ones but they can get the job done pretty much efficiently. 

  1. Material

Material is directly linked with the performance of the tool. Stainless steel is preferred among all the other materials used in edging tools. Because of its sharp edge and features like robustness and durability. This material is also rust-free which is the biggest problem with other materials. You won’t be needing to replace the edger head again and again due to rustiness if it is made up of stainless steel. 


With almost all the features covered, you have the basic idea of the lawn edger tools and what to look for in one. Just go with what you need. If you need quick and effortless edging, then go for an electric edger e.g Flymo electric edger. If you want to spend time in the garden and put your own sweat as a fertilizer in the soil, then manual lawn edgers are there for you to buy and we recommend spear and Jackson edging knife and Bulldog edging knife. 

Just keep the material and height of the tool according to your desire so you won’t be disappointed after the product is delivered. We hope our best lawn edgers review and buyer’s guide has covered it all for you to make the best purchase according to your preferences.  

Good luck with buying! Choose wisely from one of the best lawn edging tools.

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